Organizing with the Help of “Hefty”, Ikea and Vintage Items

I was getting ready to prepare my organization post for an upcoming party . .

~ ~ ~ with the little things I do around the house ..

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ that help keep me organized.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ORGANIZATION 101 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And then realized . . that I am really not the organizing guru in my family!

And that will be revealed on Monday, January 20th, when the ORGANIZATION 101″ goes live!

So in the meantime, I shall show you some things I do to “try” . .

~ ~ to keep this “less of a star quality” organizer, organized.

Starting with loving to use vintage items to keep things in their place.

I placed French Jam Jars which fit perfectly into a vintage sewing cabinet drawer.

It keeps my pens, markers, etc. neat and tidy on my kitchen desk area.

I bought 3 of these jars in France . . and now I wish I had bought more of them!

This paint by numbers toleware container houses the cards that need to be written . .

~ ~ ~ I place the cards in the box that need to be written out from an ongoing list.

My list is long (for the very late Christmas and Birthday thank you’s). .

Another vintage item I use to corral things like these magazines . .

Now on to an epiphany I had while at Ikea…

You see this? . .

This is actually the slide/pull out bin for the under counter waste basket bin from Ikea.

I thought these by themselves (without the waste basket) would be great pull out bins. .

~ ~ as they are deep and will hold items so much better than the shallow sliders.

You will see more ways to use them on Monday!

Now on to my teeny closet dilemma . .

Yes, I have a teeny closet . . who would have thought in a house that is over 4,500 sq feet.

I store my casual shoes “with heels” in plastic shoe boxes and place a pic of them on the front.

It was a weekend project of mine years ago . .

I always struggle with storing all my sandals and shoes with “no heels” .. my ballets..

So I had another “epiphany” . .

I always place my shoes in Hefty storage bags when I pack them in my suitcase.

Keeps them neat and tidy in the suitcase and doesn’t interfere with my clean clothes!

So I thought . . hmm, I can store them this way!!

And this is where I store them . .

I have 25 pair of shoes in this drawer!!!

I used to have them all loose in a basket in my closet taking of lots of space.

Now I still store my “fancy” shoes in their original boxes on the shelves in my closet.

I really love the access and organization of this . .

. . and it is easier when purging as one new pair goes in and another goes out.




Have a most wonderful day!!

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  1. Love your tips! Why do you ask….Well every time I see an organized pantry (Which is what every cook wants to see right?) It has over 10 cans of corn or soup…I never understood how storing 20 cans of every veggie/soup you eat was organized when people go grocery shopping weekly. You just gave tips that are functional and pretty! I must had way tooo many root touch ups to get rid of grey hair, because I never thought of using a drawer to store my seasonal shoes in….Your a genius! LOL

    I’m going to start playing some “brain booster” games so I stop losing IQ points:-)

  2. I like your ideas. I start out with good intentions with shoes etc. Then I slip off the wagon, somewhere around February.;-) Will be time to purge and reorganize my close soon.

    J is the guru of organization at our house. He’s a sort of type A kinda guy and needs lots of things to keep busy, especially during Winter months. This is a good thing, because the Christmas storage is looking better and better day by day.

  3. close/closet…oops!

  4. I love the idea of using the IKEA plastic basket like that. We were just looking at the wire pull-out bins at Lowe’s on Thursday. I have GOT to do something about under the sink in the Kitchen. It is testing the limits of the space under there and I have had enough! 🙂 The ziplock bags are a life saver for me too. This year, I used several boxes of them for finally (!!!!!!) organizing my Christmas decor. I don’t remember seeing your closet when I stayed. Mine is not so large either. But Bill says its not the size of my closet that is the problem its the size of my wardrobe. 😀
    Have a great weekend. – Barb

  5. Girl you must have little feet! I don’t think my size 8.5 shoes will fit in a Ziplock. 🙂

    The Ikea pullout is a wonderful idea. When we moved into this house, I kind of stuck things where they seemed to make sense. A year and a half later I still need to tweak it all. That’s on my agenda.

  6. Well, look at you you organizing guru. Wow, 25 pair in one drawer. Great ideas.

  7. Wonderful ideas for organization and once done, they’re time-saving ideas as well!

  8. Shirley, you have given us so many great ideas to get organized! Your shoe drawer is amazing; what a fantastic idea to use Ziplock bags! I also love the Ikea waste basket bin. I’m looking forward to seeing more ideas. Thanks!

  9. Well, I have to disagree with you- you are an organizing guru! Otherwise, how would you have come up with using that ikea bin in such a way, and the shoe drawer is genius! Have a great weekend. 🙂

  10. My you have been a busy little bee. I love the shoe idea,I’ll be trying that.

  11. Hi Shirley,
    Well my dear for someone that does not think she can organize you did a great job. Love all your ideas. Those ikea bins are great. I really love your little french jam jars. Those are so sweet. The zip lock bags for shoes is a amazing idea. You did great with all these ideas. Thanks for sharing these ideas with all of us.

  12. Happy New Years Shirley! These are all great organizing ideas!

    The Arts by Karena

  13. Love the bag idea for your shoes, Shirley! I love those slide outs for the stuff under the sink. That was one of the first things we installed when we moved in. It makes it much easier to get at things without having to crawl halfway inside the cabinet. : )

  14. jUNE gERSTNER says

    Shirley, I love your ideas and thought I’d pass on a hint for you. The glasses you brought back from France are available through Crate and Barrel for $1.95 each and they come directly from France! They are called small working glasses and the lids are separate. I bought several a couple of years ago and use them for everything since they’re an ideal size for organizing and for food leftovers. Can’t wait to see your other tips. Many thanks.

  15. Now those are some great ideas! I think you ARE a good organizer. I love the idea of storing shoes in bags in a drawer.

  16. I’ve never known more organized folks than you and Tommy. Just perfection! Great ideas.

  17. Love the pull outs from Ikea Shirley! Our lake house was built in the 80’s, the decade for big hair, not closets! I need all the organizing help I can get 🙂

  18. You are really organized – I try but then before you know it, it looks like ugh. I am going to get rid of a lot of clothes now that I am retired. Will keep a couple of dresses, slacks
    and jackets with knit shirts and of course my jeans and the rest is going to Sheepfold for abused women and children. Love the Ikea pull outs.
    See you on Monday.

  19. Love the pull outs. I do have shallow ones under the sink and the are not as stable as yours seems. I believe you must be the Imelda Marcos of North Carolina. I am just teasing as in my younger days I was a shoe addict. Use caution in storing shoes in plastic shoe boxes. I am sure they are ventilating them now. When we moved into our home, 27 yrs ago I bought shoe boxes for all my shoes. When I took out seldom worn shoes, they had disintegrated. I learned it was a reaction from the off gases in the boxes with the glues and synthetic materials in the shoes. I lost many beautiful and expensive shoes. I still use those boxes but I drilled two tiny holes in each end of the boxes for ventilation.
    I will be back by for the rest of the story. Have a blessed weekend, Ginger

  20. Great ideals and especially for the shoes. My closet is always a mess, I’ll have to try this one. I don’t know why I didn’t think about it, since that is the way I organized my dishes in my butlers pantry. I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us on Monday.

  21. Who says you’re not an organizer? These are great ideas! I’m impressed with the sandals in a drawer. I gave away soooooo much before I moved, including shoes. Now my closet is pretty manageable with the decrease. 🙂

    Looking forward to Monday and more ideas!

    P.S. I have one of those egg baskets…really didn’t know what it was called. 🙂

  22. You have lots of great organizing ideas Shirley! I can so relate to the big house, small closets, it just makes no sense at all. When we moved in I actually let my husband have the bigger closet because the smaller one had a built in shelf for shoes. But, one day I just couldn’t take it anymore, I needed more space. So a few months ago when he was out of town I switched closets. He wasn’t so happy at first, but agreed I needed more space. I missed the shoe storage so I love your idea of using a drawer and putting them in ziplock bags. Oh and you have some super cute shoes girl!

  23. Get outta town with that shoe organization system, girl! That’s pretty neat! When life hands you lemons….! 🙂 I will admit that I have a pretty huge closet (12′ x 14′) with wall space that currently handles 96 pairs of shoes as well as about 50 handbags and 20 hats, but I’m still considering your Ziploc method for all the flip flops. I REALLY like that Ziploc idea! That would make packing a breeze!

    Now…I need to make that shoe count 97, so could you please send me those cute green Ralphs? 🙂

  24. Great idea for sandals. Thanks for sharing…

  25. Shirley, I use a Rubbermaid carrier under my kitchen sink for cleaning products and it is shallow and has the built-in handle. That handle helps on cleaning day to move around from room to room. Love the shoes in the drawer idea and the ziplock bags are the ticket!


  26. I am glad I found this!!! I love the idea of the zip lock bags for storage and putting them in a drawer!!!! Where do you store sheets??? We have no linen closet, well ONE VERY small one that is a mess. This is my one gripe about this house, the closets are HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! Stay warm!!! XO

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