A Special Father’s Day Card

My hubby has many, many Father’s Day cards . . .

~ ~ from our son and now from our granddaughter.

But there is one very special card that he received many years ago. . .

~ ~ that warranted framing. . . and it still brings a smile and a tear to my hubby’s eyes.

Father's Day Card

Father's Day Card

Our son added a poem to the card . .

~ ~ it read:

“Everyone comes to share you . .

and you help them. . .

and you help me. . .

and you teach them. . .

and you teach me. . .

and you listen to them. . .

and you listen to me. . .

and you laugh with them. . .

and you laugh with me.

Everyone loves and respects you. .

but I love and respect you the most. . .

because I am a part of you and you are a part of me.

Everyone calls you Coach . . .

but I can call you Dad.

~ ~ I must say my hubby needed “a moment” after reading the card.

Father's Day Card

And talk about “needing a moment” . . he needed one after our sweetie wrote him this note . .

~ ~ just because!

My hubby looks at this every day as it is posted on his bulletin board in his office.

Father's Day

This photo was taken on Father’s Day several years ago . .

~ ~ of my hubby, son and granddaughter. I love this photo of them!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend spending it with a special person in your life . . .

~ ~ whether it be your father, hubby, or child who enhanced your life by being a great dad.

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  1. oh…that is so sweet. i love the pic of your hubby,son and sweetie. the kids want to make dad a poster, so off to the craft room today to make one. have a great weekend.

  2. That is such a sweet card and how nice that it is framed to enjoy. That is such a great picture of them together. I see how much your son favors your hubby. He looks like both of y’all.

  3. Pat francoforte says

    So precious! You are blessed! Love your blog, my absolute favorite!

  4. That made me cry. How sweet! You have some handsome men in your life.

  5. A child’s words are such lasting gifts no matter at what age they are given. It’s easy to see why these are so special.

  6. Linda miller says

    Happy Father’s Day to one of the best fathers and grandfathers I know…Tom.

  7. I can see how he would need a moment, Shirley! Words from the heart certainly mean more than what any card could say.

  8. Very sweet! Our children are blessed to have father’s and grandfathers who shared their time with so many other children. So many have no role models at all. Happy FD to your dh. I am sure my son’s 5 kids will shower him with love! 🙂

  9. Oh what a lovely family! Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers out there!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Oh how sweet! Great poem. I can just imagine what it did to your husband’s heart strings to receive that card. And then to get another special note from a little sweetie. Awww!

  11. Oh, Shirley- That made ME cry! Your husband has certainly done something right to instill such respect and love in your son. How very precious to have those sentiments spelled out for him. Your little granddaughter is a doll. I bet she still has gramps wrapped right around her little finger. xo Diana

  12. That is such a sweet poem that your son wrote. I love how you framed it too! What a wonderful keepsake. Your husband is obviously a very good father and it’s nice that he spreads his talents around by being a good coach too. Coaches are often father figures, aren’t they?

  13. Donnamae says

    Great poem that your son wrote…I can see why he needed a moment! 😉

  14. Oh, Shirley, I needed a moment after reading that poem! And your little granddaughter’s note is just as precious. Children’s words are so true and full of emotion, which is what makes them so wonderful! Have a wonderful weekend celebrating with that beautiful family.

  15. That is the sweetest poem! And I can see why you framed it. Such inciteful words for a child. And…tears would be understandable. Sheila

  16. Wow, what a poem, it’s so special from a child! Yes, I would have framed it too and keep it forever! Your Little adorable granddaughter is a Smart and intelligent one, besides the fact that she adores her grandpa! Our two g’girls adore my hubby too, little girls have a special love for their granddads and I can see it in yours!
    Have a Happy Dad’s Day tomorrow.

  17. What a great pic of three generations! Every parent would be so proud to receive such a thought-filled, loving card from their child. TJ is so special, and so is Tommy. And that little sugarbug, Graylyn, she’s such a tender spirit. Please tell them I wish them a Happy Father’s Day!

  18. Beautiful and loving post. Love the card and poem your son gave his dad. Just so touching. Graylyn looks so cute in every picture. Cherish the day with them tomorrow.

  19. What a sweet post, Shirley! You were so thoughtful to frame the card from your son. Those are the sentiments that every parent wants to hear…straight from the heart. It is apparent how much your son and Graylyn love your sweet hubby! Wishing them a Very Happy Father’s Day!

  20. What a touching post! The card is priceless and the note form your Granddaughter is precious! I know these are cherished items! You have a wonderful family, Shirley! You can see the love you have for each other! I know this day will be filled with many blessings fro you and your family!

  21. a sweet memento and precious moments. xo

  22. Shirley, this is precious! What a special relationship your hubby has with your son and granddaughter, which is wonderful! Wishing him a Happy Father’s Day 🙂

  23. Awww, that poem is precious! No wonder you had it framed! And your granddaughter is as thoughtful and loving as your son. You are blessed, Shirley!

  24. Jeanette Price says

    Awwww.. that’s just the sweetest thing.. What a wonderful tribute to your hubby. It was so nice that even at your sons young age was able to see how lucky he is.

  25. How incredibly sweet and genuine – definitely frameable!! Great pic too :o))

  26. Lovely poem… Very special indeed… Blessings on Father’s Day…

  27. So, so sweet! I love it when men are able to just let their guard down and let their emotions take over. It does them good whether they know it or not.

  28. This is the sweetest thing that I’ve seen in a long time. What a treasure!

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