I Love Topiaries….My HomeGoods Finds

What did we ever do without the great shopping experience of HomeGoods?!!!..

I always find some great treasures every time I visit…and this visit was no exception.

I love topiaries and when I entered the store, and saw this one…it quickly went into my cart!


Oh, I know..it’s faux…but it really looks real!..no watering, no dying of a dreaded plant disease!


I had purchased these small topiaries from HomeGoods a while ago…

Now I know this container may be a bit small for the large topiary…

…..I am “on the lookout” for a larger piece of pottery, maybe a confit jar…

“Confit”…hey I am practicing for my France trip with Kim and Kim


Don’t you think this spiral topiary looks pretty real?…


The backdrop is a piece of “gingerbread trim” that I purchased from none other than Kristen!

One day we will get to hanging this beauty, but until then, it has a home in the dining room.




It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood….

And speaking of beautiful…we had a great Easter with our traditional Easter Egg Hunt…



My granddaughter enjoyed it so much along with her little friends…We had a houseful on Easter….a good thing!

Hope you had a beautiful Easter and have a wonderful day!

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Wow Us Wednesdays

Wow Us Wednesdays

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  1. I agree – what would we do without HomeGoods??? lol I’d save money, that’s what! Amy and I went to HG last week and we both found lots of treasures. Love the topiary – it’s gorgeous!

  2. That’s a nice one and it does look real. No watering, no pesky pests and no mess. I want confit pots, too. Hope they are better priced there than they are here.

  3. If there was only one topiary at Home Goods, I’d say a lot of people would be fighting for it. Looks great in front of the window with the knockout piece behind it.

  4. I love topiaries, too, and you found a great one. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect size container for it, though the transferware piece you have it in is very pretty.

  5. Actually, I think it looks cool in that smaller pot since it’s up on a table like that. It would cool in a larger one, too. There’s really not a lot you could do to make that pretty thing NOT look cool!!!! 🙂 I saw those at one of the local HGs and lusted for it. I’m being a good girl, though, so I left it there. PLEASE…somebody make me be bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I love topiaries too Shirley and just pick up two new ones in Home Goods this week also!
    I love the large swirl one and think it looks great in the pot you have it in. Love the wood piece you have layered behind it too!

  7. Great find, and you found the perfect spot. I have never left Home Goods without a purchase.

  8. Hi Shirley! I adore your topiary and the container. I think it is more unique than a larger container!
    A belated Happy Easter!
    Art by Karena

  9. I love these topiaries, that large one is gorgeous. Your granddaughter and the kids look like they had a great time.


  10. The topiary is awesome! I’ll be getting a HomeGoods fix soon — spring break for us next week and it’s on my list to do!
    xo Heidi

  11. HomeGoods is so amazing! I am currently loving topiaries too, and I’m thinking I need one! I was able to go home and see my new niece and nephew this wknd so Easter was full of kiddos for me too! 🙂

  12. Love your new topiary Shirley! It’s rare I leave HG empty handed 🙂 Glad you had a fun Easter!

  13. These are great, Shirley!! I haven’t been to Home Goods in awhile. It may be time to make a stop in!

  14. Love Homegoods! I need to take a trip soon for some fresh new decor. Now that it’s time to take down my Easter decorations, I’m having a decorating block! lol! Your topiary is very pretty, and it does look real!

  15. What a great purchase that topiary was…Home Goods scores again! The pic in front of the window are fabulous. I didn’t know you were going to France. I’m so excited for you! Think of me when you see all the grain sacks. :o)

  16. It does look real. I almost bought some real ones today. I am still debating…but I know like you said, dead plants, disease, mine would get em all.

  17. So lovely!!! I just love topiaries! They add so much to a setting. You granddaughter is just gorgeous!!!! xo Diana

  18. I love topiaries too and this spiral one is stunning. Hugs, Marty

  19. Wow I love that topiary! I agree with not wanting a live one- especially since it will not stay so perfect and you don’t have to water it. Love the base it’s in too. How sweet to see your grand daughter out there enjoying an egg hunt! We had an enjoyable Easter weekend too!

  20. Beautiful spiral topiary. It does look real. You already know how much I love HomeGoods.:-)

    Loved the Easter Egg Hunt pictures! Your granddaughter is so cute, Shirley.

  21. Shirley,

    What a great find! It looks so real! I love the piece of gingerbread, too!

    Have a great day rock star!

  22. I love topiaries, I made a few for my living room mantle. I am loving the swirly one! xo

  23. I love it and I love the blue container!

  24. I love your new purchase and like you I never leave without buying something. Love the Easter images…happily following !

  25. It is so pretty there in front of your window. There is a lot to be said for faux!

    Don’t you miss the more gentle times of Mr. Rogers song, “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood?”

  26. That really does look real! The ones in my store are horrible!

  27. Well you know how I love Home Goods! That is one gorgeous topiary. I like it in the blue and white container you used. Glad you had a nice Easter and pretty weather for the egg hunt. We were enjoying pretty weather earlier this week, but now it has turned off cold and rainy.

  28. How pretty, I love those topiaries! I love HomeGoods too, you can always find something there! And you can’t beat those great deals!

  29. Lady Delores LeBoeuf says

    YES, I really liked the valentine chair before & thought it did not need to be recovered, but oh you were absolutely correct………it looks gorgeous, love stripes/checks too..Love & Blessings to you/yours

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