Ever So Clever, Ever So Pretty Friday, #6, Lanterns-Burlap-and-Bows

Happy Friday everyone…

Today, I am presenting a project that I gained inspiration from Ann, of On Sutton Place.

Ann is one creative lady!…

I saw her lantern project and noticed that I had the same lanterns..

…..so I thought I would give them a bit of a Spring makeover.


Burlap ribbon, florals, a little birdie tag, and bird nests gathered for the new look.

Here are Ann’s lanterns: pretty, pretty!


So I gathered the pair of lanterns that I had and started to try to come close to Ann’s creation…


These lanterns were too large to place together for a table vignette…

…..so one went in the sunroom and the other in the second guest bathroom.


That domino effect was happening in the house yesterday..you know that “effect”..



My friend Dolores has an extensive collection of punches..so thanks to her, I created my tag.


Really love the “birdie” punch! Ann had a pretty monogram tag.


Vignette placed in my Ikea tray…




So we shall leave the sunroom, and go to the second guest bathroom where the larger lantern resides.


Another bird/garden theme going on there…pardon the pics as there is no natural light in that bathroom…



Along with the birds nests, I placed some florals and a candle in this lantern…


This is the next room on the agenda for a makeover…

…..when we moved in 8 years ago..the old world, bronze look was all the rage…time for a change.


And I forgot to mention what I used to hang the tag on the lantern…

I cut away the wire portion from the ribbon…it gives me a “mini pipe cleaner” of sorts…

…..and it gives you the ability to place the tag in many positions.

Thanks for stopping by today…hope you enjoyed my inspiration project.

…..that I received from the most talented Ann of On Sutton Place..have you seen her gorgeous grain sack pillows?

Today, I will be cleaning and getting ready for company…there’s a softball tournament in town.

However, I won’t feel bad being inside today…as it is going to be a very overcast day..at least the rain stopped…


Yes…this is a pic of my backyard this morning…a very cloudy day…

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!

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  1. Those turned out great. Love the burlap and floral on them. They both look great in their new locations!

  2. Martha Belton says

    Shirley you haave done a great job with your laterns decor…thanks for sharing…love watching your post…

  3. You always have such great ideas… Thanks for sharing…

  4. Love your springy lanterns. Cute tags. Looks like you are ready for your guests.

  5. Love these spring lanterns and the touch of burlap. Have a great weekend.


  6. Lady Delores LeBoeuf says

    Anything and all to do with birds is a winner for me……….vignettes are so much fun and I, also especially enjoy the domino effect…………sit back and enjoy it too, all the work you put into it for our enjoyment………thnk u……….Love & Blessings..

  7. MARTY WALDEN says

    So pretty and elegant! And is that a golf course I see out your window?! My brother lives on a golf course in Raleigh and loves it!

  8. You sure did a great job of replicating Ann’s lanterns. I love both yours and hers!

  9. You are one talented lady! I love to “visit” with you & see all your great decorating ideas. Enjoy your company & have a great weekend.

  10. First…I love your new blog! Then I adore your lanterns! I think they are perfect with the ferns and birds nests inside. So, so pretty. It’s gloomy and cold here today too…in fact we are flooding. Ugh. Hope you have a good weekend and the sun shines!

  11. I love the color of the lanterns, Shirley! I have lanterns in several different colors, but nothing this cool. This has “Spring” written all over it!!! They look beautiful with that cool burlap ribbon and the sprig of flowers! The tag is a great little crowning touch that adds a lot of personality.

    Yes, I understand that “domino effect” when you start one project that turns into 10 more!!! (That’s what’s been happening around our house as we have it worked on and spruced up for Spring!) Have fun with that! 🙂

  12. Shirly, I just love how you decorate! I am a hairdresser of 30 yrs.I am about to move into a very small building.I can’t wait to decorate it.I have some ideas.I would love your input though .I can’t wait to hear your ideas. Thank you, hairgirl

  13. Your lanterns look very fresh and garden-y. I love decorating with birds and bird nests.

  14. They really turned out great, I love them. They go so well in both areas.
    Sorry your weather is so bad. We are having perfect weather here in Southern CA and I can’t get enough of being outside.
    Have a wonderful with your company.

  15. Really, really, really cute lanterns and you have them displayed beautifully. They look ready for Spring to me! I adore Ann, too. xo Diana

  16. Shirley~ Love your spring lantern makeover with your burlap ribbon, flowers, and tag! Having them in two locations let’s you enjoy them twice as much!

  17. Your lanterns are so charming made over like that! I love the burlap ribbon bows and bird tags you made. I’m sure Anne is happy to know she inspired you to create your own.

  18. Love your embellished lanterns, Shirley … the burlap is such a great touch … cute tags, too! Your guest bath looks beautiful and, the IKEA tray is awesome … I must make a road trip soon!

  19. I know the domino effect quite well-ha!! Your vignettes just look beautiful-love the ‘jazzed up’ lanterns! 🙂

  20. South Shore Decorating Blog says

    Those are beautiful and yours came out great… I can’t wait to check out her blog!

  21. Paula Lusk says

    Your lanterns turned out lovely. I like the way that you put one in the bathroom and the other in a vignette on a tray. Very nice. Thanks for sharing. Paula

  22. Such perfect additions and your new design looks amazing! Well done to you and Kristi! Take care,Laura

  23. Well isn’t that ever so clever!! And congrats on the new look. It’s very, very purdy!!! 🙂

  24. Your home looks like it belongs in a magazine. Seriously! And you know I love the new do!!

  25. Shirley, your lanterns are so pretty! You have given me some great ideas to spruce mine up for Spring!

  26. What a pretty way to dress up a lantern. Just last night I was cleaning our pavilion, lots of pollen every where. Also I was cleaning the pollen off of a lantern that I have that is almost like yours, I might need to pretty it up too. Love the statement that yours gives.

  27. I love your lanterns… and the inspiration you got from Ann! I have a couple of white lanterns and just may copy your idea! Don’t you love that about blogging? We can fill our homes with creative designs that have been inspired by others!
    Your ikea tray is striking! Perfect to hold your lantern vignette.
    I love everything you do!

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