Ever So Pretty, Ever So Clever Friday, #7….Clock Inspiration

The other day, I saw Suzy’s (Worthing Court) shutter and clock project….

…..it was fantastic!

So it gave me an idea.

I do not have old shutters in this room, but I do have an iron gate.

So the wheels were turning in my head….I had an epiphany!

…..off to HomeGoods I go to get a clock…and here is the result.


I found a clock that had the perfect color on the frame…

and…here is Suzy’s project…

Repurposed bifold doors in basement family room via Worthing Court blog w text

Isn’t it pretty?!!!


As you can see by the time, it was late in the evening when I took pictures today…

….spent all day running errands.


I am helping my hubby get ready for a golf tournament for his softball team…

…..and doing some last minute things for my upcoming event this weekend.


A bloggers trip to the High Point Market.


So as you can see…it is getting late…

…..time to get the house ready…for a special guest coming this weekend.


And it is also time to consult with my personal fashion stylist….

…..no, not Rachel Zoe, but close, my friend Linda.

Don’t laugh, we will be face timing and she will be giving the thumbs up or down on my outfits…

…..for the Market!…Hey, when you are having breakfast with Aerin Lauder, you have to have a cute outfit!


So gotta run…to start fluffing the guest room…as time is drawing near..


To welcome my very special guest and one that I can truly call “a wonderful friend”….

KIM SSS Profile Picture

Kim, from Savvy Southern Style!!

Looking forward to having a great time at the High Point Market with fellow bloggers/friends….stay tuned!!

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend of making wonderful memories!

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  1. Wow – thank you sweet friend for the wonderful surprise this morning! I’ve always loved that iron gate and now I love it even more with the clock on it. So looking forward to spending time with you at the market this weekend!

  2. How exciting…you and Kim are going to have a great time!! Your guest room looks perfect!

  3. How lovely that you get to spend time with your friends.
    Your clock looks stunning on the gate!!

  4. Love the addition of the clock. Don’t over do for me, please. Can’t wait. Okay now how cute do we have to be?? Just kidding. See you soon!

  5. Beautiful idea! We all know to layer, and this is a great example on how to layer in our homes! I love your blog and I love Savvy Southern Style as well! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Linda Miller says

    Love the clock on the gate…makes the gate pop. And speaking of pop, so does that yellow necklace you bought for your outfits pop. How did you know I love Rachel Zoe and always watch her show? Can’t wait until I soon see the guest room, the outfits, but most of all, you up close and personal! Have fun this weekend.

  7. I love this idea and I believe I have what I need to copy, Shirley.

    Have fun at High Point. That is something I have wanted to do, but I don’t think I have the stamina. My friend Lori, owner of All About Home will be there.:-)

  8. I WANNA COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):) I know you will have fun and i KNOW you will look cute!!!! I love the gate and clock!!! It looks terrific. Love this idea. Blogging is SO inspirational. XO, Pinky

  9. This looks fantastic, I love it!! Have a great time.


  10. Love the way you took an idea and made it your own. Have fun on your HIgh Point adventure and wherever it is you need a cute outfit, not to worry. I’m sure you will be fine.

  11. I love the combination of clock and gate. It really looks wonderful.
    Have a great time shopping and a great weekend with your friend.

  12. Love the clock and gate. Such a cute idea. Have fun with Kim and all the gals this weekend. I am jealous!!! xo Diana

  13. Shirley, what a cute idea! Love the clock on the iron gate! Just noticed the Paula Deen book on the dresser. I have mine open to that same page, on my kitchen counter!

  14. Have a blast, girlfriend!!!!! Oh, and the clock idea…FABULOUS!!!! Looks great!

  15. Aerin Lauder? I’m jealous. You girls will have a marvelous time. Can’t wait to hear about it and see what inspiration you come back with. The clock project looks great!

  16. This looks great. I saw and loved Suzy’s rendition and yours is great as well. Have a great time in High Point. Of course you are probably just winding down by now. xoGinger

  17. I love your clock on the iron gate! So cute. Great spin on Suzy’s idea. Hope you had a fabulous weekend!

  18. Love your clock on your gate Shirley! Hope you had a great in High Point!

  19. Shirley, your version is just beautiful!! I hope your weekend was amazing with Kim! 🙂

  20. Kim AND Aerin!! Hope it was wonderful and I’m sure you looked fabulous! 🙂

  21. Oh, I wish I were with the three of you! HOw fun!!! MAKE SURE YOU POST ABOUT YOUR ADVENTURES!

  22. How pretty! I love that clock!

    Thanks for visiting me Shirley, I’ve been such a bad blog friend lately. Did you know my bathroom plumbing got finished last Friday?? Wooo hooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Almost done the reno 🙂

    Love ya!


  23. You and Suzy have clock style!! As far as Rachel Zoe goes, you don’t need her – you’ve got fashion style too. I saw some pics of everyone’s time at High Point – hope you and Kim had fun!

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