Discovering A Sentimental Treasure

The other day, I was looking for a particular item…

Could not find it…

Then I thought to look in the drawer that is underneath the oven.

It wasn’t there either…however…I found something that I forgot I had.


A platter that my mom gave me years and years ago…

To place the turkey on .. for my very first Thanksgiving that I hosted.


Thanksgiving dinner was always at my mom’s house….then eventually hosted at my sister’s home.

But on that particular year….many years ago…I hosted it for my family.

I told my mom that I did not have a platter large enough…she said she had the perfect platter…

…..for the very first turkey that I was to make.

I placed the platter on the stove hood….but it looked too plain


I looked in my stash of faux greenery…I had the perfect stem of greenery.

I cut each branch off from the main stem and formed it into a circle using floral wire.


I prefer using faux florals and greenery by Raz or Regency…for the quality.

I was fortunate to get this stem for 75% off … cost of stem originally $7.00 … final cost, $1.75 ๐Ÿ™‚


The wreath was just the thing to enhance my “platter of memories”


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend…I will be spending time enjoying the view…


Tweaking things here and there…


Looking for more fabrics…


Creating new vignettes….


And spending time with this “cutie”…

Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend making beautiful memories!!

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  1. It is a treasure, and it looks great in its new home.

  2. Oh that’s so pretty! I love it when things happen like that. The wreath is a great idea…how is it hanging on? You call it tweaking….I call it putzing…but with purpose! Enjoy your weekend! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Love that you found the platter.
    Are you going to be changing the fabric in your beautiful sunroom?

  4. Very sweet story, Shirley. You’re right – adding the wreath gave it the perfect finishing touch! I have so many things that my mom passed on to me well before she passed on from this life. It used to annoy me when I was younger – always giving me that “old lady” stuff. What an idiot I was! Today, both my daughter and myself treasure each and everything that she passed on to us with her own two hands while she was still alive and able to explain to us just why she wanted us to have that particular item. She always said that it gave her a lot of pleasure seeing us use items that she used to use in her younger years.

  5. Linda Miller says

    Looks great and love the background story. I wanted to use a crock in my kitchen for utensils and was thinking of the bean pot my mom had in her home. I would have loved to use it in my home but she probably gave it away. Sometimes, the old things that are passed down have the most value…even if it’s sentimental value.

  6. What a great discovery, Shirley! There is nothing like sentimental pieces; and to find something that you had tucked away, is like getting something new. The added touch of greenery is perfect! I am tweaking today, too. Trying to get ready to pull the fall decor out. It’s almost time!

  7. How nice that you have that memory! I enjoy some of my mom’s things, as well. And your granddaughter is way too cute!

  8. I love it when I am hunting for something that I can’t find. Then I find something that is so very special that I forgot that I had. The platter is beautiful and the view out your window is great.
    Your granddaughter is so pretty. She reminds me of my Kelly when she was that age. Kelly will be 11 in October and is growing up way to fast.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. That looks so pretty Shirley…I love how you added the wreath!!
    Enjoy the weekend:)

  10. I love furnishing our home with stories and memories. They are the best! Your platter and it’s story are perfect.
    Your little cutie pie looks so sweet. I love that photo!

  11. What a wonderful platter with a special meaning behind it. I love the little wreath you whipped up and it’s perfect against the dark wood.

  12. What a wonderful platter with a special meaning behind it. I love the little wreath you whipped up and itโ€™s perfect against the dark wood.

  13. Oh don’t you just love finding treasures like that? When you do, a flood of memories come back to you. It’s a beautiful heirloom, and I love the little wreath you added. I missed a post I think. What is the new fabric for? I love those samples.

  14. Looks beautiful! Just the right touch with the greenery. I love the quality of Raz & Regency too. Of course, I buy them when they’re on sale or I have a coupon. ๐Ÿ™‚ Everything looks so pretty! I still wish you’d come to Texas and help me out ~ ๐Ÿ™‚


  15. Love the platter with the wreath and glad you found it. Fun to find buried treasures. I probably have a ton in my mess upstairs. Pretty fabrics. Gray is so cute coming in from school.

  16. The platter is priceless and the wreath enhances the beauty. Loved this idea. Thanks for sharing.

  17. The platter is beautiful, Shirley, and the memory even more so. I love the wreath added to it- brilliant idea. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I do believe your granddaughter looks very much like you, and she is indeed a cutie. Clever you to think of attaching greenery to the platter. You do have a way of solving problems. BTW, I enjoyed reading your guest post.

  19. Love your platter of memories enhanced with greenery Shirley! Your granddaughter is adorable! Enjoy your Sunday, hope it’s as beautiful there as it is here this weekend!

  20. Shirley love what you did with that platter. I hope you have a great Sunday. By the way, I just love the relationship with your granddaughter. She is always so cute.


  21. I love finding old treasures like this!! It looks so pretty!

  22. Shirley, what a nice surprise finding that beautiful platter! And I just love the wreath on it…hmm I may have to ‘borrow’ that idea! ๐Ÿ™‚

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