Antique English Hutch

I have been on an unintended blog break these past few days…

~ ~ Had problems with my existing web host site and moved to another . .

~ ~ ~ ~ and all is right with the world!…

So…there’s a new hutch in town…

~ ~ a neighbor is moving . . downsizing . . and selling many treasures from England.

I went over to her house to look at a dresser for my granddaughter . .

~ ~ and spied this cute old hutch that is from England.

The owner had bought this cutie in an antique shop in England . .

~ ~ and had it shipped here when they moved to the U.S.

I have a collection of Fiesta and decided to place this collection in the hutch.

I started this collection many, many years ago . . .

~ ~ buying my first pieces at $20.00 for 4 place settings!!

The English Cottage Ware was a gift from a friend many years ago.

My Vintage Lipton Tea Pot set is also nestled among the Fiesta and Cottage Ware.

And there’s my Shirley Temple Pitcher and Mug…:)

My Shirley Temple vintage RC Cola fan…

~ ~ I so remember having those types of fans in church a looong time ago.

I have a collection of vintage Jell-O little cookbooks all dated in the 1920’s…

~ ~ I love the patina of the hutch’s is pegged into the lower cabinet.

I love this so very rustic, handmade hutch with all its flaws and age . .

Placed some of my vintage items below . . . .

~ ~ on the hunt for some great baskets for this area . .

~ ~ ~ ~ and notice the crayons in one of the jars? son’s . . .

And don’t ask me how old they are!!!

A collection of vintage items on the top of the hutch . .

Do you spy the milk bottle with the Japanese letters? . . A “souvenir”

When you get milk (a treat) as a snack in Japan . . it is served in these bottles . .

~ ~ that you have to return…OOPS!..forgot to return mine!!! 🙂

So are you wondering where my pie safe that was in this space “walked to”?? Stay tuned.

Am I sad that a great neighbor is moving….

~ ~ yes, however, downsizing from one large house to 2 smaller ones . . .

~ ~ ~ ~ one here, and one in the Sunshine State . . a good thing.

I purchased many things that day . . so stay tuned for more of my finds!

Have a wonderful day . . and so glad that “I am back” !!!

I am joining:

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  1. Yay, you are back! So that is where you placed it. Love how you styled it with all that color.

  2. LOVE the hutch and all the accessories. I love your fiesta. I used to have the cobalt mugs with Shirley temple years ago but sold most of my antiques that I had collected when we downsizes. I love everything and might have to move I. With you.

  3. I missed your last post on styling the hutch for Spring, just gorgeous, and I love this new found cabinet from England! What a great piece for displaying all your Fiesta. So bright and cheerful!

  4. I love the new piece from England… looks great with all your treasures displayed inside. Can’t wait to see what other goodies you found.

  5. Hi Shirley! Oh, I’m so glad you got your blog straightened out. Now that little hutch is marvelous! I love how you’ve arranged all of your Fiesta in there with the other little sweeties! You always have the greatest things!
    Be a sweetie,

  6. That hutch is so cute and very charming with all of your vignettes. Happy that you got your blog straightened out. Can’t wait to se what you are doing with your pie safe.


  7. What a great hutch to store all of your Fiestaware in. It looks like it’s from the same era as the dishes too. I’m sure your neighbor is happy to know it went to a good home.

  8. Shirley, that hutch is amazing!! It’s perfect to display all of your great vintage goodies! 🙂

  9. All those wonderful little goodies that go together so well in that cute hutch. And they each have a story to tell – a little boy’s crayons, milk bottle from “home.” Can’t wait to see the treasures-to-come.

  10. Jeanette Price says

    It looks like it was made for you Shirley. I love wired cabinet below and all your accessories. I think I need to have the walls in our home spread so that I can have more fun stuff, I’m sure hubby never let that happen. I always enjoy your posts and Im’ glad your back xoxo.

  11. Such a charming piece and love everything you have on it! Perfect for your kitchen…

  12. LOVE.IT nuff said!

  13. Very pretty, Shirley! I love how you’ve styled it. I remember those fans, too. I remember playing with them when I would visit my grandmothers.

  14. Linda Miller says

    Love the new little hutch and the way you have accessorized it. I know you will find the perfect new spot in your home for the pie safe. You always do!

  15. I adore your hutch!! Your fiesta dishes look perfect against the white as well as all of your other vintage goodies and collections.
    Mary Alice

  16. Yay so glad you got the glitch fixed!! Love your new find…such a pretty piece and I love the pretty displays you have on it too!! Can’t wait to see your other goodies!

  17. Shirley, I LOVE that wonderful vintage hutch! You are getting some fabulous things from your neighbor! Did I spy a Pet milk bottle? I remember Pat milk….I know, that REALLY dates me:):) I love your Fiesta and the tea set and of course, the Shirley Temple things! Beautiful!!!!

  18. Tardevil says

    Such a cute piece. You make me want a Fiesta collection. My husband won’t be thanking you for that! ;o) I have a pie safe that looks exactly like yours except mine has wooden knobs for handles. We use it to store board games.

  19. LOVE it! Any piece of furniture is lucky to visit your home! Can’t wait to see where the pie safe went to!

    Happy day to you friend!

  20. Yeah, glad you’re back! Love your new little hutch!! Have a happy day!~~Angela

  21. Shirley, this is a fun new find. It has a happy home filled with all your colorful treasures.

  22. I’m glad you’re back, too. That is a really good looking piece. I love the simple, unconvoluted lines to it. Perfect for your Fiestaware! Looking forward to seeing your other treasures- xo Diana

  23. That hutch is fantastic! Lucky you!! Perfect for your Fiesta ware and other vintage goodies. 🙂

  24. I love your English hutch and it looks so good with your Fiesta dishes in there and your vintage
    wares on the top. What a great find. Sorry that your neighbor is moving but when everyone leaves the nest it’s time to down size.
    Shirley, you have so many lovely things and you display them so beautifully in your home/
    Hopefully you are having Spring weather there. Did you get a chest for your little sweetheart?
    Have a wonderful weekend and so glad you got everything working on your blog.

  25. Shirley I love the English hutch. How beautiful. The Fiesta ware looks so great. Love those vintage milk bottles too. It all looks wonderful.

  26. HOw you fall into things, friend! The hutch is right a home in your house! LOVE how you decorated it!It’s soooo happy!

  27. I love the hutch, Shirley. Your vintage pieces are perfect displayed in the cabinet.

    BTW, I have that Shirley Temple pitcher and mug. My grandmother had a little pitcher like that. It sat on the table every day,filled with real cream from the Jersey cow, who lived at their house.:-)That’s a great memory. I don’t know what happened to her pitcher. I couldn’t resist buying mine, when I spied it in an antique mall many years ago.

  28. I loved looking at your vintage collections, especially the Shirley Temple pieces. Great colors on the Fiesta Ware. I used to have a butter churn like that…Daisy? butter churn. Sorry you’re having blogging problems. Yesterday, I started having problems with my blog through Google, but no problems if I use far. Glad you got yours sorted out. I don’t have a clue about mine.
    Hope you didn’t get the ice storm last night.

  29. Hi Shirley, The hutch is wonderful and perfect for displaying your collection Fiesta Ware. Have a great weekend.

  30. Glad to see you pop up in my email today. I have been away a while also.
    Your hutch is beautiful and I love the colorful Fiesta ware. Your Price Kensington pieces are so sweet. I love those cottages and they fit right in with your new hutch.
    Welcome back, Ginger

  31. The hutch reminds me of my grandmother’s house which is always a pleasant memory. Of course, it is the perfect showcase for your vintage pieces. I love the cheery Fiesta pieces. I don’t have the real stuff but recently bought 16 look a likes at a resale shop. I’m sitting at the Charlotte airport, about as close as I’m going to get to you!

  32. This new hutch adds so much to the downstairs area, I just love it. What a great place to showcase your very cool dishes!

  33. Very pretty colors… You have a nice way of displaying everything… Love, Lor

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