A Vignette Created for Under $25

I feel as though now I am in an “in-between” stage in the house..

The house is pretty much decorated for Fall..

— however, I am beginning to drag out the many boxes of Christmas decorations.

I took away the pumpkin topiary and other fall decor..

— and came up with my “Vignette that costs under $25”

All items were from yard sales, estate sales.


Breakdown of items:

— Large ironstone pitcher at estate sale in Georgia — $10

— Each book was 50 cents at same estate sale.

— Small ironstone sugar bowl 50 cents at yard sale as it was missing its lid.

———-cotton (a gift from a friend who grew cotton last year)..free

—- Each wicker bottle was $4.00 at a yard sale in Tennessee.

— Bless This House sheet music $1.00 at the Liberty Antiques Show in N.C.

———-frame 50 cents at yard sale in Georgia.

— Postal scale a purchase many, many years ago at an antique shop in Florida for $2.00

Decorative bird had for years and cloche a gift..almost free.

Total: $24.50

Foyer Vignette

The gentleman at the yard sale was almost apologetic for this ironstone piece missing a lid..

— so he thought 50 cents was fair.. I was happy!

Foyer Table Vignette

Our friend did not plant cotton this year.. but I had a few stems left over from last year.

Foyer Table Vignette

Small demijohn purchased at a yard sale in Tennessee..

— the homeowner called it just an old wine bottle.

Foyer Table Vignette

Foyer Table Vignette

And he said, “hey if you like this one.. I have another one you can have for $4.00

— OK, you talked me into it!

Vintage sheet music for $1.00 .. it is actually a sheet music book!

Foyer Table Vignette

Foyer Table Vignette

All of these books were 50 cents each at an estate sale in Georgia.

Foyer Table Vignette

The ironstone pitcher, purchased at the same estate sale in Georgia..

— is the highest priced item on the table at $10.00

Foyer Table Vignette

Oh and this postal scale .. I actually had it in a yard sale box!..

— I thought I was not going to decorate so much with these vintage items..

———- so glad it did not sell!!!

It would have been on the list of items of seller’s remorse!

Foyer Table Vignette

Foyer Table Vignette

Thanks so much for visiting today..

— The foyer will be taking on a totally different look.

Once my buffet arrives from France!!!

Have a wonderful day!!

I am joining:

The Cottage Market

From My Front Porch to Yours for Treasure Hunt Thursdays

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  1. Shirley I love this vignette. Wow and for under $25 that is awesome.

  2. Lovely vignette, Shirley! I love this look and you really found some bargains! This is so warm and welcoming! My Grandfather was a cotton farmer and owned a cotton gin; therefore, I love the cotton in your vignette!

  3. Your vignette is lovely, Shirley. I love your collection of demijohns. Can’t wait to see your buffet in place!

  4. Pretty vignette and I am starting to put some pumpkins and things away. I just can’t keep looking at the same stuff very long and I think some are beginning to rot. Still won’t pull out Christmas till after Thanksgiving.

  5. Cute. I like the mix of things you chose. We had a scale like that but I sold it a long time ago. I was tempted to buy some cotton when I saw it at a store in Pennsylvania but I think they were $10 a stick so I passed. Looks like you scored on the demijohns!

  6. Love the vignette…. and all for under $25 is amazing!!! I can’t wait to see your new buffet….I bet it is absolutely stunning?!?!?!

  7. Fabulous vignette Shirley!! As always of course. 🙂 I want some cotton arrangements! I don’t think I’ve ever come across them in my area but I’m definitely going to put it on my list of things to keep a look out for.

  8. Shirley you vignettes are always so pretty. Love all the items you found at various sales!!!


  9. Shirley, I LOVE this vignette!. It’s one of my very favorites. I love the cotton in the white pitcher and the french lavender lying on the table next to it. Just gorgeous. I’d love to have that whole vignette in my home! And everything looks so expensive, you clever shopper!


  11. I know you must be SO excited to get your new chest from France! It will truly feel like Christmas then. I love the items you put together in that vignette. All of the white ironstone pieces make such pretty containers for the natural cotton and lavender. I think thrifting is more fun than shopping at a regular store anyway.

  12. oh, i love that sweet little postage scale and have been wondering what to do with mine! also, i really enjoyed reading the post about your family and Thanksgiving…quite a crowd you’ve go. did you have a fun craft sale last weekend?

  13. Whens the big day for the arrival? Are u coming here to pick up?

  14. First of all the demijohns were a STEAL!!! You lucky girl, you! I love the scale too, the whole vignette is beautiful. I will try to catch up on posts I missed too. I have 2000 e-mails to delete too:(:(:(

  15. What a pretty vignette! I love that window too!! You always do the most magnificent tablescapes – I’m in awe…


  16. The vignette is very pretty and looks so nice in your entry. I can hardly wait to see the chest
    you purchased in France. I know that you are excited.
    I have taken down all my Fall decor and now I just have to get into the proper tubs. The garage looks like it’s a rummage sale LOL.
    Have a great weekend.

  17. WOW! Shirley that looks beautiful for under $25!! I would’ve thought all those pieces and decor would have been someone around $200 bucks!! I love the cotton too- such a nice touch! Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you are doing wonderful!!

  18. Hi Shirley! What a pretty vignette. I’ve never seen such a little demijohn before. So cute.
    Hope you’re doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  19. So pretty. Just another example of your talent.

  20. Great vignette. I especially like the ironstone pieces and the cotton. I often have sellers remorse for the things I’ve gotten rid of at our yard sales, over the years, I’ve also been pulling out Christmas things to decide where I want to use them. Hugs and stay warm.

  21. Lovely and such good ideas for a doable pricepoint.

  22. I love it ALL, Shirley- It isr eally beautiful. However, if I ever come to visit you might want to check and make sure I don’t have that beautiful big window hidden under my coat–especially if I am backing out the door!;>) xo Diana

  23. I love it Shirley! I have a little scale like that on a shelf in my craft room. I bought it on vacation in OR. It’s one of my favorite little treasures. Love how you put the bird nest on it. Would love to find some cotton to go next to my sheep picture. Wonder if you can buy it on line somewhere? May google it.

  24. I love everything about that vignette Shirley…especially that nice collection of demijohns you have underneath the table!

  25. You and Kim have the best vignettes. I am learning from you two ladies so thank you for sharing these. I love the cotton. Plus it is great that this didn’t cost a fortune.

  26. Shirley, This is such a beautiful vignette! LOVE all the layers, textures and the wonderful warm feel of fall! I adore the use of the sheet music! I’ll be looking for something like that for a black frame with burlap mat. What a great way to start my morning! xo

  27. You vignette is AMAZING and for under $25…you are a miracle worker let me tell you!!!! You inspired me to create a new pin board called…you guessed it…vignettes and yours is the first to grace it’s page!!!! You have such talent my friend and you are a wonderful person…a great mixture and I am so happy that our paths met! : ) tons of hugs and wishes for a great weekend! Hope you get some granddaughter time : )

  28. So pretty Shirley! I love the cotton in the vase, everything is just gorgeous!

  29. Shirley, your vignette is so elegant , and on such a great budget! I really love that cotton! (I have some but had to buy mine-ha!)

  30. That window – that cotton – I want it all!

  31. So pretty, Shirley! I love the cotton…it just says fall to me! I am in transition also…a little Christmas in the beginning stages! Your buffet will be beautiful in that spot…it’s gorgeous!…hugs…Debbie

  32. Love it – and that window is amazing and perfect in that spot!

  33. Nice combination of jars… Love it…

  34. Love your vignette Shirley! Thanx for partying at my place.

  35. Love the green window! Where did you get it? Is it custom made?

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