Ever So Clever, Ever So Pretty Friday, #10…A Metal Lampshade Makeover

I love Pam’s blog, Simple Details.

Pam always has the greatest projects and decorating ideas and this week I saw her makeover of a metal lampshade.

I have a lamp that I purchased many years ago from Bombay (I miss that store!)…

…..but I no longer am crazy about the color of the shade. It was a “dark greenish blue”..

So I decided to do what Pam did and give it a makeover.

And here it is:


I love the shiny lacquered look.


This is was my inspiration from Pam…

metal shade

Pam’s shade looked similar to these….she had forgotten to take before pics…I can so relate to that!!

She took these shades similar to hers from an eBay pic.


Pam compared the shiny lacquered look to a flat black look, and I agreed that the lacquered look was the best.


This is the lamp before….


It was hard to capture the true original color of the shade before I painted it…but is truly was a “dark greenish blue”


I gathered my supplies which with the exception of the paint, are items that were in my SWAG bag from Haven last year!!


I used Pam’s paint of choice…and it was a great choice!


So a lamp that I have had in the attic for a long time, has found its way back home!


I changed the foyer table vignette around since the lamp found its home here…


I removed the large demijohn and placed the lamp in that space and added the bird house…



I am so pleased on how this turned out.

I have other metallic paints (Martha Stewart) and now have the inspiration to try it on more lamp shades…


I so glad that I went with this finish..and my hubby also gave it the thumbs up!


And now that brass is making a comeback…I may be dragging more things out of the attic!


So here’s another look of the lamp I rescued from the attic and updated the shade thanks to Pam!!

Take the time to visit Pam’s blog, Simple Details…you won’t be disappointed…she is a very talented lady!!

I am off to my Watercolor Painting Class…yes, I am going to try my hand at this!!!…so excited!

Have a wonderful weekend…and Happy Mother’s Day!!

I am joining:



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  1. It turned out great Shirley, love the update!


  2. Excellent job! It does look better. I too miss Bombay, I guess we all do. They need to hear our cries!! LOL… Love your vignette and that stained glass window…looks like an old church window?

  3. Yes, indeedy! Reuse, recycle, reduce, and reap the joys & benefits!!! This turned out great!!! I’m with you and Liz…I miss Bombay Co. like crazy! I was SO heartbroken when they folded up and left the storefront locations. I caught some great bargains during the closeout, but it doesn’t make up for missing them. I still even have a few pieces of small furniture that I bought from there that has held up quite well through 3 or 4 moves, my rambunctious husband, and just everyday wear-and-tear. I have re-covered the seats several times on a chair and a couple of small benches…the furniture actually held up pretty doggone well! I’m glad your lamp is finding a new life in the limelight!!!

  4. So pretty, Shirley! I miss Bombay too! I always found the greatest piece there! I love the updated shade and your vignette!

  5. You did good!

  6. Shirley,
    Love the new black shiny look on your lampshade, looks great and much better than the flat boring look that it had before your wonderful transformation.
    Have a grand weekend!

  7. I’m very impressed with how well that came out! You would never know you didn’t buy that shade that way already. It definitely freshened up the look! Have fun at your watercolors class.

  8. Looks great! Amazing what a little paint can do, right?! I miss Bombay too!!~~Angela

  9. Donnamae says

    Looks great…love the base too! 😉

  10. Pam @ simple details says

    Wow, Shirley!! Yours looks gorgeous with the gold accents ~ you’ve inspired me to give mine a little pizazz! 🙂 Thanks so much for including me in your Friday series, such a nice surprise! You are truly one of the sweetest and most supportive in the blogosphere! Wishing you the Happiest Mother’s Day, too!

  11. Beautiful new look & that vignette is perfect now!

  12. Adding new zing to what you have is such a great way to feel like you have something brand new. What you’ve done to reinvent your lamp is terrific and it fits beautifully into the new vignette. Good job!!

  13. Love the glossy new finish on your shade Shirley! Happy Mother’s Day!

  14. Looks beautiful! Oh and watercolor! What fun. I started with watercolor -it is challenging. Have fun!

  15. That sheen is nicer ..yes! I have some really great things from Bombay too that I’m So glad I bought now!

  16. I love the black lacquer. The shade is amazing and I adore the brass, I am so glad it is back in favor. Great job. Hugs, Marty. P. S. Be sure to link up to Inspire Me this afternoon. Hugs, marty

  17. Oh you know I totally love a lamp redo! Stunning…I would never know that was repurposed. It goes so lovely now with your decor and vignette.

  18. Perfect! Your lamp looks great. The shiny shade makes it look brand new. I have had a long love affair with black lamp shades and have several sprinkled throughout my house. You know what they say “every room needs a touch of black” and I couldn’t agree more. None of mine are shiny though. Hmmm….me thinks a project may be on the horizon. lol BTW – I’m glad to see that brass is making a comeback.

  19. Pam Standley says

    Looks beautiful and compliments your stain glass window. I love it.

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