Memories of France . . An Elegant Hotel and Spa In Normandie, France

Almost a year later, I still have fond and vivid memories of France. . .

~ ~ from the time we stepped off the plane in Paris . . .

~ ~ ~ ~ to the time we had to bid farewell to the breathtaking countryside of Normandie.

Today, I want to share with you our first experience in Normandy.

When we all arrived, I our eyes were opened wide and our jaws dropping to the floor.

We arrived at the Le Clos De Grace . . . located in Honfleur and it was exquisitely “graceful”

Le Clos De Grace

Le Clos De Grace

Now you can see just why our eyes flew wide open and our jaws dropped to the floor!

Honfleur, France

The gracious French Bed and Breakfast and Spa is located in this wonderful town of Honfleur.

Le Clos De Grace

This is the building in which we actually stayed . . .

~ ~ the main house is actually the residence of the owners . . a very nice family.

Le Clos De Grace

From the main entrance of the estate . . .

~ ~ you would enter through these gates to get to the buildings of the guest quarters.

Le Clos De Grace

Another guest quarter building and if my memory serves me right, it is also where the spa is.

Le Clos De Grace

Another view. . .now look at the window . . . doesn’t it look like there is a “person” there?

~ ~ or a “shadow” of one . . . Could this be a twilight zone moment?

Le Clos De Grace

What an amazing “awning” . . . and there were gorgeous hydrangeas throughout the property.

~ ~ Obviously, they do not have a deer problem!

Le Clos De Grace

This building was under a renovation process…I believe it is slotted for an “event center”

Le Clos De Grace

We were able to see this building from the windows of where we were staying.

Le Clos De Grace

And were able to get a close up view of the incredible thatched roof . . .

~ ~ with an amazing garden at the peak of the roof!!!

Le Clos De Grace

This is the rear view of the building . . as you can see the gorgeous landscaping everywhere!

Le Clos De Grace

While strolling though the grounds of this estate . . .

~ ~ I felt as if I were strolling through the most charming and quaint town.

Le Clos De Grace

Le Clos De Grace

Isn’t the side of this building so beautiful???

Le Clos De Grace

Another bucolic scene of this property . . .

~ ~ the softscapes and hardscapes were just magnificent.

Le Clos De Grace

Le Clos De Grace

There was so much renovation going on . . .

~ ~ I can’t imagine how things look now after a year.

Le Clos De Grace

Lots of firewood needed for their many fireplaces!

They were also working on a fabulous outdoor area for entertaining.

Le Clos De Grace

Le Clos De Grace

Le Clos De Grace

So you can see how hard it was to leave this place of incredible beauty!

Le Clos De Grace

I hope to return one day soon . . . with hubby in tow this time . . .

~ ~ so he can see how much I love this place, and the charming region of Normandie.

Hope you enjoyed this tour of the elegant estate.

I plan to present the amazing interiors soon.

I wish you all a wonderful day!!

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  1. Oh, such fond memories came flooding back. You really grabbed some great shots. I only wish we could have toured their home.

  2. Linda miller says

    Beautiful photos of a lovely destination with wonderful memories, I’m sure.

  3. Everything looks so magical….I hope to make it there some day myself!!!

  4. Oh wow! It is exquisite, truly breath-taking! I wouldn’t of wanted to leave either, Shirley. Thank you for sharing! I’m looking forward to seeing the interiors.
    Have a wonderful week,

  5. I can’t believe it’s been a year!

  6. Wow Shirley,
    What a beautiful place to stay. Oh to own that wonderful place and wake up every morning in that beauty. I can see why your jaws dropped. It is gorgeous.

  7. Oh, my. I had to pin this. What a beautiful place. What wonderful memories. Thank you for sharing.
    Also, I love your new potting table. Made me work on mine. I enjoy your blog so very much.

  8. Barbara Bussey says

    Oh Shirley! What a gorgeous place! I tried contacting your tour leader and didn’t hear back. I understand her business is changing but I’d love to take this trip! Anyone else?

  9. Jeanette Price says

    Looks like an absolutely beautiful place to visit. I can see why you want to go back. I have never had the opportunity to travel to Europe. I hope to one day get to see the many places on my list. Maybe next time I will go with you.

  10. Oh, Shirley, it looks like those pictures were taken straight from a fairy tale–absolutely breathtaking!

    P.S. Your sense of humor makes me giggle–Twilight Zone and deer! Ha! 🙂

  11. What a beautiful estate! You brought back memories of my trip to France and Honfleur.

  12. This really is too beautiful, Shirley!! The best thing about these old European buildings and their surroundings is all the little details. The curve of the roofs, the garden on top of the thatched roof, the windows, doorways, and chimneys. Everything is just so different from over here — it’s a real treat to visit, isn’t it? I’ve always wanted to see Normandy, too, and your post makes me want to go even more. Truly a lovely area!

    Thanks for sharing; I enjoyed your post and hope you have a great week, my friend. 🙂



  13. Shirley!! We’re going to Normandy in July. We’re so excited–we’re military history buffs, so we’re thrilled about visiting this part of France. We’re renting a house–an 11th century chateau, actually. Are there any places you’d recommend we visit? Or that we avoid? Would love to know!

  14. Thanks for taking us back to this beautiful place a year later. I can totally see why your mouths were open and your eyes. What beauty and so cozy!!


  15. Shirley, what a quaint and charming estate! No wonder you’d like to go back! 🙂

  16. Oh Shirley, how beautiful this Bed and Breakfast is and I can see why you want to go back. The gardens are stunning – everything is so pretty. Thanks for sharing this wonderful tour of your visit to Normandy.
    Some day I hope to be able to go to France, it’s on my bucket list.

  17. What beautiful memories, Shirley! The architecture and gardens are gorgeous! I would never want to leave!

  18. Donnamae says

    Thanks for the tour! That is quite the place…and I’m sure filled with many wonderful memories! I can see why you want to go back! 😉

  19. Shirley- What wonderful wonderful pictures that you have to remember your trip. What a gorgeous place and I am so happy you got to experience it! Wow! The only thing is that one picture with the girl in the window(?) is just a tad creepy!!! xo Diana

  20. Oh how beautiful and magical it must have been! An experience of a lifetime.

  21. Wonderful places to stay add to the delight of travel for sure. We were a very short time in Honfleur, but should we ever go back I’ll know where to stay!

  22. Jeannette says

    I’ve been lucky enough to have visited Paris. My husband (who is ex-military) wants to go to Normandie so it is on our bucket list. That hotel is absolutely gorgeous!

  23. Wow! That place is beautiful! The landscaping is gorgeous along with the old architecture. I bet they had a large staff taking care of it all. I bet your husband would love to go with you next time.

  24. Honfleur is such a cute little town; I had the opportunity to visit last year. The thatched roofs with the gardens on top are such a delight to look at! Thanks for sharing!

  25. Wow, so much charm! Loved the awning and those thatched roofs…love!

  26. What pretty countryside… I also loved the awning… Memories…

  27. Beautiful Shirley! A visit to France is on my bucket list 🙂

  28. Wow Shirley, what a great trip that must have been!! I’ve only been to France once, and certainly didn’t get to see anything like that. Lovely photos too!

  29. I so enjoy pictures of people who have experienced France
    I have learned it is a very expensive trip and why many only
    get to go once, so lots of pictures is wonderful to look back on and
    I get to see for first time and enjoy
    Thanks for sharing

  30. The hardscapes are beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with us. I love how you maintain them as well. You did a great job.

  31. The place is beautiful and your hardscapes are worth looking at. I wish we could see this in person.

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