Vintage Wash Stand

When we (well, mainly my hubby as I mostly supervised) 🙂 . . .

~ ~moved 12 pieces of furniture last week . . .

~ ~ ~ ~one of those pieces was the vintage wash stand that was in our bedroom.

The wash stand was also formerly in the guest room! . . . It is a “well traveled” piece.

So where did this poor wash stand that can’t seem to find a permanent home land?

Media Room

In the Media Room!

Media Room

My iron scroll lamp by Soft Surroundings has found a great home here . . .

Media Room

Media Room

Media Room

I love how the morning sun streams through this room . .

Media Room

I recently added three new pillows to the sofa to lighten up the area.

~ ~ a paisley print from Pottery Barn and a PB linen pillow cover with the jute trim.

Media Room

One side is monogrammed . . .

~ ~ and I have plans for the other side . . .

Media Room

A cream colored throw that I purchased at a Paris Market was also added to the sofa.

Media Room

With a dark brown sofa in the room . . I am slowly adding lighter accents . .

~ ~ to gain a lighter feel for summer.

More “dominos” being played in this house . .

~ ~ I will have another “change in latitude” on Friday . . stay tuned.

Have a great day . . are you experiencing any “changes in latitude” ?

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  1. Dominoes is a very good game. We play it here all the time.

  2. Love the new spot for your washstand…it looks like it was made for that spot.

  3. I would love to change around my furnishings, but everything seems to have a place.
    I love that chocolate sofa. Everything looks light and airy.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. For some unknown reason I’m not getting my email.

  4. That stand looks great there- love the lamp- it has such a great shade too!. You’ve been a busy one with all the furniture moving! The new pillows look great 🙂

  5. It’s perfect in there! Yes, lots of changes going on around here too! Have a great day – xo Heidi

  6. That looks sweet! I love the dipped pots too!

  7. you have such a lovely home. The vintage wash stand is a nice addition to your space. No changes here. But I would like to make some, giggle. xo

  8. Shirley, your media room was the perfect place for the wash stand! You and your hubby are amazing! You have found a wonderful home for all you pieces! Your home looks beautiful!

  9. Such a warm and cozy spot in your home Shirley. I love how the sun light shines thru!

  10. Your little washstand is so cute and looks perfect in it’s new spot! I LOVE that lamp from Soft Surroundings and have been eyeing it for a while now but since I don’t have a spot for it I have been trying to use restraint! LOL Your new pillows are very pretty too :o)

  11. I would ask what you’re going to do when you get your house just the way you want it, but I know that you will always find a new way to present what you have.

  12. I love switching things around…it’s gives rooms a whole new look! LOVE your antique washstand…it looks perfect in it’s new home!!

  13. I love your washstand…love your ceiling and light too! My mom and dad have a washstand very similar to yours. They painted it red years ago. It’s been around for as long as I can remember. A great piece to add some character and interest. This room is awesome Shirley!

  14. Shirley, everything looks GREAT! Who is the maker of your chocolate sofa? I love the curved design. Thanks.

  15. Shirely it all looks great. Love that little rocker and it is awesome how the sun filters into this room. So pretty.

  16. Your media room looks so comfy and welcoming…a great place to hang out. And I Love your antique washstand! Perfect place to show off that great iron base lamp.
    Mary Alice

  17. That room is so gorgeous, Shirley. What a perfect niche for the washstand, you little genius! That room continues to “evolve” with your flair.

  18. This room so pretty, I love your ceilings. That lamp from Soft Surroundings is very pretty love the shade and great pillows from PB.


  19. Love the dominoe effect!!

  20. Dominoes… a favourite game for us decorators ;)A good game. I luv your domino effect Shirley.
    Happy Wednesday!

  21. I love how the morning sunlight comes through your windows in the media room. The wash stand look perfect where you have it.
    I am slowly adding more summer decorations to my house and rearranging pieces here and there.
    Have been busy in the garden on a project – hope to post that soon. Just to many projects and so little time.
    Have a great weekend Shirley.

  22. howardc4290 says

    The photos don’t do it justice Shirley. Your house is absolutely beautiful.

  23. Shirley, I love your washstand and love the lamp on it! So pretty! I know what you mean I am feeling a need to lighten up too. My daughter has been painting tables white and it’s rubbing off on me! I am warming up to the light side!

  24. Dominos is my favorite game…..both house wise and the true game!!! I think a media room is the perfect place for a wash stand!!! Looks lovely!~~Angela

  25. That looks like such a comfortable room to sit back and relax in. I like your choice of pillows on your sofa too. I used to have that same red urn from Southern Living at Home too!

  26. Jeanette Price says

    Looks like another great place in your house to relax. That couch looks so comfortable. Soft Surroundings has both beautiful thins to wear and for the home. One of my favorite catalogs to peruse! Everything looks lovely as always!

  27. I love the wash stand there, perfect spot. Love that lamp too. As you can see, I can’t get to my e-mail or blogs til late at night these days. BUSY:):) I am decorating with shells right now for Summer. I did the dining room today:) Now if I could just do a darn post that would be great….

  28. I had to giggle… when I say “we did something” I usually mean Bobby! I see you have the same lingo! I love that sweet wash stand! I think we have the same rug… mine is in my dining room! Beautiful room… you are quite the decorator!

  29. LOL- I was sitting here this afternoon and looking around and thinking about what I needed to do it here to change it up a bit. I need to get a new rug and I am going to have to look for a remnant and have it bound because it is a large, odd area. Then I need to move the rug here in the family room back to the dining room AND then move that rug out to the summerhouse patio. LOL Does it ever end?

    Love that old washstand, Shirley. I am glad you didn’t paint it. I think there are some wonderful pieces that you just shouldn’t paint..and that is one of them (in my own humble opinion).

    I LOVE your pillows, too! xo Diana

  30. Shirley, your wash stand looks great there! You have been one busy lady these past few weeks! Love all of the lighter touches, as well. These are all perfect for the Spring/Summer season!

  31. The perfect spot for your washstand. I just love the new additions to the room and the lighter pillows and other accessories brighten it so. Enjoy your weekend, Shirley!

  32. Love this room! The washstand looks right at home there, and I especially love the little rocker in the sunshine.

  33. Great media room, Shirley! The wash stand is a lovely addition to your furnishings and pretty wall color.

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