High Point Spring Market 2014 ~ Part 2

The High Point Market is always an exciting and exhilarating event . .

I am fortunate to live within close proximity to High Point, N.C. to attend.

Although, this year, my schedule only allowed me to attend for one afternoon . .

~ ~ I certainly made the most of my afternoon.

Kristen (Sophia’s Decor) and I headed to the Bramble showroom first . . you can see the showroom here.

After Bramble, we met up with the lovely and talented Courtney (French Country Cottage) . .

~ ~ She gave us the “skinny” on what to see…

High Point Market Spring 2014

The lovely Courtney . . in the Rachel Ashwell Showroom . .

High Point Market Spring 2014

Now this has Courtney’s name all over it !!! …

High Point Market Spring 2014

High Point Market Spring 2014

High Point Market Spring 2014

Rachel had a book signing and giving away her new book, “Rachel Ashwell Couture Prairie” . .

~ ~ Kristen and I missed her by about an hour or so; however still able to obtain her book.

High Point Market Spring 2014

And then we moved over to the Joe Ruggiero showroom . .

Remember Joe . . in the days of the some of the first home decorating shows . .

~ ~ shows with Kitty Bartholomew, Lynette Jennings, and Christopher Lowell…??

High Point Market Spring 2014

High Point Market Spring 2014

I so remember watching a show . . it was a home that was decorated by many designers . .

~ ~ one of them was Joe . .

He inspired me to use everyday things like a pillow case to turn it into a valance…

~ ~ and I did that in my guest room . . many years ago . . I loved his style!!

High Point Market Spring 2014

High Point Market Spring 2014

I love the mix of classic and contemporary design.

And who was there to give us the grand tour ??? !!!

High Point Market Spring 2014

It was Joe Ruggiero!!!

He was so very nice!!…..we discussed the programs of yesteryear …

~ ~ I told him how much I loved his designs and how he inspired me . .

High Point Market Spring 2014

Now . . could I have held on to him any tighter?…

Me and Joe . . . now we are “buds” 🙂

~ ~ and thanks to Courtney for taking this pic of us . . .

~ ~ ~ ~ she did not realize that I could be a bit “stalkeresque” . .

High Point Market Spring 2014

As we were walking out of the one of the buidlings . . .

~ ~ the window display was showcased with this gorgeous “woodland setting”….

High Point Market Spring 2014

It was a great day!!…

And if you are wondering why there is no pic of Kristen . .

~ ~ she kept running away from the camera!

Have a beautiful weekend doing the things you love!..

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  1. You got a pic with Joe? I loved his show on hgtv. They have cancelled all the good ones.
    Kim’s recent post…My Favorite Room….Sew a Fine SeamMy Profile

  2. Wow, everything looks so wonderful…I am glad you shared it with us. You and your “Bud” look so happy….
    Christine’s recent post…Purple Dishes on a Rainy DayMy Profile

  3. Linda Miller says

    Love the pic of you and Joe, Shirley. I loved his decorating show and more so, his design style…very classic. Didn’t he have a daughter who was also a designer? I wish HGTV would air more of that type of programming and less of “Love It or List It”!!!

    • Shirley says

      Yes…both “Joe” and I agreed that there are too many “real estate” shows on HGTV now…we want more decorating shows!…

  4. Great shots! I love the picture with Joe and you! I loved his show on HGTV and wish he was back on! It seems like they canceled so many good shows.

  5. PA-LEESE take me next year! What a great trip! LOVE the designs and that you got to meet so many celebrities… bloggers included!

  6. Oh how marvelous! I wouldn’t know where to begin and I’d be snapping pictures all over the place! The woodland setting made me smile-can you imagine it in a real setting? My pets would have it in shambles in no time. Lol. Still pretty though and fantastical. 🙂 Makes my fingers itch for a paintbrush and canvas.
    Cecilia’s recent post…Art and Moving Things Around (Again)My Profile

  7. What a fun day! You’re so lucky to get to tour that place every year. I miss those shows on HGTV too. It seems all that’s on there now is about houses for sale. I loved that show with Joe too. Love the pic of you two! That’s a keeper.

  8. Sounds like a great way to spend the day. How fun that you were able to get a pic with Joe too!!!! I miss the days of the good shows on HGTV! Have a great weekend…..
    Des’s recent post…TGIF!!!My Profile

  9. Your mention of those early decorating show brought back so many good memories. My favorite was Lynette Jennings. The reason I started reading blogs is to fill the void of all those early shows. You can only house hunt for so long and listen to young people want it all on a limited budget. And “crashing” is just rude!! I watched HGTV from it’s beginning, but now rarely. Yes, I’m older, but I still decorate!

  10. Shirley,
    What a fun afternoon. Your pic with Joe is so sweet. Love it. I agree with the crowd they need to bring back more decorating show and less of the real estate shows. I miss all of those wonderful shows too.

  11. Oh how fun Shirley! Quite a memorable day for sure. Thanx for bringing us along!
    Pamela’s recent post…Treasure Hunt Thursday #153 & HighlightsMy Profile

  12. What a great trip Shirley! So glad you got a photo with Joe! That’s sure to be framed in a special place in your home. Would love to go to the High Point Market. What fun!
    Pam @ diy Design Fanatic’s recent post…Decorating Turning PointMy Profile

  13. Leila Jane says

    I love the picture of you beside Joe Ruggiero – It almost looks like the two of you are striking a similar pose as the classic picture behind you! Was that planned? Either way, it’s great. Mostly, how nice you got to meet Joe and that he was gracious enough to pose for pictures. It looks like the High Point show is well worth the tour. Thanks for the pictures – especially nice for those of us who may not have the opportunity to get there!

  14. Looks like you had a great time! And meeting Joe just made it that much more special. Thanks for sharing and for the ideas in the pictures! I’ve just got to borrow some of them!
    Jayne’s recent post…Grilled Chicken Salad SandwichesMy Profile

  15. Shirley how fortunate to live so close to High Point Market! You hit several great places and got to meet Joe! I think the world of him, though we have not met!

    The Arts by Karena

  16. I am swooning over the flowers in the Rachel Ashwell showroom! Wow! I might have tried to smuggle that large container out with me… 🙂 How wonderful that you got your picture taken with Joe! I completely agree about HGTV’s offerings–I don’t even bother to watch anymore. So sad! Thanks for sharing your great adventure!
    mimi – 247 mulberry lane’s recent post…Happy May Day!My Profile

  17. Vicki Daugherty says

    Oh, what fun! And getting to talk with Joe was the icing on the cake, huh? Is there any way you could snail mail, or email, all these comments to HGTV? Bring back the decorating shows please!!!! I so enjoyed that station when it was less about house hunting and more about decorating. Many of don’t watch any more because there are NO decorating programs on, and I’ve seen enough ‘house flipping’ and international hunting shows to last a lifetime. Thanks for sharing your trip to High Point. Vicki in Louisville KY

  18. How lucky you gals are to visit the showrooms in High Point! Your pics look wonderful! What Fun! I do remember all the old shows on HGTV and I believe the Discovery Channel too. The afternoon shows were filled with design ideas…what happened to all that! It’s sad! The network is not the same, I hope it goes back the way it was..ya know for the home and garden! Great to see Joe again! 😉 LuAnn
    Lovely Livings’s recent post…Family Room VignettesMy Profile

  19. What fun and those flowers in that bucket are so Courtney but I would have taken some home for sure. I love Joe and I remember his show too. I really enjoyed it very much. What a great place.

    Cynthia’s recent post…HAPPINESS!!!!!My Profile

  20. Good grief! Such eye candy! (Yeah, I’m talkin’ ’bout Joe! 😉 ) Everything was so beautiful!!! I remember Joe Ruggiero from back in the day. I was plastered to the set back then, drinking in every bit of knowledge I could. I’m glad to see that he is still so involved in the design world because he really has it goin’ on!!! What a nice guy to pose with you for the pic!

    I just about fainted when I saw that 1st photo of the woodland window display!!! I was so wrapped up in it that I almost missed the 2nd photo! WOW!!! That’s impressive!

    I’m so glad you had such a great time! One of these days, all the ladies will be clamoring to meet YOU!!! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  21. I love the photo of you and Joe! Oh my I do miss his show and the others you mentioned and more. HGTV just isn’t the same, these days.

    Happy weekend, Shirley!
    Pat@Back Porch Musings’s recent post…Casual Dining on the Back PorchMy Profile

  22. Oh how I remember Joe and all those great shows! I truly miss all of them. Kitty Bartholomew was my favorite, I still think about how pretty her sofa was. She always had the prettiest colors and had such a positive personality. Weren’t you the lucky lady to get your photo with Joe?!!

  23. Jeanette Price says

    I seriously need to move down there! It looks like you ladies had a great afternoon. I don’t know if there is anything like this in our area or I just miss it because I’m working. I remember when I was in college I went to Garden City with my Dad for one of these Architectural shows and I was fascinated then. I could only imagine now, I’d be off the charts. As for HGTV I do love House Hunters and the Cousins but, I too would like to see more decorating shows. There was one that I was catching for awhile that was kind of like a decorating challenge in new homes but they probably canceled that one too. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend Shirley!

  24. Oh what a wonderful day you had. Joe Ruggiero is one of my favorite designers. I had the chance to see him a few years ago. I felt as excited as if I was meeting my favorite rock star of years gone by. I wish HGTV would go back to their roots.

  25. I am so envious that you have the chance to see so much pretty!
    I normally don’t go for rustic but I have to say that the half barrel used for a flower arrangement caught my eye! I live in KY Bourbon country…and barrels are not too had to find. I am thinking.
    Sheila’s recent post…Louisville and the Kentucky Derby…My Profile

  26. I have been waiting for this follow up post. Will there be more?

  27. What a perfect afternoon Shirley! Every picture had me swooning, but none as much of you and Joe ;).

    Count me in as another viewer who misses all the old shows. How many House Hunters can one watch?!
    Doreen@househoneys’s recent post…EASY DIY PAPER LAMP SHADEMy Profile

  28. OMG, Shirley! I am so jealous! I used to LOVE Joe’s show, “Homes Across America” and all of the others that you named. HGTV is just not the same anymore. I agree, it’s all about real estate. Those old shows gave great decorating tips when we were just starting out. I am sure you had a blast visiting all of those great showrooms. I bet you are inspired beyond belief!
    Shenita’s recent post…~A Great “First Day of Spring” Thrift Find~My Profile

  29. Shirley, lucky you! The pic of you and Joe is adorable, and I love the woodland setting!! 🙂
    Must love junk’s recent post…Wacky for WickerMy Profile

  30. What a fun day Shirley! There is so much eye candy to see at market, I miss those days…*sigh* 🙂
    Mary’s recent post…South of the Border FlavorMy Profile

  31. How fun! I’m going to the fall show–I actually may be “working” the fall show…we’ll have to see!
    Kirby Carespodi’s recent post…Teacher Appreciation…My Profile

  32. Nice showroom… Love the pieces for outside…

  33. The first year we drove to Maine we stopped in High Point, and I loved exploring all the showrooms. We didn’t have much room left in the car, but I did manage to make space for the few treasures I found there.
    Lulu’s recent post…Foodie Adventure 3: The FoodMy Profile

  34. Wow, thank you so much for posting this! It is gonna help me when I am thinking about going to Grand Prairie 18 in Peoria! I am from Trenton, NJ so I am not familiar with Peoria. Next time I see my family will be much better! Very Cool!

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