Black Dog Salvage…The Marketplace

Here is Part II of my Black Dog Salvage adventure…

Did I tell you that Black Dog Salvage is “Architectural Heaven”…well it is!!

In my previous post, Architectural Salvage Heaven {Black Dog Salvage}

…..I covered the front portion of the building which houses the architectural salvage.

The stuff dreams are made of!!

The back portion of the building houses The Marketplace….

…..a plethora (don’t you love that word?!!)..of fantastic booths of private vendors.


This booth was a rainbow of gorgeousness…



And how about these benches made from the tailgates of trucks…

…..would make great gifts for that well deserved guy!


Love the name of this booth…


Merry and I looking at the great “Refunked Junk”


Had my “point and shoot” camera with me…left the DSLR camera at home…

… please excuse the not so stellar photography.



I took a pic to show you how large this area is…


This sign and cow painting were huge…just amazing in person!


I’m in love!!!




Now this clock would have definitely had a space in the van…

…..I picked it up..then set it down…got distracted…and left it…:(




Love this lamp with the driftwood base!!



This ironstone pitcher was made in France….


We never made it upstairs…and I am sure there definitely was “more good stuff” there!


I came across a pair of these lamps…Oh be still my heart…

… was made from I believe a baluster…..just what I am looking for!!

However there was a couple eyeing it and saying how great they would look in their bedroom….:(


So here we are…Me in the middle and my friend Merry to the left and my friend Claudia to my right…

…..we were all smiles after visiting and swooning over this magnificent place..

For next I have said…I will be there and stay a very long time…traveling with an empty van!!

My Anniversary is coming up…so maybe there will be a day trip there soon!!

After the tournament, we traveled to Poplar Forest (Thomas Jefferson’s retreat) with friends….

… my hubby could get his “architectural fix”.


I so love the beautiful area of Roanoke, Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley…a piece of heaven.

If you are ever in the area…Black Dog Salvage is definitely a place to visit…and bring your truck…

…..or empty van!!

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Oh gosh, Shirley! I’d have a terrible time deciding what to put in the van!! One thing from each booth!!! LOL!!~~Angela

  2. Well, you have convinced me!

  3. Beautiful Shirley! Look at those stained glass windows. We were in Roanoke a few years back with the boys and another family. We had a blast!

  4. Wow, wow, wow! I want to go there! Amazing pictures, amazing place to visit. Blessings, Patti@OldThingsNew

  5. Good grief, I’d have to take a sleeping bag and stay overnight- it must have been sooo hard to leave!

  6. I would need a UHaul! or to move closer….lol Great post, thanks for sharing it 🙂

  7. If I wasn’t saving for our trip I would be coming and going with you there. Girl’s trip! Did you see in hanging lanterns? Need one over my kitchen table.

  8. I loved everything and appreciate you taking the time to document it for all of us. That cow picture would have been in my car!!!

  9. Oh, I want the driftwood lamp and the baluster lamp and crazy enough – I really like the cow painting. This place looks so nice.
    Thanks, Patty

  10. I want to go with u next time. It looks like its worth the drive.

  11. That Sealtest ice cream sign!!!!!!!! WOW! That brings back a billion memories! We had Sealtest in this area during my childhood, and I can’t imagine a childhood without it!

    Man, that place has a TON of great stuff!!! Next time, just push Merry and Claudia out of the van if you need more room to haul stuff home! 🙂 (Just kidding…but not really. Push ’em out! You need the space! 🙂 )

  12. Wow-You could spend hours and hours there and see something new at every turn. I really love the Refunked Junk sign- xo Diana

  13. I need that giant ice cream sign -you had me at plethora (one of my favorite words)!!

  14. Donnamae says

    Thanks for the tour! I saw lots of things I would put in my van…how are the prices…reasonable? That cow pic looked rather scary I thought…and I normally like cows! 😉

  15. I’ll keep it in mind. Nice big place… Great stuff…

  16. Dont tell me you bought nothing!! I’d have gone for the tailgate bench. What a fun piece that would be for the front porch.

    • Oh..I did buy some things…things that I will be using in a future project…but something you can fit in a small bag!!!

  17. I would have wanted to go crazy but unless you have an empty van you do much. I would absolutely love this place!


  18. Shirley, I think I would need a UHaul! I would love to visit there if I’m in the area!

  19. Oh my gosh, I was born in that area and go home almost every year. Where is that located at?
    I’m going back to Roanoke in September for a visit To a little town north of Roanoke called Buchanan on the James River. I will have to go shopping.
    They sure have great items – wish they were here in So CA.

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