Antiquing in Pennsylvania

I have been a bit M.I.A. as far as posting . . .

Within the past 2 weeks I have been on 3 separate trips . . with only a day or two in-between them.

It has certainly been a whirlwind for us.

Just got back from our trip to D.C. . . . Hubby had a business trip there.

While I was in D.C., I met up with a fellow blogger and friend. . . .

~ ~ and had 2 great days of adventure.

You will know later who that “friend” is as I will be doing another post on our adventures!

Antique Market

I arrive at her house an hour later than I anticipated . . .

~ ~ even with my Garmin in the car . . . I rode in circles trying to get out of the heart of D.C.

Her hubby called me and talked me through getting through the D.C. streets and on the the main highway!

Yep, I was going in circles within a 2 mile radius in D.C. for an hour!

Antique Marketplace

When I arrived at her home . . .

~ ~ she asked, “do you mind taking a 2 hour trip” . . . I am always up for a good road trip!

So off we go . . . from Virginia to Pennsylvania!

Antique Marketplace

We arrive at this beautiful storefront.

My hubby called me from the office . . . just to “check in”

He asked where we were . . . I told him Pennsylvania!

“Well, he said, I guess it’s better than Canada, as you won’t be back in time to pick me up” !!

P.S. . . . we were running late, so he took the Metro to meet us for dinner!

Susquehanna River

When we arrived at the Antique Market it was lunchtime . . .

~ ~ we decided to go to lunch first, so that we would have nourishment to have lots of energy to shop!

This was the view from our table . .

Susquehanna River

The restaurant had beautiful views of the Susquehanna River.

Antique Marketplace

The Marketplace was huge . . . sometimes while strolling through the aisles, I felt “lost”

There were hundreds of booths . . . and many of them were having sales!!!

Antique Marketplace

You can spend the entire day there! . . . Seriously.

The prices were great and when there was a discount . . . well, it was even better.

Most sales that some booths had were an additional 15 to 30% off!

Antique Marketplace

So here is my “loot” prior to them wrapping up the pieces . . .

~ ~ 3 ironstone tureens . . . all made in England.

~ ~ ~ ~ one chamber pot with lid . . . (this one was $8.00 with 20% off) 🙂

The total including tax on all 4 items was $67.00 . . . OH HAPPY DAY!!!

My “friend” got lots of deals too!!!…and one of them was a vintage scale for $5.00, yes, $5.00 !!

So stay tuned for Part 2 of my trip to D.C.

But in the meantime . . . I want to share our granddaughter’s Moshi Monster (our Flat Stanley) . .

~ ~ his name is Oddie.

Oddie in DC

My granddaughter gave Oddie to my hubby as good luck charm and he travels everywhere with us.

Oddie and I tried to convince the White House security to let us take a picture on the “lawn” . . .

~ ~ we both smiled and asked nicely . . . they said “no way”!!!

Oddie in D.C.

So he settled for a pic through the fence!…a bit out of focus from his pleading and whining.

Oddie in D.C.

After a long day of seeing some sights . . . Oddie relaxed with us at a D.C. Steakhouse . . .

~ ~ saying, “it was a good day” ! !

And Oddie and I wish you a good day too!!!

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  1. Wow you really have been busy! I heard that trying to get through D.C. is like trying to brush your hair with a bobby pin….what a nightmare for you. I am glad it ended up with a fantastic shopping trip and a wonderful meal. Love the ironstone you got!
    Christine’s recent post…Rattan Blind DIY UpdateMy Profile

  2. Oh, what fun!! That is so funny about you going around in circles. I bet you were fussing!
    Kim’s recent post…Favorite Room…..Tone On ToneMy Profile

  3. Your photos are really great!!! Fun post. Love Oddie!
    Mary Alice
    Mary Alice Patterson’s recent post…A Pretty French FindMy Profile

  4. Love your ironstone!
    Familiar with the DC streets…and driving.
    Did I mention…I love your ironstone!

  5. Sounds like it was a fun trip…. I would still be there driving in circles I’m afraid?!?! Your ironstone tureens are beautiful.
    Des’s recent post…New finds……My Profile

  6. I LOVE your ironstone.

  7. What a whirlwind of a time you been having Shirley. We only stopped in PA once on a road trip. I told my husband that is a place I would love to do some more poking around. It is a cool place and that antique mall looked awesome! Have a great weekend Shirley. XO

  8. What a fun adventure that Oddie and you had! I would’ve been LOST too, in that fabulous store! I love your goodies (they’re beautiful) and was just telling myself I need to find some more soup tureens!

  9. I get a headache just thinking about the DC traffic! For years we battled it going to NJ and finally found a better way to go. Gosh, the antique market looked like an amazing place, and what great prices. Your Oddie is so cute. Bet your granddaughter loves seeing all the places he “visits”. Looking forward to the rest of your visit.
    Babs’s recent post…Another Little Paint ProjectMy Profile

  10. Jeanette Price says

    Looks like you had a blast and got some great finds as well. You should have stopped here in NJ to make your trip complete!

  11. Looks like you had a great trip! Always a great trip when you find good bargains! To bad you couldn’t get on the White House lawn for a picture. Can’t wait to read more of your adventure!
    Jayne’s recent post…Bacon and Ranch Potato SaladMy Profile

  12. Wow! What a wonderful trip you had! That antique mall took my breath away. Love your ironstone finds…I’ll tell you, that’s the kind of trip that makes the hard parts of traveling worth every lost minute!! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch
    Rosie M.’s recent post…Dancing DaisiesMy Profile

  13. Hi Shirley,
    So happy you got out of DC and finally to meet up. That had to be totally frustrating. Happy you had such a great visit and day at the Antique Market. Looks awesome. Love all your finds.

  14. Now that’s what I call an adventure!! You scored some great deals. Looking forward to seeing how you use them.
    Sandra’s recent post…Candles in the WindMy Profile

  15. Wow! The Antique Marketplace looks like a fabulous place to shop. I admire you for driving alone in the DC area. We lived in that area for 6 years and never got the directions 100% from the heart of DC back to our house.

  16. You got some deals of a lifetime Shirley with your friend!:) Those ironstone pieces are amazing. I certainly could have shopped for hours as well.
    Pamela’s recent post…Treasure Hunt Thursday #165 & HighlightsMy Profile

  17. I’ve been lost in DC too! Glad you had fun!
    Kathleen’s recent post…Polka Dots, Lucky Ducks and Silly Chicks! Summer Whimsy Challenge!My Profile

  18. Shirley!! You got “lucky” this week too! Wow!! Love your ironstone. I know your friend & can’t wait for the next post. Maybe there will be a photo of you two…
    Have a great weekend & stay in one place for a few days!
    Kelly’s recent post…Week in Review – treasures scored, berries smashed & moreMy Profile

  19. What a fun trip! I love DC and the surrounding areas.

  20. A GREAT day of shopping!!!!! WOW!!! I’m all for piling in the car and having a relaxing drive to an unknown shopping destination…just as long as it’s worth it upon arrival! And your trip was most definitely worth it!

    Oddie is funny! Poo on those stuffy White House Secret Service people for not letting you take the photo on the lawn! Speaking of poo….a chamber pot? Really? Hard to distinguish it from the tureens! Hope that mistake didn’t cause problems “back in the day”!!! 🙂
    Alycia Nichols’s recent post…Picnic AntsMy Profile

  21. Linda r. says

    Shirley, You are so funny. I love the great deals you find. I don’t know about you, but I scout out antique stores on all my travel. I was just in Detroit last week and discovered a neat little antique store. My first question is, “do you ship?” If the answer is no, I’m off to find one that does. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the neat stuff you find and how you put it together. Thanks

  22. Absolutely fun day, Shirley, from start to finish.:-)

    Happy weekend!
    Pat@Back Porch Musings’s recent post…Throwback Thursday SnapshotsMy Profile

  23. It looks like a wonderful place, Shirley! I would probably be starting to get anxious if I had been getting lost (especially with my GPS). I understand that the streets in D.C. run a certain way and can be a traffic he**. Anyway, glad you are not eternally lost in D.C.! : ) Love those tureens.
    Kathy @ Creative home expressions’s recent post…Design Book Library ~ Mary Carol GarrityMy Profile

  24. Great finds. Love the ironstone. Glad you finally made it. I would have been a nervous wreck.

    Look forward to seeing your other adventures.
    Bonnie Morgan’s recent post…Weekend at Daughter’s HouseMy Profile

  25. Looks like a wonderful trip! I love DC!!! Can’t wait to see more of your adventures and your “mystery” friend!~~Ang
    Angela’s recent post…Garden Stool Makeover!!!My Profile

  26. joan Rooney says

    Shirley, love the finds. Where is that great antique marketplace? I live in PA, would love to go there!

  27. Shirley, this sounds like a fun trip! You found some amazing deals; I love your ironstone pieces! I love Oddie! What a cute idea! Have a fabulous weekend!

  28. Oh what fun Shirley! I love the pieces you purchased. This antique mall is definitely going on my bucket list.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. For some reason the message does not appear on my inbox mail but only on the post…..Some do and some don’t…… Anyhow just go to the dollar tree buy some paint and brushes and some canvas and have some fun. Great tutorials on utube. I’m self taught.
    Linda’s recent post…Hydrangea Painting ………My Profile

  29. Sounds like you 2 had a fun day! And then dinner at a steak house, what more could you ask! Joe and I had our GPS on coming home from Fl. this winter and for some unknown reason it took us off of I95 and right through DC:(:( It was a darn nightmare. NO idea how that happened. Can’t wait for part 2. Wondering who you were with? Pictures???
    Pinky at Designs by Pinky’s recent post…Changes in the Guest Bedroom and Bath!!!My Profile

  30. My husband’s brother used to live in Pa, some of our nicest antiques came from Pennsylvania!! This place looks like heaven!!

  31. I’m eyeing that watering can with envy Shirley! I could have spent lots of hours and had a lighter wallet after shopping and perusing those booths! Love the ironstone 🙂
    Mary’s recent post…A Return to Historic Charleston, SCMy Profile

  32. What a great shopping mall! I love your vintage pieces, what great bargains!
    I sent my Stanley on vacation with my sister, (I teach 3rd grade) she is having a ball taking him to see all the sites in Toronto. I know my kids will love it!
    Patti’s recent post…Sparkle and ShineMy Profile

  33. My daughter went to college in DC so I can relate to going around in circles! We looked into the history of why it was developed that way and apparently it was done to confuse the enemy. No kidding!

    That antique mall reminds me of the one I went to a few months ago not far from the cabin, and yes, I almost DID spend the whole day there too!

    And really, how cute is Oddie! Too bad the grouchy White House security peeps didn’t let him on the lawn, but you managed to get some adorable shots nonetheless. 🙂
    Doreen@househoneys’s recent post…A ‘Day of Days’! The Wedding Photos Are Here!My Profile

  34. Great trip, Shirley! Your ordeal in DC traffic reminded me of the scene with Annette Bening in “An American President” at the end, where she’s trying to get to the White House, after circling DuPont. 🙂
    Love the looks of that mall in PA – now I’m off to read Part 2 and catch up with you!
    Rita C. (Panoply)’s recent post…Behind the Curtain – the “Real” Antiques RoadshowMy Profile

  35. WOW Shirley what an awesome marketplace…I’m going to see how far it would be for me to make a trip there!
    martina’s recent post…DIY demijohn lamp…My Profile

  36. My favorite pastime… Hope you found great stuff…
    Lorb’s recent post…Neighborhood FlowersMy Profile

  37. Wow, Shirley, you really scored some deals! Those tureens and the chamber pot are awesome! You always find the best stuff! I laughed so hard at you driving around in circles. I can only imagine! Glad you finally found your way out of town or you would have missed out on some really great deals! Lol!
    Shenita’s recent post…~A Citrus Tablescape~My Profile

  38. DC is a real mess getting where you want to go. What a wonderful surprise to depart to PA. That store is unbelievable! And I love the pieces you chose, and I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with them. I know you’ve already planned their perfect place! Loved the lunch on the beautiful River. What a great adventure.

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