A Sentimental Coat/Hat Rack Painted ASCP Old White

I have had this coat/hat rack for more years than I want to admit….

It was placed in the attic when we first moved into this house.

Then it landed in my hubby’s office…gathering sports memorabilia…

…..and whatever my granddaughter decides to hang on it.


Painted this dark stained solid pine coat/hat rack stand with ASCP Old White.


This is the before…


This is where it was…covered with “stuff” in my hubby’s office…

…..but I should not call it “stuff” as one of the items is his treasured Master’s hat….

……….that was signed by many of the “past masters” including Tiger Woods.


In my previous home, the coat/hat rack held my many “red hats”…

…..you know that famous “Red Hat Society”…yes I belonged!


This was one of the very first hats I bought for our “Red Hat” group…”The Scarlet Starlets” !! ๐Ÿ™‚

Originally, the hat had no flower, but I purchased this beautiful flower on one our our Red Hat outings.


I believe I purchased the flower in the quaint town of Dade City, Florida…

…..our lunch event there was coordinated by me….we took turns hosting the events.


And no event is complete without a great invitation (do you love my invitation??!!)…


This is my friend Linda’s first red hat…she gave it to me when she moved away.


Her move mad me sad, yet I know she was moving away from Florida, from family and friends…

…..for the same reason we were….our “potential grandchildren”.

So it left me with a feeling much like this empty hat rack..


But in time, you meet new wonderful friends near and far…


Like beautiful new hats…as this oh so Jackie Kennedy style pill box hat.

I am a sentimental person…always have been.

I hang on to things way too long…but then again, sometimes I am glad I did.

However, what is that saying?..”if you love it, you sometimes have to let it go”…?

Well, I cannot part with those hats…but the coat/hat rack has served us well..

…..and it is time to let it go..to the booth! But hatless, I must say!


As great hats are like friends…you must treasure them and never let them go!

Note: Due to the the effects Tropical Storm Andrea…I was unable to complete my Friday Feature….

…..too gloomy for pics, so I will be resuming the feature next week!

Have a great weekend…hopefully yours will be drier than mine!!

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  1. Hi Shirley~ Love your hat rack’s new transformation and collection of red hats! I’m sure it will be snapped up by some lucky new owner! Hope you don’t float away in all this rain!
    Mary’s recent post…Gather Ye Peonies While Ye MayMy Profile

  2. Living in the city of Louisville, Ky, the home of the Kentucky Derby, I own and wear many hats. Large red ones, large black ones, yellow, pink and blue ones! In my walk-in closet I have a section devoted to hats…. in boxes and on shelves…..and usually wear one to church each week, weather permitting. And I have inspired other ladies to dig out their hats also. An amazing thing happens when I wear a hat, I always get compliments from the men. Most men enjoy seeing women in pretty hats! Glad to hear you are parting with the hatrack, but keeping your hats!!!!

  3. What a sweet and sentimental post Shirley. I love my girlfriends too and I also collect them! Love your hats and the repainted rack… but most of all the love that fills this sweet post!

  4. Nice rack and love it in white. Cute hats and yes it is hard to let some things go, but we have to to keep from becoming a hoarder like I have. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I couldn’t give up those hats either, Shirley. I am way too sentimental, too. It’s a curse as much as it is a blessing. Your coat rack turned out great and I am sure someone will want it right away! xo Diana
    Nana Diana’s recent post…The Purdy Pink Pedal BikeMy Profile

  6. Linda Miller says

    “Memories pressed between the pages of my mind…” We had such great times in our little Red Hat club, The Scarlet Starlets. And we enjoyed all of the attention we got when we went out for lunch. Fun times.

    You have definitely kept that hat rack for a long time. I admired it at your home about 30 years ago. Its transformation is sure to make it a quick sale in your booth.

    Loved your sentimental post. Always remember, “Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver, the other gold.” Your forever friend

  7. The hat rack has a whole new life- I love it with your red hats, and I’m surprised you are letting it go. But I understand the need for clearing out the excess- now if only I would get to it! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    SheilaG @ Plum Doodles’s recent post…Numbered Canister SetMy Profile

  8. Shirley, your coat/hat rack looks fabulous! I am always amazed at how paint just brings a piece to life. This is lovely now! Have a great weekend!
    Betsy(@coastal-colors)’s recent post…Antique Bobbin Corner Chair MakeoverMy Profile

  9. I think this is very sweet Shirley.
    Stacey’s recent post…Our Home TourMy Profile

  10. Lady Delores LeBoeuf says

    Happy Friday….love the color RED…..I too have a collection of hats on my “Wall of Great Hats” that will be handed down to my daughter, daughter in law and grand daughters, so glad I am not the only one who does this ๐Ÿ™‚ – great memories are hard to part with, Love & Blessings to you/yours…

  11. I love that you belonged to the Red Hat Society. I remember seeing a group of them at a tea one time and they were having a great time. Love what you did with the coat rack to give it a new life. The light in that room is so beautiful, assume, which they never say to never do, is your sunroom with the wicker and those curtains is just lovely! Have a great weekend!


  12. What a beautiful transformation, and the red hats add such a pop of color. I love what you’ve done.

  13. Love it with those awesome red hats, Shirley! Have a great weekend!
    xo Heidi
    Heidi @ Decor & More’s recent post…What I’m Reading, Loving, and Working On…My Profile

  14. Shirley, I LOVE your red hats since I’m a hat person myself. Yes, you must hang onto them as they are filled with such sentimental value! Your coat rack looks fabulous in white and I predict that it will sell quickly. Tell your husband that Leo has played the Augusta National course once. He said it was a thrill of a lifetime!
    Jane @ Cottage at the Crossroads’s recent post…Free Garden PrintablesMy Profile

  15. It looks great white, Shirley! I love how the red hats look against the white, too. I’m sure it will find a new home where someone else will get great use out of it.
    Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions’s recent post…Mad Hatter HatMy Profile

  16. Love it!

  17. A coat rack was the cause of one of the few blowups the hubby had with me. I put one that had belonged to his father in a garage sale. See, I don’t hang on to things, but in this case I should have done as you did and given it a facelift. Some things do have sentimental value.
    Lulu’s recent post…Second Time AroundMy Profile

  18. What a sweet story, Shirley! Love your rack painted white! I’m sure someone will snap it up and create many more memories with it!~~Angela
    Angela’s recent post…Twelve Oaks Manor โ€”โ€“ Summer Home TourMy Profile

  19. You are so darn fun ~ I can picture you in the red hats ~ love your invitation! ๐Ÿ™‚
    pam @ simple details’s recent post…home tour…My Profile

  20. Shirley, you have given this hatrack a whole new life with its new paint job! It can go live at somone else’s home and be adored there. I love your reference to Jackie Kennedy…she was first lady when I was in elementary school and I admired her and her fashions very much. A few years ago,I traveled to New York to see a collection of her clothes on display at a museum there…it was magical for me. I’m sure some of her pillbox hats were in the collection.
    Miss Kitty’s recent post…Pretty Party Poms For PenniesMy Profile

  21. Love the coat/hat tree, Shirley! The transformation is amazing. Loved hearing your sweet memories behind each of the hats.

  22. lovely my friend, yes I will have my red and my purple ready . I will be a red hat lady ( I may already be one) xo
    Katherines Corner’s recent post…Tea For OneMy Profile

  23. I love this post! I don’t wear a lot of hats, but always wanted to. This has kind of inspired me to buy one….
    South Shore Decorating Blog’s recent post…45 Magical White-Walled RoomsMy Profile

  24. I love this post! I don’t wear a lot of hats, but always wanted to. This has kind of inspired me to buy one…. And I love that the rack is sentimental!
    South Shore Decorating Blog’s recent post…45 Magical White-Walled RoomsMy Profile

  25. I love that your hats have special memories attached (and that you keep them!:)
    And the rack looks great painted white!

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