Something New in the Master Bath and My New Venture

If you are a follower of Kristen’s blog, Sophia’s Decor

… may remember this lovely piece of furniture.

Cabinet main

I was looking for a small cabinet in my bathroom…


To replace this table….and have more storage…


I have had this table for many years…

… worked well in the former house…but it is time for it to be replaced.

By this beauty:


I bought this from Kristen before she took it to her antique booth at SuzAnna’s in Raleigh.




I just love the woodgrain and the arched detail on the front of the doors…


Now you can see why Kristen chose not to paint this..she knows best!!


On the inside of this cabinet, it has a vertical row of small drawers on the left side…

…..not sure of the purpose of this cabinet…I know it was not a sewing cabinet…

Would you know??


Filled a glass container of “souvenir soaps” from our travels…

…..I bought this container at a shop in Franklin, NC…the entire store was 50% off..:)


The container has a pretty rippled effect….


Oh…a shower cap found its way into the container!


And usually I find these birds in a “kissing position” after my granddaughter leaves!….


So there you have it…my new cabinet…I love it…Thank you Kristen…

…..and I also obtained another piece from Kristen…stay tuned.

AND….you are probably wondering where that marble topped mahogany lyre table went…

… know…that domino effect.

Well, that takes me to the NEW VENTURE OF MINE!!!


The table will be in this building…

This is an artist’s rendition of the Antique Mall…Melville Trading.

…..where I will be sharing an antique booth with Amy of Atta Girl Says.

Yes, finally doing what I have always wanted to do…

…..well, except open a retail shop…or race in the Daytona 500…

We will be “stuffing and fluffing” our booth…called Capricorn Lane…

… Melville Trading in Mebane, N.C. beginning Monday, March 11th.

So what’s behind our booth name?….Capricorn Lane?…

Well, did you know that Amy and I were born on the same day?

…..well, not the same year (I wish)….so we are the Happy Cappys!…

Happy to start this new venture of ours!!!

So come and see us!!…at 137 West Clay Street, Mebane, N.C. …

….. Open Monday thru Saturday from 10am to 5 pm…!!

Have a wonderful day!!

I am joining:

From My Front Porch to Yours for Treasure Hunt Thursdays

No Minimalist Here for Open House Party Thursdays

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  1. Best of wishes and luck to both you and Amy!!!!
    I wish I lived closer, I’d love to visit a shop run by such talented ladies. You guys rock!
    Can’t wait to see the posts that generate from ‘Capricorn Lane’. 🙂

  2. Love the table… All the decorations too…

  3. Can’t wait to come and check it out!

  4. That is an absolutely beautiful cabinet. It looks like it may have been built for a church vestibule, because of the design on the front of the doors. I am so glad she did not paint it too. And its perfect in your bathroom. You made me laugh about Miss G putting the birds in a kissing position. That sounds so like kids. 🙂

    Suziy told me about your great adventure. I think its so cool that you are doing this with Amy. The Happy Cappys. That is too funny. You have so much wonderful stuff and Amy makes so much wonderful stuff, well, it will simply be a wonderful booth. Now I KNOW I have to get to Melbane. Please post pics ok? I know you guys will be a success. xxoo
    Barb @ The Everyday Home’s recent post…Yay or Nay Thursday {#5}My Profile

  5. Can’t wait to come see your booth

  6. Oh what a lovely chest. I love the beautiful arched detail, gorgeous. Congratulations also on your new venture. I am sure you shop will be a huge success. Hugs, Marty

  7. I am so excited to start “stuffing and fluffing” so perhaps I can achieve something I’ve always dreamed about — parking in my garage again!

    We’re going to have such great fun in our shop. I can’t wait for the adventure to begin.

    And I love that cabinet you brought from Kristen. We will have to interrogate her to find out her “sources” of such fabulous finds.
    Atta Girl Amy’s recent post…Coming soon: Capricorn LaneMy Profile

  8. Congratulations on the booth!!!! Wow, that’s exciting! But, uh oh….that means you are going to be out there among all those other booths with everything THEY have for sale, and you will be Girls Gone Wild on Decor!!!!!!!! 🙂 Wish I could be there to go wild with you!!! The cabinet you bought is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!!! I love the detailing on it! I have no idea what its original use might have been, but you can make it work for that bathroom! It looks great!
    Alycia Nichols’s recent post…The Party She Deserves – Birthday Dinner for My Blog Friend, VerniceMy Profile

  9. How fabulous!!! You two will have so much fun – I’m envious!!

    Love your pretty cabinet. It’s nice that it is so close in colour to your bathroom cabinet.

    Have a happy day Shirley!!
    Anne@DesignDreams’s recent post…A Hint of SpringMy Profile

  10. Congratulations on your new venture!!
    Love your new table!!

  11. How wonderful that you live close enough to Kristen to purchase one of her finds, Shirley! Congrats and good luck in your new venture! I’m sure you will have a ball with it.
    Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions’s recent post…There Goes That Theory!My Profile

  12. I love your little cabinet! Just perfect for added storage. Best wishes to you and Amy on your adventure! How exciting!! I think I may need to travel with my hubby when he heads back up your way for work this spring and see your little booth. It will be perfect!
    Jennifer’s recent post…From Fat to FitMy Profile

  13. Congrats to both you and Amy for opening your shop!!! I couldn’t be any happier for the both of you! You know I’ll definitely be coming by for a visit. Will y’all actually be there on Monday?
    Suzy @ Worthing Court’s recent post…How to Make an Upholstered Cornice – Part IMy Profile

  14. Love the cabinet you bought and how cool to come up with that name for your booth. So glad you are starting your new venture.
    kim’s recent post…Wow Us Wednesdays #108My Profile

  15. Lady Delores LeBoeuf says

    Very Cute, always more room for more storage…gosh, gee whiz, wished I lived closer I would definitely visit your new shoppe……..hoping for your many successes…a very exciting adventure indeed…Love & Blessings…

  16. I’m so glad she didn’t paint such a nice piece! I’m guessing it’s a liquor cabinet- hence the lock? Or a fine silverware cabinet?
    Congratulations on your new booth! I wish you the best!

  17. Congrats on the new booth, that is fantastic Shirley. I wish you all the best. I love that cabinet it is so pretty and looks great in the bath.

    Cynthia’s recent post…Downsizing and Losing a Loved OneMy Profile

  18. Shirley,
    The cabinet looks great in your bathroom…love it! Thanks so much for sharing it on your blog 🙂 I just adore your tall glass apothecary jar filled with soaps. I’ve been wanting to do this in my bathroom for a while, but don’t have enough cute little soaps yet.

    I absolutely cannot wait to see your new booth with Amy…it’s going to be great! I think that is such a cool name too! Congrats!
    Kristen’s recent post…Cottage-Inspired, Casual Easter BrunchMy Profile

  19. Donnamae says

    Love that cabinet….right time, right place! Congrats on the store! Wish I lived closer…sounds like a long road trip! 😉

  20. I have been enjoying your blog for a couple of months. I love your new cabinet…perfect for extra storage in the master bath and very versatile. It could be used anywhere in your home. If you are like me, things get moved around. Your arched stained glass would look beautiful over this cabinet.

  21. Shirley! I grew up not far from Franklin, NC, and we used to live in Burlington, NC, not far from Mebane. In fact, we were visiting friends there just a couple of weeks ago. I will have to check out your new biz venture next time I’m up there. The cabinet is gorgeous, by the way. 🙂
    SheilaG @ Plum Doodles’s recent post…Lamp Makeover with Trash Can Lamp ShadeMy Profile

  22. Shirley, that cabinet is perfect. It looks like it might have come out of an old church. just beautiful!!

  23. Love the beautiful design on the doors and wood grain on your cabinet Shirley! It would have been a shame to paint it! Congrats on your new venture! My partners and I ran a 5000 square foot multi-merchant shop that we leased space for 8 years, ( home furnishings and accessories), no antiques though. Don’t be surprised if the ‘domino effect’ has you deciding you both need more space, and with you each spilling over to another one 🙂
    Mary’s recent post…Flower PowerMy Profile

  24. That cabinet is a beautiful piece. I agree that details on the doors is stunning. Hey, I’m a capricorn too! 😀
    Maysem’s recent post…Tea Time Spring VignetteMy Profile

  25. Shirley it’s perfect for your bath!!! I love the wood grain as well! Congrats on your newest beauty!!
    Whitney@ drab to fab’s recent post…What’s Going on in the Master Bath?My Profile

  26. Sounds like so much fun! Congratulations and good luck!
    Hugs, Ginger
    Savannah Granny’s recent post…A SOUTHERN GRANNY DOES SNOW!My Profile

  27. I love the doors on that cabinet! And best wishes on your new venture…one of these days – me too! 🙂
    Cecilia’s recent post…Projects waitingMy Profile

  28. So excited for you and Amy!!! I wish I could come and shop in your fabulous booth to be – I know it will be absolutely amazing!

    And I love that new piece – the gothic arches are perfect.

  29. Congratulations from one ‘happy Cappy’ to another! I am sure you will do well in your new venture! So exciting!!
    Doreen@househoneys’s recent post…Tuesday’s Favorite PinsMy Profile

  30. Geez, I missed this one too! CONGRATS on your new venture!!!! I hope it will be FUN and successful for you! I love your new cabinet. Sorry I don’t know what it was used for. XO, Pinky

  31. What a wonderful venture, Shirley. You’ll do great and have fun doing it. I had an antique mall booth a few years ago and had fun shopping for inventory. You’ll have lots to look for in France. Love the cabinet you put in your bathroom.
    Kim Hties’s recent post…Guest Post From Sunday Brocantes: A French Fairy Tale (Or Our Accommodations In France)My Profile

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