The “Christmas” Guest Room

The guest room is decorated ..

~ ~ just in case there are any last minute guests.

I kept it very simple this year ~ ~

Christmas 2013 Guest Room

I gathered white decorations for this room.

Christmas 2013 Guest Room

Christmas 2013 Guest Room

White ceramic angels I have had for years gather around the green feather tree.

Christmas 2013 Guest Room

Another angel from the same set with the coordinating vases . .

~ ~ these were great finds at an after Christmas sale.

~ ~ ~ ~ the vases are not really a holiday item, but they were on sale too!

Christmas 2013 Guest Room

A year ago I concentrated on trying to find more items that were white or neutral in color . .

~ ~ like these trees.

Christmas 2013 Guest Room

I placed a simple boxwood wreath on the mirror this year . .

~ ~ rather than the highly adorned one that was there the previous year.

Christmas 2013 Guest Room

Christmas 2013 Guest Room

I think Santa may be the only touch of red in this room.

Christmas 2013 Guest Room

Christmas 2013 Guest Room

My pitcher of lavender found its way from the foyer to the guest room.

Christmas 2013 Guest Room

Christmas 2013 Guest Room

Christmas 2013 Guest Room

This is actually one of my favorite trees . .

~ ~ a Dept 56 faux feather tree with acorns and pinecones.

Christmas 2013 Guest Room

I purchased this framed print from an artist at the Country Living Fair in Atlanta.

~ ~ I love sheep! She is a cutie! or is it a “he”..

Christmas 2013 Guest Room

Thanks for visiting today . .

Tomorrow the media room ~ ~

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Shirley, this is such a beautiful room! It’s so inviting and peaceful- what a wonderful place for your guests to rest! I love your decorations! The acorn trees is adorable and that precious sheep print is perfect! Merry Christmas!


  3. I really love this room. That smoky blue color on the walls with the white is just gorgeous! Now, you know how much I love clocks, and I really, really love that “gated” clock. It is so unique. The colors are so relaxing and cozy, I can see myself lounging in bed enjoying the beauty of all that is around me. Garrett’s coming for Christmas, I’m so excited, it gave me incentive to start decorating. Wish I had your energy. Merry Christmas! Love, Pam

  4. Hi Shirley! Oh, your bedroom is just so beautiful. Love your soft colors and little Christmas colors. Looks like you’re all ready for the big day.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  5. Linda miller says

    Perfect holiday guest room…warm and inviting with just the right amount of Christmas added. Booking my flight. Consider the room reserved!

  6. I love the print. I want one!!!!! Really bad! Would I have to donate an arm for one? Could you please send me the artist info?
    Love the entire bedroom. You are so talented.

  7. Looks beautiful! Nice and peaceful and a big bed. I have all King size in my guest rooms and other rooms. Luckily I have large rooms. Love a neutral color!

  8. Hi Shirley,
    I love the restful and welcoming guest room. I would love to come and stay in that room. I love the white angels that are there to watch over your guests. So tranquil and inviting.

  9. Shirley, I love your guest room.. The colors are so serene. The angels remind me of Ruthie watching over us all, this Christmas season.

  10. I wish I could come stay in this beautiful room. It is SO soothing. Love that tree too. I did a tree in our room with acorn and pinecones too:) Beautiful bedding. Tried to do a post today but Blogger was NOT cooperating, will post it tonight, or early tomorrow.

  11. Love your guest room, Shirley! It is very welcoming and such a great size. Love that chandy! I kept our guest room very simple, too. My son will be here and I know he rolls his eyes if I have too much on the bed.

  12. Shirley, It is gorgeous! Made me cry. I haven’t even got the tree up…stupid weather mixed with my RA…I’ve done nothing. Maybe next year.

  13. So pretty Shirley…I love your little acorn tree!!

  14. Jeanette Price says

    I would be honored to be a guest in your home. Your house always looks so warm and welcoming. Your home is always immaculate too. I have two golden retrievers and the vaccum is always going!

  15. Judy hubbard says

    The room is really pretty & comfortable looking but I think more touches of red would have enhanced the look.

  16. Hello Shirley,
    What a beautiful room for your guests…luv that sweet Dept.56 tree. Merry Christmas!


  17. Love your guest room with it’s pretty white Christmas additions. Gosh, my fave is the tree, too.

  18. This is SO serenely beautiful, Shirley!!!! My goodness! It’s just gorgeous!!! Packin’ my bags right now! 🙂

  19. I just put coming to stay at your beautiful home on my bucket list! the little white tree is one of the prettiest trees I have ever seen! I’ll be looking our for one like it for sure!Where did you get it? So pretty! I also love that lovely wicker magazine stand! I’d be very cozy in your guest room with a stack of magazines to peruse! Beautiful, gorgeous, welcoming and filled with love!

  20. Beautifully tranquil Shirley! Love your simple white Christmas touches, your feather tree is adorable and no temperamental lights to deal with 🙂

  21. Love the simplicity of the white, Shirley… bet your guest room gets booked this Christmas!
    xo Heidi

  22. I think your simple design is just perfect Shirley.

  23. Shirley, the guest room is beautiful, right down to the details on each table. I love it and thanks you for sharing.

  24. I would be very happy to stay in your room. For sure it is cozier than any of my bedrooms as none have an inkling of holiday spirit!

  25. Your guest room is decorated so beautifully for the holidays, I love the acorn tree! I never think to decorate any of our bedrooms, maybe next year : )

  26. It’s perfect, Shirley! Gorgeous guest room.

  27. Shirley, This is simply lovely, and so inviting~

    Thanks for sharing, and have a Wonderful Holiday!

    Huggs, Nancy

  28. The room is so beautiful, I bet your guests don’t want to leave. Thanks for sharing this wonderful bedroom.

  29. Very pretty… Like all the white decorations…

  30. Achrisi Gadh says

    Beautiful room. Thanks for sharing. Do you know where I can find that bed? We live in an old Victorian row house. And I’d love to find such an antique – looking bed. Thanks Achrisi.

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