Summer/Fall Fruit and Sunflower Table Centerpiece

Summer is going by so quickly . . . many students have already returned to school . . .

~ ~ and Labor Day is just around the corner.

Lately, I have been in a “sunflower state of mind” . . .

~ ~ a flower that I feel can be used for summer and fall.

Sunflower Centerpiece

Sunflower Centerpiece

Sunflowers with apples in a vintage ironstone tureen . .

Sunflower Centerpiece

~ ~ and layered on a vintage grain sack used as a runner.

Sunflower Centerpiece

Sunflower Centerpiece

I previously had these sunflowers in a red transferware pitcher in the great room . . .

~ ~ but thought that how great they would look in this red olive jar.

Don’t you just love how the stems of some the sunflowers bend . . . like tulips do.

Sunflower Centerpiece

And who can resist seeing those wonderful apples in the ironstone tureen . . .

~ ~ and not cut one up for a snack!

Sunflower Centerpiece

Sunflower Centerpiece

Adding cheese sounds like the perfect addition to this snack . . .

Sunflower and Fruit Centerpiece

Sunflower Centerpiece

I love the combination of flowers and fruit . . . always a classic!

Sunflower and Fruit Centerpiece

This color combination and combining fruit and flowers has always been a favorite of mine . . .

~ ~ to make pretty vignettes and centerpieces.

I think I shall call this my “FALLSUM” centerpiece…the “in-between Summer and Fall” . . .

~ ~ still feeling the temps of summer, but anxious to decorate and transition to Fall.

Have a great “Fallsum” day!….

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  1. Shirley, that looks like such a yummy snack…and it makes a gorgeous still-life with your pretty sunflowers! Happy ‘Fallsum’! 🙂

  2. This post perfectly describes me! How did you know? LOL. Two of my favorite things are sunflowers and apples. I even have dishes with apples on them. I have apples and sunflowers in my kitchen and family room. I love the sunflowers in the olive jar. The two are perfect together. Happy Fallsum to you too. I’m ready for fall and looking forward to spending some time at our place in NC.

  3. I love your fallsum piece. maybe a little wine with the snack? I finally have some sunflowers blooming in the garden. can’t wait to cut them and bring them inside. I have always wanted to grow them. have a great day. i am off to work out.

  4. I love your sunflowers. The look great in that red olive jar. I adore apples and cheese together.

  5. I am so ready for Fall, Shirley! I love sunflowers! Your table is so pretty and the sunflowers are gorgeous! The olive jar is a perfect vase and the runner adds such a nice layer to your vignette. Apples, Sunflowers and ironstone- what’s not to love?

  6. Just beautiful…..I love sunflowers!

  7. That’s beautiful! Love the sunflowers in the red olive jar mixed with the red striped grain sack. That’s a great country French mix.

  8. Great minds….I just did a “late Summer Table” using sunflowers! I love, love them!!! Your centerpiece is beautiful, the red jug is perfect with the grain sack. Now I want a snack:):)

  9. Love the sunflowers, apples and red olive jar. I have that same olive jar I bought from a home party several years ago. About the sunflower pillow you showed us several days ago. I really like that pillow and it would go so well in my sunroom. If you remember where you purchased it would you let me know. Maybe they still have some and I would be able to buy one too. Thanks for sharing your lovely home and your wonderful ideas with us.

  10. Beautiful on your dining room table. The apples and cheese look so good and what a wonderful snack in the afternoon. I love sunflowers – they always look so happy.
    Have a terrific day my friend.

  11. Linda Kemp says

    Love that olive jar. I shouldn’t be looking at all these fun things to do…I’ve got to pack for the beach. Have fun with your sunflowers.

  12. You had me at the sunflowers and ironstone. I do love your olive jar too. You have the best table vignettes! Love everything you do. I have appointed you as a master vignette designer …if there is such a title! I am on a mini break from posts as I get this new semester up and running for my French students.

  13. Such a pretty vignette for this time of year, Shirley! I like that this is an edible vignette, too. : ) I am going to a farmer’s market tomorrow morning with my daughter and granddaughter. I think I am going to treat myself to some flowers!

  14. Gorgeous Sunflowers, they are such happy flowers. I can’t believe summer is almost over. Almost finished with things and posting will begin in a few days. Then, decorate for fall, LOL. I already have a list for projects with furniture painting and others.


  15. What a beautiful “FALLSUM” vignette, Shirley! This is great for transitioning the two seasons! Sunflowers just make me smile; and when you add in the apples, it just makes me long for the cooler temps that come with Fall…lol! This is beautiful!

  16. love those bright sunflowers. I’ll have the apple and cheese plate, please….looks yummy. Every picture is beautiful and perfection.

  17. Lovely sunflowers…and yes I do like how they droop. Mother Nature can be very artistic! 😉

  18. Beautiful photos! You really put together a gorgeous vignette. Thank you for sharing such a pretty post.

  19. The perfect August vignette! You’ve captured the mood of “Fallsum” beautifully! 🙂

  20. So stunning! I really love sunflowers…I think I may need to pick up some…after seeing this
    ; )

    @Seeking Lavender Lane

  21. LOVE you falsum idea!!!! I think it may just take off! Sunflowers and apples… great minds think alike! Your olive jar is…. sigh…. breathtaking!!!

  22. Jeanette Price says

    I love your ideas! Fall is such a nice time of the year. I love all the warm homey scents of pumpkin and cinnamon. I just wish we could have the day light longer. I dread waking up in the dark and coming home in the dark. I feel like once the kids go back to school and blink my eyes it Halloween and then the holidays are here. It all goes so fast!!

  23. BEAUTIFUL Shirley!!

  24. You are SO right…sunflowers are terrific in both summer AND fall! In fact, I think they are the one flower that just fits right in there without missing a beat. And the way they gently bow…so beautiful! I like the way you have them displayed. Whether in a bunch or in singles, they always hit the mark…especially in your talented hands.

    Apples and cheese! Yum! I think that’s what I’ll snack on this afternoon! I have some brie that I love to eat with pears and apples.

    Fallsum-ly fabulous, Shirley!!!

  25. I love sunflowers! Your arrangement was gorgeous!

  26. Your grainsack runner is a thing of beauty Shirley and I love its simplicity and it paired with the jar, sunflowers & apples! ♥

  27. And I used sunflowers on the boat! As we transition into another season, they are at their blooming best.

  28. Love your “fallsum” table! I was just thinking of getting some sunflowers to put in my living room and now you have me convinced! 🙂
    My kids go back to school on Monday. The summer has gone by way too quickly this year!
    Have a great day, Shirley!

  29. Ok all of your sunflowers are just beautiful. I need to go out and find some for our house. Just lovely.

  30. Lovely centerpiece… You turn anything into a masterpiece..

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