An Antique French Gathering Basket and a Winner

When I revealed my Antique French Buffet that I purchased from France . . .

~ ~ ~ there was not much attention paid to the beautiful antique French Gathering Basket . .

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ that proudly stood beside the buffet.

No, I did not purchase this beauty from France . . .

~ ~ it was purchased at the Country Living Fair in Atlanta last year.

I did not post about this basket previous to my France treasures . .

~ ~ as I left it behind at Kim’s (though not on purpose!)..

I placed one of my grain sacks that I purchased in France in the basket . . .

I also placed my “collection” of walking sticks and canes in the basket. . .

~ ~ three does make a collection right??! . . . and one of them is mine.

We love to go hiking while vacationing.

There are straps in the back so that the basket can be strapped onto your back.

I love the base of this basket…

On the left side of the buffet, I had a collection of demijohns gathered on the floor.

I decided to add this chair that I purchased at an estate sale for $10.00 . . .

~ ~ as I am always used to having a chair by the door.

Bought some beautiful tulips from Trader Joe’s . .

~ ~ and placed them on top of my Antique French book.

Tied them with personalized ribbon that was a gift from my neighbor.

~ ~ Thought it had a “Valentine feel” . .

I forgot about that ribbon . . now you may see it again, in a Valentine’s vignette . . .

Now, it is time to announce the winner of the Soft Surroundings $50.00 Gift Card giveaway.

I had a problem grabbing the widget, so here is the copy and pasted version:

The winner is:

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169 Sheila Miller Gerke

Congrats Sheila! . . . please send me your mailing information!!!

Have a wonderful day everyone and thanks for entering the giveaway!!!

I am joining:

Savvy Southern Style for Wow Us Wednesday

From My Front Porch to Yours for Treasure Hunt Thursdays

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  1. I love the basket and the addition of the chair. I am especially drawn to antique baskets and little chairs with woven seats.

  2. Congrats, Sheila. Love that basket. The thought may have crossed my mind a couple of times about stealing it!

  3. Shirley what a fantastic basket and the way you have it place is so very pretty. Loving the chair with the demijohns. Tulips, can it ever happen here in NJ??? Had more snow yesterday and now an ice storm tonight into tomorrow. The weather is really causing major problems with getting our home finished. UGH!!!!


  4. Shirley, your basket is perfect for this spot! I love the chair and the Demijohns! Congrats to Sheila for winning your giveaway! She’s so creative! I can’t wait to see what she chooses! She’s so sweet!

  5. Great basket! But, then, I’m a real sucker for baskets…must be a sickness! 😉

  6. Love the basket and love that pretty chair Shirley!! Congrats to Shelia on an awesome win!!

  7. The basket is lovely. Can you imagine actually carrying a basket (full) on your back? Hard work – I like it better sitting beside your buffet. I love your flowers – I am so….ready for spring!
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  8. Shirley, your basket is an amazing find, and I adore the grain sack, too! A great combination!

  9. LOVE that basket! I used to collect baskets and got rid of many of them but kept my favorites, thank goodness! Now I wish I had them ALL back!! I had one whole wall of my kitchen decorated with baskets at one time. Love the chair too. Congrats to Sheila!!

  10. Shirley,
    I love the basket and I love that little bargain chair. What a sweet chair for $10. I love to collect baskets and have them all around my home. Congrats to Sheila.


  11. Love it all! My husband has a walking cane that we bought in Europe and has a badge for every country he visited similar to yours. I display it in my umbrella stand by the front door.

  12. Lady Delores LeBoeuf says

    I too love baskets, I have to pry myself away when bargain hunting cuz they seem to call out to me and they are very hard to resist………….I feel they keep decor in balance and always adds nature to any space…tfs

  13. I noticed the basket next to your buffet in that post. It’s really beautiful and I love the shape of it. Such a pretty grain sack too.
    Mary Alice

  14. That old French basket is wonderful! I’ve never seen one like that before. I love the grain sack you found in France too. It looks like it’s in perfect condition.

  15. What a gorgeous vignette! I would love to have such a beautiful basket.

  16. Shirley, that is a beautiful basket and I love the chair. It is a perfect pairing. You have such a great eye.
    Congrats to Sheila,

  17. Shirley, I adore your demijohns and your chair vignette! Your beautiful personalized ribbon is the perfect Valentine’s Day color, especially with those gorgeous tulips! Congrats to Sheila!

  18. Shirley, that is a beautiful basket and such a pretty way to display your walking sticks. Great deal on the chair, it ties in with the basket so well.

  19. OMGosh, I love that basket! Can you believe I actually have a basket just like it that I got in Germany and for the life of me, I cannot find it! (I’m so afraid I gave it to Goodwill during one of my “stupid” moments!) I’m going up to the attic today to check! Looks beautiful!!~~Ang

  20. Found you through Savvy Southern Wow Us Wednesdays and so glad I did. Love the welcoming comfortable look (that means beautiful to me) you have created. Reminds me of my Germany years, especially the tulips every flower shop had in the early still cool days of spring.

  21. I love the basket, I love your neon pink ribbon and the little vignette with the flowers draped over the book on the chair with the three wicker baskets. Just gorgeous.

  22. That’s a great basket, Shirley! You know how I love wicker!

  23. OH, how fun, and what a nice surprise. Thank you, Shirley! And I love your basket. 🙂

  24. You find so much cool stuff at those fairs and open markets you attend! I wish there were more in our area. When they have stuff like that here, they mostly have people selling that old weird country stuff that was popular way back in the 70s and 80s. I don’t want that mess! I want fabulous French gathering baskets!!!

    Congratulations to the giveaway winner!!!

  25. What a fabulous basket. Love it with the collection of walking sticks. I consider three a collection, too. And, I’m drooling over your demijohns and the embroidered grain sack. Your tulips are so pretty.

  26. Hi, Shirley! I adore the look at that grain sack. I love linens. 🙂 And that precious chair. My grandfather make furniture and that chair is very similar to the style he made. Very simple, country furniture. Your vignette is lovely!

  27. Walking sticks and canes are such fun things to collect as are French linens. The gathering basket is the just right place for displaying all and, of course, you found the perfect place for showing them off.

  28. Of course three makes a collection ;).

    The grain sack is lovely! I’ve seen many like that at Brimfield, but they’re so pricey :(.

    And thanks for the tulips. I needed that right about now.

  29. YOu have the most beautiful collected things!Your gathering basket really steals my heart! I adore baskets and this one is amazing! And of course, you styled it to perfection. And yes, three does make a collection and your collection looks perfect in your basket. I need to hang out with you and use your expert eye for finding wonderful treasures!

  30. Hi Shirley…another very lovely vignette you have shared! The gathering basket is one of the nicest I have seen…the feet on it are one of the details that make it so special…another lovely example of how personal collections warm our homes…N.xo

  31. Very pretty French Gathering Basket and it looks so good where you have it. Love the arrangement and the tulips look so good on your new chair. That was a great find.
    Thanks for sharing.

  32. I love your gathering basket, Shirley!! It certainly is unique; I’ve never seen one before. Love your grain sack and walking sticks, too. We have a ladder-back chair with rush seat in our foyer, too. It makes for a nice, classic look, doesn’t it? It looks like you got lots of good treasures on your trip to France. I know it must have been great fun. 🙂

    Have a great week!


  33. Lovely… Very tasteful…

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