A Rusty, Crusty Schwinn

Last week while I was traveling with my hubby . . .

~ ~ I had the great opportunity to go antique shopping with Mary Alice.

It is always an adventure . . . do we shop local? . . . . Oh no, it is much more fun to travel.

~ ~ This time . . . we traveled to Hagerstown, Maryland one day . . and Carlisle, Penn. the next.

We need to start naming our adventures. . . . “Antiques Will Travel” . . .

~ ~ or, sing, “Ain’t no antique shop far enough to keep us from getting to you – – ooo”

Vintage Schwinn Bicycle

My hubby and I always love to take “the road less traveled” . .

~ ~ avoiding the interstates and taking in the beauty of the backroads. . .

~ ~ ~ and there are usually great “places” to stop!….

Vintage Schwinn Bicycle

We took a bit of a different route this time and came across new places to “stop and browse.”

Vintage Schwinn Bicycle

Vintage Schwinn Bicycle

I was careful not to yell stop this time or gasp when we passed this shop . . .

~ ~ just calmly stated that we passed a place that I would like to explore . . . he made a “U-turn.”

Vintage Schwinn Bicycle

As I approached the antique shop (which was quite large) this cutie was on the front porch . . .

Vintage Schwinn Bicycle

I loved this rusty, crusty bike with a basket.

Vintage Schwinn Bicycle

The previous owner turned this bike into stationary bike . . .

~ ~ which was great as we had a built in stand of sorts.

Vintage Schwinn

I was very happy that it still had a bit of paint on it . . . and the blue was perfect . . .

~ ~ as I have blue accents on the back porch.

Vintage Schwinn Bicycle

We walked the back yard to see what the best location for the bike would be . . .

~ ~ and decided this was the best place . . . for now!

My hubby is in the process of replanting the beds and placing some borders to contain the mulch.

So some more flowers may find its way around the bike.

Vintage Schwinn Bicycle

Maybe one day, I will have a beautiful garden shed to park the bike on its porch . . .

~ ~ one day.

In the meantime, will enjoy it in this space . . .

~ ~ and my guests will also have a view of this from their room.

I have more treasures to share from Shirley’s and Mary Alice’s Adventures soon.

I will be enjoying our fabulous lower temps today . . .

Front yard/driveway

Front Driveway

And shuffling more things around the back yard.

Have a most wonderful day!!!

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  1. Cute idea. Love those pretty flowers too.
    I was in Lexington KY recently and saw what appeared to be two painted red bicycles outside of a store. They turned out to be iron sculptures fixed to the sidewalk for folks to use to secure their actually bicycles while in the store. Love your idea of garden art!
    Sheila e

  2. Awww too cute! What a great find and the basket looks so pretty filled with flowers. Love it!

  3. Wonderful Schwinn, Shirley. It’s beautiful in your garden. Looking sort of pre-fallish there. We are back in the 90’s with triple digit heat indexes this week. I hope this is the last hurrah, even though we have had a very mild Summer, so I really can’t complain.

  4. Linda miller says

    Great photos of your new found treasure. We are also enjoying fall like temps. Very pleasant but a little too early for me.

  5. Very cute- love the mums in it! I looked at buying one of the garden/bikes i’ve been seeing but ended up abandoning it because of the cost. We decided it would be less expensive to buy a real used bike to use. I like the stand it has- that’s quite perfect!

  6. Love the bike, but REALLY love your vies. Just gorgeous!

  7. i love your road less travel approach. your bike is perfect in that spot and the flowers are so full and gorgeous.

  8. Great find Shirley, looks great with the mums. Think maybe you will paint it one day in chalk paint?


  9. Shirley, this is such a cute bike! I love the way you accessorized it- the flowers are so pretty! You have so many interesting vintage pieces! This one is adorable!

  10. Loving you crusty bike. Loverly!

  11. What an awesome find Shirley…love the mums in the basket!!

  12. What a wonderful rusty crusty bike! I can just see it against a garden shed 😉

  13. I love a bicycle with flowers in the basket. It looks perfect!

  14. How cute, Shirley! I wish I could put out some mums right now; but, it is still in the triple digits this week! Your bike looks so cute in the landscape. Can’t wait to see what else you brought home!

  15. You found the perfect place for that awesome bike, Shirley. Until you get that garden shed, that is. :-))
    Mary Alice

  16. Shirley, I’d love to go shopping with you and Mary Alice!! The bike is adorable-love the blue! 🙂

  17. Love the bike Shirley. I am on the lookout for one also, so far haven’t found one. I like where you placed the bike, looks great there.
    Have a wonderful week and looking forward to seeing what other treasures you found on your country roads.

  18. What a great bike, Shirley! I love it with the flowers in the basket. I’ll bet you had a great time shopping with Mary Alice.

  19. Love the color and the bike. Yes, fall is almost here. What shop did you go to in Carlisle if you recall the name?

  20. Now, what did he really think about you buying this rusty bike and placing it in his manicured yard?? Love the flowers in the basket.

  21. That’s such a cute old bike. I like it filled with flowers. I bet Kris from Junk Chic Cottage would love it too since she has one inside her house! Your antique shopping venture sounded fun.

  22. Awww, Shirley, this bike reminds me of my first bike, and it was blue, too! I’d say you found the perfect corner to display it. Looooooove it!

  23. LOVE that bike, Shirley! Just the other day my walking partner and I were talking about getting bikes to ride. And we want this type, the old fashioned pedal bikes!!! Love where you put this. Your hubby is great, Joe is always in a HUGE hurry to get wherever we are going so we stick to the highways:(:( BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Love your rusty, crusty bike, Shirley, and the beautiful flowers. We take back roads when we travel too…I also gasp when I see something (drives my husband nuts). Thanks for sharing your lovely find.

  25. You guys seem like you have the best, sweetest marriage. It is so nice to read about your life 🙂

  26. Oh I have bike envy Shirley! I’m looking for one to plant by my Potting Shed! I’m also looking for a pair of old green shutters that are about 60+ tall, will you be my personal shopper in your antiquing travels, pretty please? 🙂

  27. How did I miss this! I have a bike that looks very much like this only newer. I thought it would be great to ride in Maine, but it is so danged heavy I can’t pump it up all the hills. Maybe this is its future!

  28. I’m just going to say this….I AM Jealous! I been wanting an old bike forever. And with a basket to boot. You lucky gal. It looks so stinkin cute in your garden.

  29. Jann Olson says

    I love vintage bikes and this one is fabulous Shirley!

  30. That’s an awesome find, Shirley! My parents still have our old Schwinn bikes from the 70’s. 🙂
    xo heidi

  31. Love this it is perfect. It is fun to think all the places that bike has been.

  32. I think you just nabbed my childhood bike Shirley!! Seriously, it looks just like it. Glad it found a fabulous home ;).

  33. Super jealous! I’ve been looking for an old chippy bike!! The chipper, the better, right??!! Wonderful find!~~Ang

  34. What a fantastic idea for an old bike… Just lovely, Shirley…

  35. Loved the bike!!

  36. I’ve been looking for a bike to do this with…most of the bikes I come upon are too recent for me to consider, or they’re ‘boy bikes’ which I don’t like for display purposes. Love this, so pretty with the mums. Good job.

  37. Love hearing about your travels and wonderful finds.My hubby is enjoying them also as I read out loud to him and show him the pictures.:)

  38. OMG it is so cute! You and Mary Alice sound like Thelma and Louise but junkers lol! I want that bike:)

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