Antiquing Trip Part 2

While in D.C., I was thrilled to have met with my friend and fellow blogger . . .

~ ~ and she so graciously took me to some of her favorite places to shop for antiques.

If you missed Part One of my adventure, you can view it here.

On the second day, we went to places around the town in which she lives.

The first stop was the antique shop where she has a booth.

Rust and Feathers Antiques

Rust and Feathers . . . just down the street from Lucketts Store.

It is a wonderful place . .

Rust and Feathers Antiques

This is her booth…

Rust and Feathers Antiques

So many cute things in her booth!

Rust and Feathers Antiques

Here is a collage of items in the shop of some items “for summer” . . .

~ ~ that I took from their website, Rust and Feathers ~ Vintage Redefined.

After making my purchase from her booth, we drove into town to visit a couple of local shops.

It is there that I found more ironstone. Yay!

I did a vignette of the ironstone that I found on my 2 day shopping trip.

Ironstone Tureen

This tureen sits on top of a vintage stool that I purchased from her booth.

Ironstone plates and tureen

In a local antiques shop I found 4 matching ironstone plates and bowls. . .

~ ~ it wasn’t until I unpacked everything at home. . .

~ ~ ~ that I discovered that the plates and bowls matches the tureen that sits on top of the little bench.

Ironstone plates and tureen

Oh Happy Day!

Ironstone Bowl

This particular vendor used vintage postcards for tags.

Ironstone Tureen

Two out of the three tureens were very close to excellent condition.

Ironstone Tureen

The third with a few blips here and there…but that just adds to the character right???!!

Ironstone Chamber Pot

This chamber pot is quite common; however, I was thrilled to find one with a lid! . . .

~ ~ and this was $8.00 with 20% off !!!

Ironstone Vignette

So here is my “loot” . . . I am still giddy over my finds!

Now, the following are snippets of rooms of my friend and fellow blogger’s home . .

~ ~ can you recognized these rooms and vignettes?

Chateau Chic Dining Room

I only had my “point and shoot” camera with me . . so at a little disadvantage with taking photos.

Chateau Chic Dining Room

Love how she showcased her ironstone on top of the vintage stools!

She told me that her grandmother loved ironstone, and is the one who started her on collecting it.

Many of her grandmother’s pieces are displayed in her home.

Chateau Chic Vignette

Beautiful vignettes of vintage pieces, ironstone and architectural elements are throughout the house.

Vintage Kitchen Vignette-Chateau Chic

She has a wonderful talent of showcasing her beautiful collections. . .

~ ~ like this one in her kitchen.

Vintage Breakfast Room-Chateau Chic

What a wonderful vintage breakfast room . . just swooned over the cabinet in the corner . . .

~ ~ and the vignette on her table ~ ~ and how about that great chandelier?!!

So, have you guessed who I spent 2 days with running the roads from Virginia to Pennsylvania???

Probably so . . .

Bloggers night out!

It is Mary Alice of Chateau Chic! She is on the left.

We were so busy shopping and dining and me swooning over her house . . .

~ ~ that I forgot to take a pic of us!

This is a pic of when Kim and I met Mary Alice for the first time during the Lucketts Spring Market weekend.

I had a wonderful time and I thank Mary Alice for her gracious hospitality. . .

~ ~ and taking me across three states to shop!!!

Have a most wonderful day being with the ones you love and doing what makes you happy!

P.S. A big congratulations to Whitney and John of Drab to Fab Design . . .

~ ~ for winning the 2nd Challenge of Flipping The Block. Their bathroom remodel was genius!

I am joining:

From My Front Porch to Yours for Treasure Hunt Thursdays

Savvy Southern Style for Wow Us Wednesdays

Southern Hospitality for July Thrifty Treasures

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  1. Your camera took great shots. I love how she styles things. What a great scale on her table. Darn, I missed the second show and they won it. Maybe a rerun will be on.

  2. I thought it must be Mary Alice. I love her home, and it looks like you had a great time. I love seeing bloggers meet up with each other. Have a great week, Shirley.

  3. What a fun trip and great finds, Shirley! I know you’ll have fun styling your ironstone. 🙂
    xo Heidi

  4. Thank you, Shirley, for being so gracious with your lovely comments about Rust & Feathers and my home! It was so much fun spending time with you when you were here!!! You’re a real gem of a friend!
    Mary Alice

  5. I had an idea it was Mary Alice. I’m featuring a find from Mary Alice’s etsy shop, tomorrow.:-)

    Love all your ironstone finds, Shirley. Absolutely wonderful. I should go exploring as soon as things settle down around here!

  6. Hi Shirley,
    Love all your ironstone. You hit the jackpot with those pieces. So happy you got to spend time with Mary Alice. She is such a sweetheart and love her vignettes in her home. Her booth looks awesome too. Have a great start to the new week Shirley.

  7. Thanks Shirley for taking us on your antiquing trip. Love your finds!!

  8. Love your ironstone! Looks like you had a wonderful day antiquing. Did I say Love your ironstone!!!

  9. What great finds! I love bringing my treasures home and setting them out and looking at them and deciding where to put them! It’s so much fun! Glad you had a great trip! The finds are fun but it’s the friends that make it fabulous!

  10. What great finds!!! Serendipity that the plates and bowls match the tureen! Mary Alice’s home is fabulous! I LOOOOOVE that scale in her kitchen!

  11. Shirley I am in awe of you finds, the tureen is wonderful. Serendipity at work!

    The Arts by Karena

  12. I know you would never miss an antiquing opportunity and tou do have a knack for finding treasures that fit right in with what you have. Mary Alice has a talent for display.

  13. What a fun way to spend the weekend…I guessed Mary Alice right away! Lucky you getting to see her beautiful home in person! I think your photos came out great Shirley! Love all your pretty finds and how pretty you have them displayed!

  14. Loved that they won the Flipping the Block segment. The show is awesome! Loved your friends white theme in her home. It would be easy to change season with all that!!

  15. Jeanette Price says

    Wow, how nice that you were able to spend sometime with your friends and score on some nice pieces!

  16. I haven’t been to her blog – yet – but I have been to her Rust & Feathers and loved it. We were in Virginia in May looking for a house and stopped by and it was wonderful.

  17. You had every right to forget to take the picture, Shirley. With all the great stuff in there, I would have forgotten to BREATHE!!! What a decorative wonderland!!! You came away with so many beautiful things on this trip, and I can’t wait to see how you use it all!!! You amaze me, girl!

  18. What fabulous finds! I love Mary Alice’s booth and home! It sounds like you had a fabulous time! It’s always fun to meet up with a fellow blogger too! I can’t wait to see how you use these in your vignettes!

  19. How neat to get to go back and spend more time with Mary Alice! I love all of your pretty ironstone finds. I just recently purchased an ironstone pitcher myself. I’m running out of room for all of them!

  20. I would know Mary Alice’s home anywhere! What a fun trip the two of you had. I have never, ever seen ironstone around here for those prices. Definitely a score there!

  21. I love all your finds! You certainly have an eye for great buys.

  22. How fun! Mary Alice’s home is lovely. I am sure that you two had a wonderful time together!

  23. Great ironstone and great prices. Nice to see Mary Alice’s booth and her home and see her picture with you and Kim.

    Nice to see bloggers get together and enjoy one another.

  24. Love all of your finds – I was at Lucketts in May and did not get to go to Rust & Feathers b/c we got caught up in traffic. Thanks for sharing! Jennifer

  25. Shirley, What a fun trip! I love the pretty ironstone you brought home.

  26. You are the sweetest, Shirley!! Thank you for the shout out!! It means so much to us to have your support!! 🙂

  27. Great finds… You have a talent to find all these amazing knick knacks…

  28. Love it! I have quite a collection of ironstone, as well…and a good deal of it comes from PA off of I-81!!

  29. Mmm, lovely finds! Is the ironstone expensive in the USA? You don’t mention how much the other tureens were. They are so pretty! I think I have the same ones or very similar.

  30. I loved looking at all of the pics of Mary Alice’s home and booth. Just beautiful. It’s fun reading about your adventures. I was so happy to see that Whitney and John won the outdoor area, also. They are doing so well and i am enjoying watching the show. Thanks for sharing.

  31. My hubby and I were in Virginia in May looking for a house. We went to Lucketts the day before the big sale but we also went to Rust and Feathers and LOVED it. We will be going back to Virginia soon and can’t wait to go back. I loved it there.

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