More Spring Fever Decorating {Vintage Bird Cage Makeover}

There is still lots of “Spring Fever” Decorating going on here.

One of the things on my “to do list” . .

~ ~ was to repaint the vintage bird cage I bought last Fall at our neighborhood yard sale.



Nothing says Spring like a bird’s nest filled with eggs.

I love how the curve of the stand mimics the circular design of the bird cage.

I have used red accents in the sunroom . . .

~ ~ and decided to continue with the reds . . .

~ ~ ~ therefore, decided to use this color by Rustoleum in a satin finish.

I have to make a confession . .

~ ~ this lovely vintage bird cage was painted by my hubby . . not me!

For you see, I hurt my arm a couple of months ago and the motion of spraying the paint . .

~ ~ really hurt the muscles in my arm or should I say, what muscles I have!

So I thank you hubby for coming to my rescue . . . as always!!!

I love how it turned out!..

And . . in addition to lots of Spring decorating and refreshing that is going on here . .

~ ~ ~ I am really trying to incorporate the “Spring Cleaning” ! !

A song keeps playing in my head . . . a very popular song these days . .

The song from “Frozen” . . . “LET IT GO” ! !

Definitely my theme song for Spring!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!

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  1. That’s really cute and I like the new color! My hubby does a much better job on some of the paiting projects so I frequently defer to him! Hope your arm gets better soon!

  2. Love the color….it really stands out…you can see it better! Enjoy your day! πŸ˜‰

  3. Wow, Shirley, what a big difference a little paint does.

    It looks beautiful.

    Enjoy your day!


  4. Where is your bird? I would add some birds with it. Really like the red color.

  5. Linda Miller says

    Looks really nice in red and shows up so much better against your curtains. Good job, Tom. I am almost finished with my spring decorating and what a coincidence…lots of birds and nests. Great minds think alike, my friend.

  6. Love the new color, it definitely says Spring! I have to restrain myself sometimes from not buying up every birdcage (and lantern) I come across….it’s an obsession. lol

  7. Shirley I love the new color…it really pops now against those pretty curtains!!

  8. Cute Shirley! Love the red! Hope your arm is feeling better πŸ™‚ I spy that little crock with your houseplant…happy to know that it went to a good home. I’ve got to go see Frozen! The younger two girls saw it with G&G, but I love those movies too.

  9. I am going out right now and paint my ugly green birdcage a pretty spring blue and fill it with a nest. Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. I am loving the red cage, Shirley. Red keeps popping up here and there in our home, too.

  11. The red color really pops now. I didn’t know that you hurt your arm. That was nice of your husband to paint that for you.

  12. Oh, I love the red. What a sweet hubby. Sometimes they come in handy!! I hadn’t even heard the Frozen songs until we rode in the car with Leila the other day and she wanted to hear the sound track.

  13. The new colour does pop. I too defer well the pray paint projects to the Mr. anew way I can do as food a job. Lets just be honest here… unless it is a canvas, hahaha, he pretty much is the painter .
    Luvly new to you bird cage Shirley.

  14. It is frustrating, Shirley, when we DIY girls get tied up with an injury…the bird cage is certainly bringing Spring into the picture!
    Love the new colour and it works beautifully into your colour scheme…funny….I had my husband haul mine in from the garden on the weekend so I could do something with it indoors too! Hope your arm gets better soon…. N.xo

  15. Jeanette Price says

    You always make everything look so lovely! No more spray painting for you my girl. I can’t wait to be able to start back up painting my furniture but, you know how I want to divorce winter here in NJ! No sign of spring here:(. Hope your arm feels better soon.

  16. Very pretty update, Shirley! It’s such a pretty birdcage, too. I keep thinking I should get started on my Spring cleaning now, while it’s on my mind, but I haven’t started it yet!

  17. This a really great piece and I like the pop of red. T he crock on the floor is really cool too.


  18. Lovely Shirley!! You are so creative

  19. Love that theme song. What a great bird cage. My grandmother use to have one like that and I will never forget the day her bird flew out and then flew out the window.. poor bird never made it back and my grandmother never got over it.
    What color is that anyways?

    • There is no name of the color on the spray can…I chose the color by the color of the cap…Surprised that Rustoleum does not have a “color name”…

  20. Shirley, I think you need to send that bird cage to me! What a difference paint makes..Where did you find the bird nest? Craft Store? I’ve been keeping a list of items I’m looking for and a birdcage is one of them..I have looked at some of the antique wooden ones and they’re not fitting into my budget..Think I’ll post a request on Free Cycle in our area or Craig’s soon as I get my daughter or somebody that uses those to show me how..I think I have a neighbor that uses it a lot so I’ll ask him or his wife. We had our enclosed sunroom painted this Fall and it is crying for accessories..Can’t wait for Spring to I can get active with my search. Plan to hit the yard sales when they start and go to Thrift stores too. Thanks for sharing your birdcage with you mind sharing what brand of paint DH used and if he primed it first?

  21. Shirley, I adore your vintage bird cage with its new coat of paint! I thought you were going to say that your husband painted it because he didn’t want a red spot in the yard!!! (I remember when you painted something that you painted the grass, too! πŸ™‚ Hope your arm returns to normal soon!

  22. LOVE that bird cage!!! I have a large bird cage and wish I could find a stand for it! Love the color too. Hope your arm is better soon!!!! I didn’t know you hurt it. Take care!!!

  23. So cute! What fun having a vintage bird cage in your sun room..and with a nest in it.
    Great color, and your hubby did a really good job. Sorry to hear you hurt your arm. Hope it’s better soon, but maybe not before you get your hubby to paint a few more things. πŸ™‚ You know I’m just kidding.

  24. Shirley,
    I love love love the red for the bird cage. So pretty. Yeah for awesome hubby to the rescue. Looks awesome.

  25. Shirley, I love your birdcage! I love this color in your sunroom!Your birdcage is perfect for Spring! Your way ahead of me on decorating; I’m Spring cleaning and catching up in the yard. I haven’t put a thing out for Spring. Your hubby did a great job painting this! I hope your arm gets better soon!

  26. Really great lines on the bird cage AND its holder stand. I probably have been hiding under a rock but I JUST learned of the song “Let it Go” after seeing a video of my 5 year old grand daughter singing it…how does she know ALL the words!!!? I need to make this my theme song for spring too and “let go” of some things I have been saving (hoarding). Thanks for sharing this inspiration!

  27. Great find your vintage bird cage at the garage sale. I love the color – it really looks so good and with the pretty little bird’s nest in there. Great idea for Spring.
    Hope that your Spring is on the way there in No Carolina. I love the song Let It Go.
    Have a great weekend Shirley – loved your post

  28. Love the bird cage and the color is excellent! Perfect for your sunroom! Happy Spring!!~~Angela

  29. Shirley, after you decorate your home and give it a good spring cleaning… please come up to Pa and help with mine!

    LOVE that fun birdcage all decked out for Spring. It is a very unique piece. I don’t think I have ever seen a circular birdcage!

  30. Love the bird cage Shirley! I am slowly springing up around here as well.

  31. You do find some nice things at your neighborhood sale! Love the style (and new color) of that birdcage. It’s always fun to change things up. You’re sweet to give hubby the credit – what would we do without them? πŸ™‚

  32. Your birdcage looks so pretty with its new paint color, and the nest is just the right touch of spring. Saying a prayer that your arm will be well and strong very soon. πŸ™‚

  33. I love bird cages, and this one has a particularly pretty shape that you don’t find everyday.

    Now about that arm…is this a temporary injury.

  34. I love the new red color Shirley! I fear what would happen if my hubby volunteered to spray paint something for me πŸ™‚

  35. Don’t get TOO caught up in that “let it go” stuff! I have made many mistakes in the spirit of Spring cleaning…and wish I could get it all back!!! πŸ™‚ I’m a hoarder, though, so I guess that makes a difference! πŸ™‚

    I LOVE the new color of the birdcage!!! It’s perfect in that room!!! You kill me with your ability to so readily paint something!!! I’m paint shy. It just seems like such a HUGE job to me all the time. I’m weird.

    Beautiful, darling!!!

  36. A little color goes a long way… Nice touch…

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