Indoor Plants in the Decor {A New Summer Table Vignette}

My granddaughter said the other day that my house is like a garden inside . . .

~ ~ that I have so many plants.

I always have . . . they make me happy . . . and they also make the air inside cleaner.

I have quite a few in the sunroom:

Sunroom/Housepitality Designs

Sunroom/Housepitality Designs

Sunroom/Housepitality Designs

And plants on my sunroom desk . . I try to use vintage containers . . .

~ ~ like this vintage McCoy planter. . .

Sunroom/Housepitality Designs

A vintage crock serves as this plant’s container . .

Sunroom/Housepitality Designs

This French Wine Wicker Carrier serves as a plant stand in the dining room . . .

Ironstone Planter

An ironstone chamber pot serves as a container for this plant . .

I needed a change in the table vignette in the great room . . . .

So what better than to have a plant on the table for a crisp summer look.

Great Room Table Vignette

I started creating this vignette with my variegated ivy plant . . .

~ ~ that was formerly in the back upper porch and then the sunroom.

Great Room Table Vignette

I was going for a “lighter and brighter” vignette . . .

Great Room Table Vignette

So I added some crystal candlesticks . .

Great Room Table Vignette

A Waterford “Millenium” Crystal Ball . . .

~ ~ Hmmmm. . never realized I truly had a crystal ball….

~ ~ ~ ~ do you think I can see my future? 🙂

Great Room Table Vignette

Added more bling with my crystal “signature pineapple” and silver candleholder….

Great Room Table Vignette

And a book for “texture” . .

~ ~ this is a great book, by the way. . .

Great Room Table Vignette

The ivy plant is in a blue and white transferware container that was a gift . .

~ ~ from a friend and co-worker many, many years ago.

Great Room Table Vignette

I am loving this change on the table of a fresher look for the summer . .

Great Room/Housepitality Designs

Even though summer has not officially come . . it sure does feel like it here . . .

~ ~ with temps in the high 80’s.

I am busy preparing for two large projects and a “fun” travel excursion this weekend!

Stay tuned!!! 🙂

Have a most wonderful day!!

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  1. Shirley, I love your tips on creating a vignette! Thanks for sharing them! You always have just the right elements in your vignettes- I love your transferware bowl; it looks so pretty with the crystal accents! I think you can see into the future with a Waterford crystal ball! It’s so hot and humid here; I think Spring is over. Have fun on your trip!

  2. Shirley,
    Oh my love all your green vignettes! Love the plant on the scale too cute. Everything looks so pretty. Have fun on your week end trip.
    Kris’s recent post…Summer Garden BeginningsMy Profile

  3. Loving the light and airy look you have for summer, especially now that it feels like summer! That blue and white with the crystal really have that cooling effect. I really love your pineapple silver candle holder!
    Jan’s recent post…Cupcakes!My Profile

  4. Shirley, I am so jealous of your green thumb! I kill everything inside! I usually apologize to all the plants I bring home because I consider them a long term cut flower! LOVE your wonderful planters… especially the blue and white transferware one!

  5. Beautiful vignette and plants, Shirley!
    Pat@Back Porch Musings’s recent post…Cream and SugarMy Profile

  6. Donnamae says

    I use plants all the time too…so fresh! Love the look with your crystal…beautiful! 😉

  7. I love all the crystal, especially that Waterford ball!

  8. I love the crystal candlesticks and pineapple…

  9. I love your ivy in the blue and white transferware container, Shirley! Somewhere along the line, my green thumb for indoor plants turned brown. I used to be able to grow plants inside successfully all the time. Ever since we moved, nothing I’ve bought for in the house has survived! I have plans to get another ivy plant and keep trying though. I’d like to train it into a topiary.
    Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions’s recent post…Hydrangea UrnMy Profile

  10. You must have a green thumb. I get plants and kill plants. Some are surviving and hope they continue to. I love your blue and white pot.
    Kim’s recent post…Switching PlacesMy Profile

  11. OH what beautiful plants! Between the cats grazing and the dark rooms, I have no hope… 😉
    Anne@DesignDreams (@ddreamsbyanne)’s recent post…Make a Plain Cabinet into a Pie Safe!My Profile

  12. I love a lot of plants in the home too. Your new coffee table vignette looks great. I love the blue and white planter.
    Penny @ the comforts of home’s recent post…LilacsMy Profile

  13. I have alot of plants too and have been busy moving them around too!!! Great minds….I HAVE been taking pictures with my new camera, just have to learn how to download them to my computer so I can get a new POST done:):) Plus ALOT going on here so have been VERY busy……. I love ALL of your beautiful, and well cared for plants and the containers!!!!
    Pinky at Designs by Pinky’s recent post…~~~Spring Coffee Table~~~My Profile

  14. I love the new vignette on your coffee table. It is so fresh with the greenery and the crystal pieces.

  15. Your new vignette is perfect. LOVE the pineapples and the variegated ivy in the blue and white pot. Thanks for suggesting “The Welcoming House”. I’ll check it out. 🙂
    Babs’s recent post…Cheap and CheerfulMy Profile

  16. I’ve been meaning to bring some plants indoors – gotta get my green thumb on the ball! Love the big crock – I have a huge one I found at an estate sale – the perfect planter
    Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage’s recent post…How Does My Garden Grow – Make a Topiary OrbMy Profile

  17. Beautiful Shirley and I love the crystal!!!~~Angela
    Angela’s recent post…Working on SpringMy Profile

  18. Love all the plants in the house and your right about them giving off oxygen. For some reason I don’t have any in the house except my African Violets in the kitchen.
    I love the plant on the coffee table with your beautiful candle sticks.
    Have fun this weekend.
    Mary Feguson’s recent post…APRIL FLOWERS & GARDEN TOURSMy Profile

  19. Love the varigated ivy Shirley! It’s wonderful paired with the blue & white and crystal ball 🙂
    Mary’s recent post…A Wash of Color: Mikasa Kya DinnerwareMy Profile

  20. You do have a lot of pretty plants. I am trying to keep more alive inside these days too. So far so good! Glad my mail went through, yay. It only took me all day to figure out, but I did it:) Thank you Shirley.

  21. I love how you’ve used live plants throughout your home. So pretty. And your coffee table vignette…what’s not to LOVE!! The crystal with the greenery is perfect.
    Mary Alice
    Mary Alice Patterson’s recent post…Big Weekend Coming Up In LuckettsMy Profile

  22. I love the look of plants in your house. They add such an outdoor feel. Definitely wanting to get to the garden center and buy some ivy and ferns now!

    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Christine’s recent post…Table It Link Party 01My Profile

  23. Jeanette Price says

    You know how I love coming to your blog to visit. Your home just evokes warmth. I love the transfer ware you have the ivy in and the crystal pineapple of course. Let me know when you want me to come in from the front porch to water for you! (I’m your favorite little stalker)

  24. I think your crystal ball predicts a shiny future for you!

  25. Shirley, all of your plants are just beautiful; and I love your summer vignette! Plants just add so much life to a home; and yours seem to be thriving wonderfully!
    Shenita’s recent post…~Sprucing Up The Back Porch and Patio~My Profile

  26. Shirley your plants look gorgeous and I am jealous. How do you keep ivy alive??? Every time I have tried it, it has died so quickly. Love your vignettes.

    Cynthia’s recent post…Another Sneak Peak!My Profile

  27. Shirley, I love plants too, although for now they are safer outside (cats can’t eat them, lol). Nothing like having live greenery! I love your tablescape. It’s so pretty with all the bling and your beautiful ivy.
    Hope your week is going well!
    Cecilia’s recent post…Crawfish, Berries, and a Couple of Painting ProjectsMy Profile

  28. Everything looks just lovely, Shirley. You are in the 80’s there already? WE barely get that warm even mid summer. One or two really hot days like that-mostly we are 70’s. I love all your plants and that red wicker piece is really unusual with the planter in top. You did a great job pulling Summer together there- xo Diana
    Nana Diana’s recent post…I’M BACK- Did You Miss Me?My Profile

  29. Hi,Shirley! I used to have plants, plants, and more plants before our failed attempt to move to Savannah 3 years ago. I gave them all away since taking them wasn’t really an option. Now I have no plants. Not one! I need to remedy that. The entire back side of our home enjoys southern exposure, so they can thrive in several rooms. The rooms in front can take low-light plants. I’d have to reacquaint myself with watering!

    You’re so right about live plants lightening and brightening a room as well as helping to keep the air clean. Of course, you could put a gunny sack in a room and make it work! 🙂

    Have a beautiful weekend!
    Alycia Nichols’s recent post…My Sister’s Wedding ChinaMy Profile

  30. You have some very lovely plants in your sunroom and you have just given me some amazing ideas to do with my plants. I also have an antique chamber pot and never would have thought to place a plant in it. Thanks so much for that idea. I also have an old crock that once belonged to a favorite great aunt. I never knew what to do with it, but because of you I now have a plan for that old crock. I always look forward to your post because I know I’ll get more amazing ideas to do at our home. Thank you so much for your thoughts and pictures to show all of us women how to make our homes a nicer place.

  31. All look so lovely…. Can’t have too much ever…

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