How To Organize A Garage

Today, you will see many tips on ways to organize your home from these lovely ladies . .

~ ~ that are sharing their “tips of the trade” to organize, along with me.

The other day I shared some of my tips . .

I want to introduce to you the Guru of Organization in my home . .

~ ~ and believe me, my family and friends will attest to that.

So welcome to his domain ~ ~ his “world” as my granddaughter refers to the garage.

Our Garage ~ ~ a two car garage, yet the space is more like a 3 car garage . .

~ ~ with wood garage doors ~ ~ pretty, but they do need to be maintained more often.

Welcome to “our garage” or should I say “the hubby’s world” . .

A place where you will see cabinetry and table tops by Craftsmen, Gladiator components..

~ ~ lots of bins with labels and pegboard and an area designated for his “workouts” . .

So where do I begin . .

How about the area where he starts off his day at 5:30am .. the “workout” area . .

This workout area is designated by the area carpet . .

~ ~ I actually love walking on the carpet before entering the house from the garage.

And here is the garage version of “chair rail” . . A Gladiator garage system component.

You will find this “chair rail” all around the garage.

The rail has accessories to accommodate anything from hooks to baskets.

Always wanted a “mudroom” but this bench will have to suffice . .

Taking you around the corner from the workout area.

There is metal shelving in the shape of an “L” . .

~ ~ pegboard added to this side to hang ladders and such.

On the other side of the metal shelf that has the pegboard where the ladders are . .

~ ~ is an area where he stores his sports equipment/clothing.

He created a clothing rod within the metal shelving unit.

Now on the the bank of cabinetry and work table area. .

The Craftsman wall mounting system enables you to place baskets, hooks, etc..

~ ~ to hang in the grooves.

A hook to hold his glasses !!

There is even a device to hold paper towels…

A place for everything and everything in its place..

He loves to label things!

More labeling. .

There are only 2 people in this household and we have 4 bikes (only one is mine!) . .

~ ~ they are hung from the Gladiator “rail” system.

In the foreground is his “hit away” for batting is bolted to the floor.

More pegboard to hold yard/garden equipment.

On the left is the area where we store our recycle bins and garbage can.

In between the garage doors hangs the “car wash bucket/cleaners” .. on the “chair rail system”

We removed most of the fans in the house and they ended up here. I call it the “wind farm”

~ ~ keeps the area cool in the summer . . did you notice the speaker?

He made certain that the whole house stereo system also was in the garage!

The TV in there also gives him creature comforts of home! But you need ESPN while working out!

A shelf above the garage doors holds the coolers and another large ladder.

Thanks so much for visiting and taking a tour of my “hubby’s world” . .

Oh and the ONLY piece of exercise equipment that I use in the workout area is my hula hoop!!

And remember that I told you in my last post that I will share another idea . .

~ ~ of what I use those Ikea slide out trash bin holders for? . .

The water bottles fit perfectly in them!

And just to show you that our cars fit perfectly in the garage too!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!

(Note: this is not a sponsored post, all opinions expressed here are entirely my own)

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  1. Oh My Shirley…I have garage envy! Can I rent your hubby to organize our garage then my Potting Shed, that currently looks like a bomb went off there? πŸ™‚ I always have such good intentions, especially at the start of a new year and then…and then… My excuse is one my friend uses, ‘creative minds are seldom tidy’. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Beautiful garage!

  2. All I can say is WOW! We have speakers and a phone in ours but we also have a mess with no room for cars. It is our BIG Spring project. My daughter just cleaned hers out by getting a big dumpster and really throwing a lot away. Yours is amazing!!

  3. Wow, this garage is absolutely amazing! I would love to pull into a garage that is so organized! Send Tommy to my house because my garage is so far from this πŸ™‚

  4. oh my….the cleanest and most organized garage ever! Remind me next time you are at the house, NOT to show your our’s. I love that gladiator system.

  5. Oh my word!!!!!!!! That looks like Garage Heaven!!(And my husband would think that he HAS died and gone to Heaven if he were in there.) Beautiful..or should I say Handsome. πŸ™‚ Ours is full of shop equipment, but maybe one day we will be organized in there..sigh. Tell your husband that he has many many drooling today. LOL

  6. O.M.G. Amazing ! You should rent your husband out πŸ™‚ Your garage is just fabulous !

  7. Wow, Shirley. I have seen it in person, but didn’t really take it all in. I wish my hubby liked organization and would clean up our garage.

  8. What an awesome space. I would love to have a garage like that and the wood carriage doors are perfect. It is beautifully organized, so neat and tidy too.

  9. Oh how great….Such a organized wonderful space. Love it! Definitely going to have to prompt hubby to get inspired, I can barely walk in our garage…LOL

  10. I am extremely impressed and so is J. I think J is storing away these storage ideas for a garage project or two.:-)

  11. Linda Miller says

    A picture(s) is worth a thousand words. Attesting to the fact that Tom is the ultimate organizing guru and a very nice guy, too. You are a lucky wife!

  12. I do believe this is the most detailed and organized garage I’ve ever seen. Now if my husband would only do this. Your hubby should write a “garage guide” for other men!

  13. Nancy Carroll says

    Awesome!!! Our garage is clean and tidy with much less to store since we have large storage areas upstairs, but oh how I would love a garage “system”. I love everything organized and they just look so cool!! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Your garage is AMAZING Shirley! Can’t wait to show your post to my husband to inspire him. As I was looking through your pictures I was wondering if your cars fit, and they do, with tons of room to spare! Every inch of your garage is used so perfectly for storage and it’s so neat and organized! Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas!

  15. HOLY CANNOLI!!! I have never in my life seen a better garage! I would LOVE to have that much space, our new garage is VERY, very tiny. The organization in here is amazing and FABULOUS!!! Please tell him I would hire him in a second:):) Geesh, now I want to go out and organize ours but it is too darn cold. Plus I have to finish getting Christmas down. Are you done yet???? XO

  16. This is very impressive. You are one lucky lady to have him and his organization skills. No matter how organized our garage is, we constantly get leaf debris blow in and BUGS! Oh constantly cleaning spiderwebs and stuff off. Your garage is so spotless! I bet there isn’t a bug in sight!!

  17. I can only dream of a clean and neat garage like yours Shirley. I’ve given up on our garage and only keep my 1/3rd neat and tidy. Tim’s 2/3rds of the garage will never be neat and organized unless we move to a place that has a separate shop. Definitely the downside to being die hard diyers and having work stuff in the garage.

  18. This is amazing! I agree, he’s the Guru of Organization! I’m totally impressed and have garage envy! Your garage looks outstanding!

  19. WOW Shirley…I can’t wait to show this post to the hubby!!! I want our garage to look just like yours!!

  20. This is one of the cleanest garages I’ve ever seen! It’s fabulous!!! I even had my hubby sit down and look at your space with me! Lots of great ideas!!!~~Angela

  21. Wow….Wow…..Wow!!! I’m so jealous of your garage. It is huge and so clean and so organized. I can’t believe that your husband is the one that keeps it that way too. My husband likes to have things clean, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at ours. I adore that system you have in there. That makes all the difference doesn’t it? I showed this to my husband and he was impressed. I think your garage is to a man what Martha Stewart’s kitchen is to a woman. Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. jUNE gERSTNER says

    OMG!! Shirley, to say your husband is a Type A personality is a major understatement! I would dearly love a garage that looks like yours, but my husband (while kind of neat) would never be able to keep it that way. And even if he were able to organize his “stuff,” leaves, bugs, and dirt never even enter “picture frame.” Oh so lucky you…we’re all jealous!


  23. You can’t see me, but I am bowing down to your Husband! πŸ™‚

  24. Awesome! What a fabulous organizer indeed! There are a lot of great ideas here! I have been after my hubby to set his garage up better. I will be sharing this post with him.

  25. My hubby has his own work space, but I can assure you it doesn’t look like your garage. I encourage him to organize, but he claims he wouldn’t be able to find a thing if it were orderly!

  26. OMGosh! Shirley if my garage looked like this I would feel as if I had died and gone to heaven, this is beyond amazing absolutely amazing. You are a very lucky lady to have such a fabulously organized hubby. WOW!!

  27. WOW Shirley, he is a guru, and I must say my husband is mine. He is the organizing King. Our garages were always neat and clean and he helps me stay organized as far as stuff in our home. He is like this at work too, they always talk about how neat and organized he is, LOL!


  28. ACK! you ladies are killing me today with this organization! oh how I would love this garage and space!

  29. Impressive! We can’t even fit our second car in the garage and I am afraid I will be killed from an avalanche of stuff falling on top of me!

    I need him to come over with that labeler asap and whip my garage into shape. You can bring your hula hoop and I’ll supply the wine!

  30. You are one lucky lady to be married to such an organized guy! You are the envy of a lot of women right now!

  31. This is how our garage would look if Ramon never entered it! πŸ™‚ I tell you, that man is just about the messiest little person on the face of God’s good earth! I have had to buy my own tools and hide them from him so that I can find tools when I need them! (I also either buy them in pink or wrap them with pink duct tape so he’ll be less likely to want to touch them!) I applaud your garage and your husband’s sense of order and cleanliness!!!!! I’ll be mailing Ramon to him in a big box so that he can teach him how it’s done! πŸ™‚

  32. ONGOSH, Shirley!!!! Listen, here’s the deal- You send THAT MAN up here to work with MyHero for a few weeks until he gets him trained. I will cook for him, turn his bed down and at night and leave chocolates on his pillow. I will treat him like royalty. He can say JUMP and I will say- How High and Where? He’s THE MAN! I could live in that garage..well…IF there is coffee there! Love it-it is perfect! xo Diana

  33. Shirley, This is awesome. I have worked hard to keep my garage organized over the years but it never has nor ever will look this fantastic. I have a bike rack that hangs our bikes from the ceiling and my table saw and miter saw are still in the garage. I no longer use them often but don’t want to get rid of them. Bob only goes through the garage to get into the car and take out the garbage. When Tommy is through the above request for his expertise can I be next on his list?
    I am glad you showed the autos in the garage, I was wondering about that.
    Thanks so much for sharing, I am sure hubby’s head is getting bigger by the moment.

  34. Hubby’s world is nothing short of impressive! Wow! I’ve got to show this to my hubby! Thanks for posting this…it’s beautiful! πŸ˜‰

  35. Wow Wow Wow Shirley your hubby’s garage is impressive and so organized. That is an amazing Man Cave Garage. My hubby would love that garage. 10++++++++ on his garage. Just amazing.

  36. Sigh… I am a little bit jealous here. That is some fantastic garage Shirley! I am sharing this with my Mr for sure. He will luv it. Garage and laundry room are on our agenda this year.

  37. Barbara Smith says

    Incredible! I have never seen such a clean garage! Your hubby’s a keeper!

  38. Quite simply, the coolest garage I’ve ever seen.

  39. I’m not usually one to take notice of garages, but this is seriously AMAZING!! How I wish my husband were that organized, I have my own tools because I could never find anything in his garage! πŸ™‚

  40. Must admit, I was wondering if you parked in there. lol! The proof is in the last photo. Really amazing! We have a lot of built in storage and overhead storage in our garage, but still it gets messy in the winter. Mud gets tracked in from the snowy cars. We have a painted texture on the floor, but still shows. I’m guilty of filling it up with treasures that need to be worked on. Every Spring we clean it out again. Yours looks clean enough that you could eat off the floor. Will be showing this to my hubby.

  41. Oh my gosh Shirley…if my garage looked like this I would sit out there all day and just look around! What an amazing job. Endless inspiration too!

  42. Shirley,

    Loved all the organization!! Toms World is a wonderment in organizing!!!

  43. I. Am. In. Awe. Completely and utterly in awe! πŸ™‚ I’m showing this post to my husband immediately in hopes that some of this organizing may take hold! LOL! Your husband is definitely an Organizing Guru!

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