Oh Deer ~ ~ ~ A Decorative Fence

The great lengths we have to go to . . .

~ ~ to prevent the cute little deer from eating our flowers and plants.

Do you plant shrubs and flowers that they say are deer proof?

Yes . . . however, they eat them too.

My builder gave me some advice . . .

~ ~ and I quote “Keep in mind that the only thing that deer won’t eat is concrete” !!


They ate my hydrangea buds for breakfast.

I had a “chicken wire type” fence around my hydrangeas . . .

~ ~ and it was time to make things a bit more attractive.

Hydrangea Fencing

So off to Lowe’s Home Improvement we go . . .

~ ~ we determined that the “no dig” less permanent fencing was the best for our needs.

Hydrangea Fencing

The fence sections are connected with these stakes . . .

~ ~ and when a section needs to be removed, it is easily done by removing the stake.

Hydrangea Fencing

The stake can be hammered into the ground . . .

No dig fencing

No dig fencing

No dig fencing

Love the design of the fencing . . . and must say that the materials were very affordable.

Hydrangea fencing

Yes . . . chicken wire gone!…

~ ~ we actually used this same brand of stakes with the “chicken wire” previously . . .

~ ~ ~ ~ they looked a little worn after several years so we replaced them.

Hydrangea fencing

So there you deer !!! … try and eat this budding flower!!!


And these too!

Hydrangea Fencing

Thanks to my hubby for working hard to protect my flowers!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend . . .

~ ~ my weekend will be spent at the ballfield (no surprise there!) . .

And . .

Guest Room

Getting ready for company to arrive on Monday . . .

~ ~ Room cleaned – – – check

~ ~ Welcome to North Carolina goodie bag – – – check!

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post . . .

~ ~ ~ all opinions on this “No Dig Fencing” are happily my own.

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  1. That looks like a great option for fencing- I like the no digging aspect, and it looks very nice. Poor deer…. 🙂
    SheilaG @ Plum Doodles’s recent post…Window Box Message CenterMy Profile

  2. Donnamae says

    Yes…deer will eat just about anything! They ate my roses one year…thorns and all! Tulips, hostas, and this year….something ate my petunias…that were by my front door! I spray them with Deer Away…smells bad until it’s dry…but it works! Deer fences in our neighborhood have to be 8ft tall…or the deer will simply jump over! Fence looks good…really hope it works for you! 😉

  3. What a pretty fence Shirley. I haven’t ever seen those. We’ve been fortunate so far since we’ve lived here that the deer stay in the woods behind our house. Every once in awhile something is nibbled on near the house, but not too much. They must get scared off. Hope the fence works for you. Have a fun weekend!
    Pam @ diy Design Fanatic’s recent post…Evolution Of Our BackyardMy Profile

  4. That is pretty fencing. Yes, take that you deer!!
    Kim’s recent post…My Favorite Room….The Daily NestMy Profile

  5. That is a GREAT looking fence. I have the perfect place for a few sections of it. I have not seen this before- LOVE it!!!! xo Diana
    Nana Diana’s recent post…WHO Wears White Other Than A Bride? How About a BABY?My Profile

  6. Wow! I have never seen that fencing before…thanks for sharing it with us. My husband and I are not “get out the power tools” type DIYers so this looks like a perfect project for us. It looks very high end in your yard.
    Miss Kitty’s recent post…DIY Faux Moss TerrariumsMy Profile

  7. What a great idea! Years ago we installed a fence, but the deer would jump our six feet fence, so we had to run an eight foot deer fence, from Deer Busters, to keep them out of our backyard. Fortunately, we are surrounded bu woods and no one can see it. Good luck! I love this idea!

  8. Well…talk about great minds, Shirley. We took a few pieces of Aunt Ruth’s Silver Lace vine last year. Invasive but gorgeous, the vine took down an ordinary trellis. So, a couple of weeks ago, we bought the very same fence as yours…same style, everything. Ours is two sections, put in behind the grill next to the patio…hope the vine doesn’t take it down…wish we had the fence in the first place. It’s beautiful and serves the purpose.
    Pat@Back Porch Musings’s recent post…Big Pizza PieMy Profile

  9. Shirley, we loved having that fence in Spokane and plan to use it around our potager garden by the new shed. Still remember the winter that the snow completely covered the fence! Hope it works for the deer. Our deer are terrible right now – latest victim is our brand new cherry tree. This means War!

  10. Hi Shirley,
    This is a great solution and no digging is great. Hope it helps keep the deer from eating your flowers.
    Have a wonderful time at the ballgame and a great time with your guests.
    Kris’s recent post…Saturday Spotlight: Life Behind the BloggerMy Profile

  11. You found a perfect Fence. I showed my husband. We live at edge of woods. I need something to keep those darn squirrels from digging in my flower pots. Sheila
    Sheila’s recent post…Finding Treasures…cake stands and baskets.My Profile

  12. That’s a great idea! Love the look!
    Anne@DesignDreams (@ddreamsbyanne)’s recent post…How to Add Castors to FurnitureMy Profile

  13. It’s not often that you can find something that is functional AND attractive, but I think you’ve done it with that fence, Shirley! It’s very pretty and will hopefully deter the deer from eating your beautiful flowers. I always have to worry about rabbits destroying mine…and snails…and hailstones… It’s always something, isn’t it? Have a wonderful weekend!
    Mimi – 247 Mulberry Lane’s recent post…Make Way for GoslingsMy Profile

  14. Love the fence!!! I can’t even plant flowers in my front yard…..they get gobbled up in a day! Love your little “goody” bag!! So cute…..have fun at the ball field!~~Angela
    Angela’s recent post…More Rubber Boots!!!My Profile

  15. Great look!

  16. luckily i have never had a problem with anything eating my flowers or veggies. i think bear and skippy have a lot to do with it. happy you can now enjoy your beautiful blooms.
    laura@top this top that’s recent post…Weekly Wow’sMy Profile

  17. Great solution to a pesky problem, and it looks so beautiful too! We don’t have any deer here to worry about. Instead we have coyotes who like to munch on small dogs. Have a great weekend!!!
    Des’s recent post…Flashback Friday…….My Profile

  18. Oh no! I can’t believe deer even eat hydrangeas! That’s crazy, but your new fencing looks like a good solution. We had to get some push in fencing at Lowe’s because our crazy old dog kept getting herself tangled up in the bushes {walking zig zag through them}. They really do have some nice styles now and the pricing is budget friendly.
    Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions’s recent post…Giveaway WinnerMy Profile

  19. I’m lucky that we don’t have deer to worry about in my yard. I’ve only seen one the entire time we’ve lived here. They are pretty to watch though. Love your new fencing! That will definitely do the trick.

  20. Shirley that fencing looks beautiful…how high is it? We keep our fencing up around the front of our house all year also…if we didn’t the deer would have a feast!! Gotta love em though:-)
    martina’s recent post…A sneak peek…& new pillowsMy Profile

  21. I love the design of that fence. I hope it keeps the deer out for you! Have a great weekend.
    Penny @ the comforts of home’s recent post…Table For TwoMy Profile

  22. Linda jenkins says

    We don’t have a problem with deer in our neighborhood, but we have the same fencing across the front and sides of our home. Just went this week and purchased same fencing for the back of our home to replace about 28 Leyland cypress trees that had to come down. We really love this fencing. We have had it about 4 years and so far no signs of rust or deterioration. Hope this helps with the deer, Shirley. Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers.

  23. What good advice your builder gave you! It’s true–the deer around here eat just about anything! My beautiful hosta plants were like their salad course. Love your fencing–who knew fencing could be so simple and so pretty?

    I recognize that bag–from Southern Season, isn’t it? 🙂
    Richella Parham’s recent post…Remembering D-DayMy Profile

  24. Nice looking fence and no dig, too. It really looks nice around your plants. Good luck with the rascally deer.
    Babs’s recent post…A Thrift Store Find and Ice CreamMy Profile

  25. Unless the fence is over 8 feet, it doesn’t do much good here. We use Deer Out! Smells minty, completely natural. $99.00 a bottle, makes 10 gals. Order it at deerout.com. Spray your plants etc every 3 weeks. We just sprayed again today, they love my roses, hydrangeas, everything! Fence is pretty. Hope it works for you. We just pulled out 75 arborvitae at the cottage that they destroyed. $$$$$! Since dh got sick he didn’t get over to spray in the Fall, and they just ate them to death over the winter. 🙁
    Kathleen’s recent post…This and ThatMy Profile

  26. Thank God that we don’t have deer here where I live, but we have everything else you can think of LOL.
    The fence is very attractive and I hope that it works for you.
    Have fun with your company.
    Mary Feguson’s recent post…APRIL FLOWERS & GARDEN TOURSMy Profile

  27. Well, Shirley, if you’ve gotta keep them out, this sure is a cute way to do it! The fence looks great! We don’t have to deal with the deer population; but, these cute little bunnies are all over the place. They like to use our veggie garden as a salad bar…even though it’s raised! Lol!
    Shenita’s recent post…~Vintage Lace/Updating Family Heirlooms~My Profile

  28. I have my fingers crossed for you! That would make me cry if they ate my hydrangeas! I love that fencing, I used it in the beginning for my backyard to keep the dog from getting her leash/chain wrapped around my newly planted arborvitaes I was using as a screen to hide the ugly man stuff (trailer, BBQ grill) that won’t fit in the garage. It looks good anywhere!

    It’s always good to know just in case that doesn’t work (because deer can jump) there’s an alternative so if it doesn’t….and I pray that it does! Try http://www.garden-share.com. I post there a lot too, and they always have wonderful tips for keeping deer out of garden beds.
    Christine’s recent post…How To Make An Outdoor CandlelierMy Profile

  29. Your new fence is a very attractive way to protect your hydrangeas. I get very upset when I go out in the morning and see plants leveled!! Hope this works well for you, Shirley.
    Mary Alice
    Mary Alice Patterson’s recent post…Super Simple Summer MantelMy Profile

  30. Jeanette Price says

    I love the no dig fence that may be a great option for us. Will have to check into that. Those deer are pretty smart and of course they come to the best house on the block for a nibble. We don’t really have any animal problems with our plants, not really country in my neck of the woods. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  31. Gorgeous fencing and how right your builder is, they eat anything and everything. I won’t miss this at all. There are dear there but very few and we are much smarter now with planting.

    Cynthia’s recent post…Getting Really CloseMy Profile

  32. Hi Shirley, Looks like you found a beautiful solution! I’m still surprised (and thankful!) since we are so rural that we don’t have deer here munching on our flowers and shrubs 🙂
    Mary’s recent post…At the Table: Mikasa Aliza Teal and Aliza GrisMy Profile

  33. What a BEAUTIFUL solution, I love that fencing. No digging is a big bonus too! SOMETHING ate 8 rose buds off of our one bush one night and I suspect the deer. BUT, we can’t put any fencing up to impede the mowers…… We leave in the morning for OBX!!!
    Pinky’s recent post…Just to let you know….My Profile

  34. Thanks for sharing your fencing progress and installation! I definitely like that metal decorative fence as opposed to the wire you used before! I would love to also have a fence like this, but I would want it to go around my entire yard, which means I would probably want something more permanent. However, I will definitely be looking for permanent fences that look a lot like this one!

  35. What a lovely way to protect your bushes and flowers! NO digging is such a bonus. Thanks for sharing this. Deer eat everything at my house, I’ve seen them jump a 6 foot fence from a stand still. We spray the flowers with garlic/water mix and now, our rose bushes are left alone!
    Jemma’s recent post…Best Toilet AugerMy Profile

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