Have you noticed?…I got a new “doo” {A new blog design}

So, have you noticed?….My new look?….No botox required!…

Just the creative genious of Kristi, from Creative Kristi.

I told her I wanted a Charleston feel…I love pineapples (oh really???)….

I am also obsessed with the beauty and extraordinary craftsmanship of the gates and fences of Charleston.

So Kristi came up with this beautiful design for me…and don’t you love the hanging baskets?

Along with my new “blog design”…

I am making some simple changes around here lately:


I have new pillows and 2 more being made…

I went to an upholsterer to have a chair recovered…yes, my Valentine’s chair…


It won’t change much…just a bit more “design” to the fabric.

While at the showroom of the upholster, I saw tons of boxes…getting ready to be shipped.

Mr. Stroud said that he sells his custom designer fabric pillows on Joss and Main..

…..and these were being shipped to the lucky buyers.

So needless to say, I found a great place for wonderful fabrics, pillows and a great upholster.

Thanks to the referral of my friend Sherri and my drapery person, Julianne.


The pillow in the front is the one that I bought (actually bought 2)…I love Asian toile…

…..the pillow in back is from Pottery Barn…and this will most likely move across the room.

Now…I have a question to ask you…!!

I am recovering my bar stools…and have two fabrics I am trying to decide upon…


I found this fabric at another favorite place of mine, Mill Outlet Village in Raleigh.

…..They had a table full of Schumacher fabric remnants for $12.95/yard…I spent a lot of time at that table!!


Here’s a closer view of it…I used it to stage a photo of the Martha Stewart paint I was using for this project.


And here is the other fabric…a lighter “faux crewel” design…


Definitely a lighter, happy feel.


So what do you think?

The brown Schumacher Canton Floral Vine on the left?…

…..or the Braemore “faux crewel” on the right?….

My hubby has already voted…he always has an opinion!! 🙂

What say you??…I would love your opinion!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!

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  1. I prefer the brown. It’s really rich looking.

  2. Linda Miller says

    First, I ♥ your new header. It’s much more “you”. Being your BFF, I am never afraid to voice my opinion and hope you do the same with me. I much prefer the second fabric for your great room. Although I love both, I like the lighter, airier look of the second fabric and think it goes much better with everything else in the room. PS my capital letters are still not showing as I type my comments.

  3. So funny, I just redid mt blog design too!! I LIKE your better. It’s awesome!
    South Shore Decorating Blog’s recent post…Beautifully Styled BookcasesMy Profile

  4. I like the Braemore “faux crewel” the best. And I love your new blog design! I may need to hire Creativekristi when I finally start my blog!

  5. I like the lighter color fabric. It’s a ‘happy’ fabric and makes me smile. Both are very nice and I’m sure either would look great. For Some reason my caps aren’t working??

  6. You should never ask for my opinion because I will always give it! Of the 2 fabrics I would choose the brown background both for a practical reason and because it has more depth and would, I think, be more year round. There you have it, shirley! Oh, the blog design looks great.
    Lulu’s recent post…You Know You Are in TexasMy Profile

  7. Pat Toler says

    Beautiful”new do!”

  8. Well, since you asked, I like them both! But, since it’s adjacent to your kitchen…I think the brown, Schumacher. Quite frankly, I’d also buy yardage of the other one too…I’m sure you could use it somewhere! 😉

  9. I love the brown!! I also like the new look of your blog too. I thought I noticed the change yesterday and I knew I should have mentioned it, sorry, but it looks great!

    Cynthia’s recent post…West EndMy Profile

  10. love your new look Shirley! For some reason I am not being allowed to type capital letters on here. Strange. Anyways, your new pillows are so pretty. I am torn on the fab for the chairs. I really like both. the brown seems more everyday and the lighter one more seasonal. either one is a win win though.
    Pamela’s recent post…How I Created My Kitchen Cabinet FinishMy Profile

  11. ooops, sorry forgot to vote! I like the white one 🙂
    South Shore Decorating Blog’s recent post…Beautifully Styled BookcasesMy Profile

  12. Since I am a huge fan of coral, I say do the Braemore “faux crewel”.

  13. Oooooh….I like BOTH fabrics! You’re a handy, crafty gal…use the one on the left during the warm months and the one on the right during the cooler months! 🙂 (I’m just creating more work for you to do!) They’re both really, really pretty! Did your husband vote to keep it the same so he doesn’t have to do any work on them? They ALWAYS think we’re tryin’ to drag them in. Of course, most of the time we are…but that doesn’t necessarily mean you were THIS time! 😉

    Yes, I immediately noticed the change in the header! Very nice! I particularly like it that no Botox was involved! 🙂

    That Asian toile pillow is gorgeous, and it goes so well with the PB pillow!!! Good score!
    Alycia Nichols’s recent post…Going Green for SpringMy Profile

  14. My first impression is that the brown fabric has more of the traditional effect you seem to lean toward in your home. The light tone print gave me a more modern impression. The Traditional brown is more in line with the ladder back stools. Just my two cents….I know your final decision will be great. I really enjoy your blogs and your home. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Ohhhh I just love your new blog design. The header is absolutely charming! Kristi does great work. Your pillows are just divine. so cheery and elegant too. I have to say, I am in LOVE with the crewel fabric. To me it speaks to your style and also to the lightness and cheeriness that is already in your home. the brown is pretty, but comes across as dull. but you choose the one which makes you happy bc they are both very pretty. (sorry for all the lower caps, my shift key isn’t working.) :-/
    Barb @ The Everyday Home’s recent post…Yay or Nay Thursday {#6}My Profile

  16. Hmmmm – when I saw them individually, I though for sure the faux crewel. However, when viewing them side-by-side, the brown gives the stools a much richer look and really brings out the beauty of the stained wood in the backs. I like the brown better.


    Stacey’s recent post…RadishesMy Profile

  18. Definitely the braemore “faux crewel”…May show more dirt, but it’s so bright & cheery! Love your new “doo”!

  19. Shirley I love your blogs new look and your new pillows…especially the toile one, so pretty!
    Both fabrics you chose for your bar stools are so pretty it’s hard to pick, maybe the brown!?!
    Martina’s recent post…Taking a week off to host a Tea Party!My Profile

  20. If these stools are close to those pillows then I say the lighter brighter one.
    I do love your new look over here!
    kim’s recent post…Wow Us Wednesdays #113My Profile

  21. Both! Cover in the lighter one and make a slip with the darker one.

  22. I vote for the Braemore crewel! love your new design, Shirley… kristi did an amazing job!
    xo Heidi
    Heidi @ Decor & More’s recent post…A New Before & After: Armoire MakeoverMy Profile

  23. What a pretty new header. it’s makes me anticipate something special ahead.

    LOve that second fabric because of the cherry colors. It’s snazzy.

    can’t get any capitol letters either. what’s going on?

  24. I noticed your new header yesterday, but was afraid to say anything in case you had had it that way for awhile. 🙂 I love it! As for the fabrics, I like the Braemore. What if you just make a cute little flirty slipcover with it, and change it out with the seasons, or on a whim?
    SheilaG @ Plum Doodles’s recent post…DIY Dessert DomesMy Profile

  25. I like the white one.
    Mary Feguson’s recent post…BUNNYVILLE MANORMy Profile

  26. I just love it when someone asks my opinion! I like the lighter fabric much better–looks more current and goes with your beautiful toile pillows too. I like consistency in a house and being able to move things around is easier if they all play nicely with each other. love your new blog design too!
    Robin’s recent post…ANOTHER BROKEN EGGMy Profile

  27. Both fabrics are gorgeous. At this time of year, I would tend toward the lighter, brighter faux crewel pattern, though I usually go more for earth tones, so I don’t really know why I am choosing differently. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

  28. Oh a chance to vote!!!! The brown since it will be near the granite and goes well with the island. The other could be for spring & summer. Love the new header!!! Just saying….

  29. Beautiful new header!! Both fabrics are pretty!! I know anyone that you choose will look fantastic!!

  30. Great new header!! Both fabrics are pretty!! I know anyone that you choose will look fantastic!!

  31. oh Shirley The new blog design is lovely. So you!! So if you are asking for my two cents I like both but have to pick the crewel. Hugs to you!!
    laura@Top This Top That’s recent post…Stop The Abuse….Of Your Hardwood FloorsMy Profile

  32. Shirley,
    loved the bright and cheery fabric!!
    Also like the new design but the priint sees to be smaller and difficult for me to read, is it your blog or my computer setting??

  33. Shirley, LOVE your “new do”!!! It looks awesome and perfect for you! I just realized I can’t make capital letters either!!!! LOVE that new pillow!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could get 2 in blue!!!! As for the fabrics, I am leaning towards the lighter one, but maybe cause it is Spring;):) XO, pinky
    Pinky’s recent post…~~~I am Guest Posting at Yvonne’s!!!~~~~My Profile

  34. Lady Delores LeBoeuf says

    WEll, both fabrics are divine — I vote for the lighter one, since your other/new pillows have the lighter/red color, looks like carrying this color into your chairs would be ideal, using the brown will be fantastic for fall weather – fill your home with spring and go lighter, then again I am partial to red hues…one of my favorites……..cant wait to see the finished arrangements…Love & Blessings…

  35. Merry Pierson says

    I love the lighter happier on!

  36. lUCKY YOU TO FIND A SOURCE FOR SUCH PRETTY PILLOWS! lOVE YOUR NEW BLOG HEADER DESIGN TOO. I like both of the fabrics you are choosing between, but think the crewel with the bright colors is pretty for your chairs since they are for the kitchen.
    Kelly’s recent post…Bedroom MakeoverMy Profile

  37. Judy Hubbard says



  39. Brown!!

  40. I’ve been searching for fabric, too, Shirley for my office, and I found a Braemore I love. (No 12.95 Schumacher where I was shopping, unfortunately!)

    While I love your Braemore, I think the brown just seemed more you and more in keeping with the traditional style of your home. And maybe I was swayed a bit by the Schumacher label, too.

    Of course, I think the commenter who said you should buy both had it right.

    Whatever decision you make, it will be gorgeous.
    Atta Girl Amy’s recent post…Sponsor Spotlight: Daydreaming about Frette LinensMy Profile

  41. Your header is cute! I like it a lot!
    I wish I could see more of the area the chairs are in. I have to see the whole picture to know if one or the other is best. They are both great fabrics!
    Liz @ infusewithliz’s recent post…Some things old, some things new….My Profile

  42. I love your new blog design, Shirley. It definitely has a Charleston feel. And yes, I love the hanging baskets! As for the fabrics? I can’t decide – I love them both! The brown would be more practical (if you actually do use those stools), but the white background is so, so cheery.
    Suzy @ Worthing Court’s recent post…House Snooping at The Lily Pad CottageMy Profile

  43. Dear Shirley – I came over to see your blog after you left a comment on mine and I am so glad I did. Your blog is beautifully designed and laid out and your house is amazing. I’m looking forward to pouring myself a cup of coffee and spending some time just browsing through all your posts but I want to set aside some special time to do that. I am newer to blogging and I look forward to raising my blog to such a level but . . . UGH . . . I think I am going to have to learn WordPress.

    BTW, I do like the second fabric the best but the brown would also tie in with the wood of your cabinets and would stay cleaner if sit in that space a lot.

    Blessings to you Shirley,
    Patricia Krank’s recent post…Braided Cuff TutorialMy Profile

  44. Martha Belton says

    Shirley, Love the material with all the bright colors with give it pop of color and room make over for spring, also like the darker color for the fall look…

  45. The new design is just perfection, Shirley! And I’m leaning towards the lighter and brighter. Probably because I’m hopeful things will get lighter and brighter around here soon ….

    Have a fabulous weekend!

    Linda @ it all started with paint’s recent post…4-minute mason jar carrot cakeMy Profile

  46. I love the new look of the blog. Love the fence.
    My vote is for the lighter fabric. I always go for the lighter fabrics, Just me.
    xo Ginger
    Savannah Granny’s recent post…HAPPY BIRTHDAY DINNER!!My Profile

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