French Wine Bottle Picnic Basket and The French Country Style Magazine

Hope everyone had a most wonderful Easter! . .

We had our traditional Easter Egg Hunt . . .

~ ~ and I promised my granddaughter that we will have a “re-play” with her friends.

Easter 2014

I have been busy “fluffing the house” for an upcoming event . . .

~ ~ that I can tell you all about on Wednesday.. .

~ ~ ~ ~ and bringing in more of my French finds into the decor . .

French Wine Picnic Carrier

A French Wine Bottle Picnic Basket

French Wine Picnic Carrier

French Wine Picnic Carrier

I placed a plant in the area where possibly a plate of fruits and cheeses would go . .

I have never seen a basket like this before and glad I purchased it.

French Copper Pots

And finally hung these two copper pots that I also bought in France.

And now . . . I want to give a big shout out and congratulations . . .

~ ~ to my dear friend Kim (Savvy Southern Style) for this:


She got the cover!!!! . . .

And I have to mention that my friend Linda made that pillow on the chair!!

~ ~ so her pillow is famous too!

I could not wait to get my copy of the magazine . . I bought several! ๐Ÿ™‚

Country French Style Magazine

They nailed the Title . . Effortless Elegance is right!

I remember the day when Kim bought this gorgeous piece…

~ ~ we were at Queen of Hearts when she spotted this . . love at first sight!

We could hear the choir of angels sing, “Take me home Kim” . . and she did!!

French Country Style Magazine

French Country Style Magazine

And her “famous” sunroom . . .

French Country Style Magazine

As you can see and many of you know, Kim’s home is elegant, yet so cozy and warm…

There are many, many gorgeous homes featured this issue…a must, must to buy!!!

Have a most beautiful day!!!

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  1. I LOOOVE that basket! Did you get it in France? I have been over at Kim’s congratulating her! I also am wondering what kind of hooks those are that you used for the copper pots. I bought 3 copper molds at an antique store in Fl. and was going to hang them on the wall but maybe will do what you did on the backsplash! I like the look!

  2. So glad you got your copper hung. Love those there. Thanks so much for sharing my excitement and I am so glad that piece came home with me after we spotted it. That is still my best bargain to this day!

  3. I have a thing for seltzer bottles so yours immediately caught my eye. Of all the colors, yours is my favorite.

  4. Looks like lots of fun at Easter, Shirley. I love watching the kiddos hunt eggs.

    I am going to go running around today, to see if I can find French Country Style.:-)

    I am posting at the old BPM today, due to Typepad difficulties. Just Patio post…:-) Temporary solution for posts till things are right again.

  5. I have never seen a basket like that- very pretty. Your copper pots are beautiful. I need to find the magazine- Kim must be over the moon excited. I surely would be. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. HI, Shirley, I love the beautiful plant at the top of the basket, that looks beautiful, the basket is unique. Congratulations to your friend Kim, Wow! She has a gorgeous home. Graylyn is a beautiful little girl.

  7. I love your picnic basket, I have never seen one like that before!!! Your copper pots are beautiful….great finds!!! Your granddaughter is so cute too!

  8. So glad that you had a nice Easter. Looks like y’all had good weather too. I bought a copy of Kim’s magazine as well. So happy for her!

  9. looking forward to hearing about your news, and thanks for the heads up on Kim’s great feature. Her home is so wonderful, but always comfortable and inviting!

  10. wow….your home is lovely!

  11. Congrats to Kim, she so deserves this and I love her style!!! I love this basket, it is so large and so c harming. Your granddaughter is walking in that picture with the look of having a mission, very cute!! I hope you had a wonderful Easter!!!


  12. Shirley I LOVE that basket and thanks for the heads up on Kim’s feature!!Can’t wait to go and pick up a copy!!

  13. I love your French Wine basket. I have never seen one of these before. Your granddaughter is growing so fast, aren’t they the cutest little girls. They love their East Egg Hunts.
    Congratulations to Kim – I am on the lookout for the magazine.
    Have a great week and I look forward to your Wednesday surprise.

  14. Hi Shirley,
    Kim’s home is gorgeous so it makes perfect sense she would be in this great magazine. Glad you had a fun Easter. Your granddaughter is so adorable. I am in love with the wine/picnic basket. DId you get that in France. That is just awesome.

  15. So funny Shirley – I wouldn’t do it for my own kids, but for my grandkids someday, I’m sure I’ll do two egg hunts too! You’re the best grandma ever!

  16. It sounds like a fantastic Easter! Wow, love that basket! It’s so unique! And holy smokes congrats to Kim!! She must be so proud and excited!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Hi Shirley, I wanted to drop you a line and thank you again for commenting on Susan’s blog MUST LOVE JUNK and leaving me a sweet comment there on being in the Saturday Spotlight! Love your french bottle basket…..!! xoxoxo Christine from

  18. I like the wine basket! I would have put a plant in it too! I’m so excited for Kim! How cool to be a feature in a magazine! My cousin was featured year’s ago in Southern Living. I can only dream that my house would ever make a magazine! Glad you had a great Easter! It’s always special when family is around. Have a great week!

  19. Donna Bell says

    Thanks for sharing the Country French Style magazine featuring Kim, of Savvy Southern Style. I’ve been trying to find it today as I was out and about with NO LUCK. Barnes & Noble checked for me and said they wouldn’t carry it. So, I tried grocery stores, drugstores, Hobby Lobby & finally the Walmart! I never go there; but no luck anywhere. Maybe it’s just not this far west Live in Tulsa, OK) yet. Love your blog and enjoy your pics with your grand-daughter. I’m partial to g- daughters; I have six

  20. Everything you do is so beautiful, Shirley!

    Thanks for the heads up about Kim’s feature. How exciting that her home is on the cover! But of course she deserves it. I need to find a hard copy of the magazine before they’re all gone! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. What a beautiful sun room!!!

  22. Awesome basket!! I’ve never seen one like it either! So happy for Kim! Her home is beautiful and she’s a very lovely lady! Can’t wait to hear your news next!!~~Angela

  23. Gorgeous basket and can’t wait to hear on Wednesday what the news is!

  24. How fabulous for Kim! and your basket is adorable (and so is that little cutie carrying a basket!)

    Hope you had a Happy Easter Shirley! xoxox

  25. Your granddaughter is just precious in her pretty spring outfit carrying her Easter basket. Looks like fun! I love all the new additions you’ve added here and there in your home. I can’t WAIT to hear your news on Wednesday…

  26. Hi Shirley!
    I love Kim’s home and am thrilled with her feature in French Country! I just sent you an email….


  27. Shirley, you have the most unique, fabulous French finds! Love the basket ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Yay Kim!!! I’ll have to go get my copy tomorrow! And I’m curious what YOU’RE up to, Miss Shirley. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Glad you enjoyed your Easter with your lovey!
    xo Heidi

  29. Shire, your basket is so unusual! What a fabulous addition to your lovely home! I also love your copper pots! I wish I had mine back now- I gave them away. Congrats to Kim! What a fabulous honor! Thank you for sharing some of the pages! I have to go find it soon.

  30. SWOON Shirley! Of all your French treasures, this is my favorite! Perfect for your corner with a plant and stowing bottles or fun for serving with a cheese platter and your tasting bottles below! All our wine we shipped home just arrived yesterday. I’m going to open one on Thursday evening and collapse in puddle of exhaustion and relief ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Love those copper pots. I am so smitten with Kim and her magazine shoot. I just was so tickled to see her on the front cover none the less! We know a star for sure!

  32. I bought every French Country Style my local store had! I’m giving one to my daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, mother, 3 friends and taking one to Haven to have Kim sign! I am over-the-moon for her!
    What a very unique piece you have, Shirley. Keep “fluffing”! xo

  33. Great basket … first of that kind I have ever seen. You will enjoy using that. Congratulation to Kim and thanks for sharing it with us. Your granddaughter is beautiful.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  34. Just gorgeous…

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