He said it was “Christmas in July” Ironstone and A Grain Sack Pillow

When I was away at the Haven Conference . . .

~ ~ when speaking to my hubby one evening, he told me that it was “Christmas in July” around here.

Apparently, three packages arrived for me that day . . . Oh, I love packages on the porch!

One of them was a package from my sister-in-law of pictures that I will share later.

Christmas in July

I ordered something from Mary Alice’s Etsy Shop . . .

~ ~ and the cute brown tissue wrapped package is from Kelly (My Soulful Home).

I won a grain sack pillow cover from Kelly!!! . . . She was celebrating a “blogaversary”

Chateau Chic Etsy Shop

Love the way Mary Alice embellishes her card with vintage items . . .

~ ~ my key collection is growing!…and this is my very first vintage clock face.

So'ing Pouch

So'ing Pouch

So'ing Kit

Kelly attached this ever “So” cute sewing pouch . . .


I was drawn to the shape and pattern of this piece . . .

Mary Alice has such great things in her shop.

~ ~ such as the great Dundee Marmalade Jar and Breadboard I purchased a little while ago.


I love the basket weave and floral pattern on this Alfred Meakin bowl.

I have a few ideas on how I will use this piece.

Grain Sack Pillow

Here is the gorgeous grain sack pillow that Kelly made . . .

~ ~ I love how she embellished it with the ruffle and denim trim . . . she is so talented!

Grain Sack Pillow

Grain Sack Pillow

When Kelly emailed me to let me know that I won . . . I was ecstatic as her creations are magnificent!

Antique Split Oak Bench/Grain Sack Pillow

And now it has a very happy home on my antique split oak bench in the bay window of my dining room.

It was meant to be there!!!….Thanks Kelly!!

Here’s to a great day of “happy” !!!

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  1. Wow, the pillow is gorgeous and I love the ironstone, both look perfect in your home! Thank you for sharing Mary Alice’s Etsy shop, she has so many beautiful things for sale. I loved meeting Kelly, she is so sweet and funny and I had the best at dinner with you all. She is indeed very talented and has a wonderful blog! Enjoy your Christmas in July, I love getting packages on the porch too, so fun!

  2. Nothing like a few happys to brighten your day. Love the sassiness of the pillow.

  3. I love finding packages on my front porch too Shirley 🙂 Love that pillow…what an awesome win! Love the ironstone serving bowl too!

  4. I love all of those items. You are one lucky girl!!! We loved hanging out with you at Haven.

  5. That pillow is fabulous and such a nice size! I love the ruffle too! I got a HUGE box the other day, come see!!!

  6. Shirley, packages are the best! Love your new goodies 🙂

  7. I really enjoy reading all your posts even if I don’t leave messages. You are always in my thought , my friend!

  8. What fun to get “Christmas in July”! Cute sewing pouch and what a great pillow! I’m so glad you won it. It’s perfect for your bench! 🙂

  9. Jeanette Price says

    Some how coming home and finding packages even if it were something your ordered is always fun. I love finding boxes on the front steps. Enjoy your new things they are lovely!

  10. I love finding packages on my porch too! You have some wonderful treasures! I love the pillow; it’ stunning on your bench! The bowl, keys and pouch are great -Lots of pretty things!

  11. Love that ruffled pillow!

  12. Packages are so fun. I had one arrive today…on my birthday…and it was like a birthday gift I gave myself. ha!…It was from Chicos!

    I think you pillow is so cute…and the wrapping as cute as the pillow.

    Christmas in July…or any month is fun, fun, fun!

  13. The pillow you won is fabulous, Shirley!! It looks perfect on your bench. Thank you again for the lovely mention of my etsy shop. You’re the best!!
    Mary Alice

  14. You got some great things, Shirley! Love the pillow! I love getting packages, although I prefer to get them when hubby isn’t home. ; )

  15. Shirley!! Thank you so very much for this beautiful post! I too was so excited when you won the pillow I made. I am happy to know it made you “happy” & that it sits in your beautiful home. You know Mary Alice is also a friend of mine so being featured along with her was an extra treat!
    Enjoy the pillow for many many years…

  16. Wow! I love that pillow, Shirley. And knowing that it came from Kelly makes it even more special.

    What a fabulous time we had together at Haven! Miss the girls already!

  17. Congrats on your win! It’s always exciting to get to win something you want. That’s a very cute pillow.

  18. Yes, Shirley, it was definitely “Christmas in July” at your home! Love the ironstone piece; and the pillow is beautiful. Mary Alice does such great work! I got a box last week from Pottery Barn. I’m still grinning. Lol!

  19. Happy day for sure. LOVE your pillow. Looks wonderful on the bench!

  20. How fun! I love getting packages too! It truly is like Christmas in July!!!~~Ang

  21. Swoon Shirley! Your pillow is WONDERFUL and so is your AM piece! Happy Christmas in July:)

  22. I also love when I get packages. You have some lovely items. Congratulations on your give away win.

  23. Very nice price… Love it… I also love keys… I have them scattered throughout my home…

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