Ever So Clever, Ever So Pretty Friday #15, A Basket of Flowers in the Summer Veranda

Happy Friday everyone!..

Today, my inspiration came from Debbie of Confessions of a Plate Addict.

Debbie transformed a beautiful wicker basket and filled it with gorgeous flowers.


This is my creation…

shabby  basket planter_thumb[9]_thumb

And here’s Debbie’s….I just love her basket..


I bought this cutie at a yard sale last weekend…

…..and then gave it a wash of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White.


I filled the basket with Gerbera Daisies….

…..and crossing my fingers that they are not dessert for deer.


For deer are a common visitor in my yard…


Like this one who visited yesterday…to chill out under the tree in the shade..

…..she just stared at me while I took pics…feeling relaxed and unafraid.




So please Ms. Deer….”PLEASE DON’T EAT THE DAISIES”…and Doris Day says so too!!!


Because, I do not want to put a fence around my daisies…like I do for my hydrangeas…



As I know you hold your breath so not to smell the deer repellent…

…..to eat these purple beauties.


I should sit out on the veranda…rocking and sipping my tea,

…..standing guard over my treasured hydrangeas.

However, since that is not always possible…I just hope you are not hungry enough to eat the flowers.


Or maybe I can train the cardinals to stand sentry as they perch on the birdhouse…

…..to warn me that you are near….oh, don’t think so!



I shall just sit back and enjoy the beauty of the flowers…”to smell the roses”…

…hydrangeas and daisies too!


From this “veranda” of mine…where you always hear the birds sing..from the many nests in my ferns!!!

Thanks so much Debbie for my inspiration today….you always wow us with your beautiful creations!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, taking time to relax and smell the roses!

I will be smelling the scent of baseball clay!

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  1. Your wicker planter turned out fabulously. I always loved Debbie’s, too. Your porch is amazing and I want one.

  2. It looks perfect with the gerbera daisies, Shirley! Very Summery looking!

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