The First Fall Vignette of 2014

Hope you all had a great Labor Day Weekend . . .

~ ~ it was a busy weekend for us with a tournament, company, and my hubby’s birthday!…

Thanks to the team for their generous birthday gift and wishes . . .

~ ~ and thanks to our friends D & S for throwing my hubby a great birthday party/dinner! !

With all the beautiful cards he received, I think the one he treasures most . . .

~ ~ is the handmade one from our granddaughter. . . She loves making cards for everyone.

So . . . now that Labor Day has passed . . . it’s time for some Fall decorating . . .

Or . . . “how to decorate for Fall when the temps may get to 100 degrees here!”

Antique French Buffet Fall Vignette

Antique French Buffet Fall Vignette

Easy!!…take out your Fall decor bins at 5:30am . .

~ ~ as it was a busy weekend and no time to decorate and post.

Antique French Buffet Fall Vignette

Seriously . . . I was up at 3:45am . . . and hitting the ground running . .

~ ~ to start my day.

Antique French Buffet Fall Vignette

And there I was trying to remember all that I had from last year . . .

~ ~ to incorporate into the Fall decor this year . . . going with what I have on hand . . .

~ ~ ~ other than fresh flowers and plants.

Antique French Buffet Fall Vignette

Antique French Buffet Fall Vignette

You will see the same decorations . . . in different locations . . . (hey that rhymed!!!). . .

Antique French Buffet Fall Vignette

Antique French Buffet Fall Vignette

Antique French Buffet Fall Vignette

This is the very first Fall vignette for my Antique French Buffet . . .

~ ~ as it arrived after Christmas last year.

Last year’s Fall Foyer Vignette was quite different.

Antique French Buffet Fall Vignette

Antique French Buffet Fall Vignette

Antique French Buffet Fall Vignette

The demijohns go so well with Fall decor . . .

Antique French Buffet Fall Vignette

I was thinking as I decorated the top of the grain sack, how great the grain sack would be at Christmas . . .

~ ~ then the inner voice kicked in telling me to enjoy the moment!!!

Antique French Buffet Fall Vignette

So by looking at this vignette, it makes me feel like it really isn’t close to 100 degrees outside . . .

Antique French Buffet Fall Vignette

Antique French Buffet Fall Vignette

I thought I would start with the foyer of my home . . . to welcome family and friends . . .

~ ~ with a taste of Fall.

Have a fabulous day!!!

I am joining:

At the Picket Fence for Autumn Abounds Party

French Country Cottage for Feathered Nest Friday

From My Front Porch To Yours for Treasure Hunt Thursday

Savvy Southern Style for Wow Us Wednesdays

StoneGable for The Scoop

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  1. Enjoyed seeing my first Fall blog! Fall is my favorite season and your posting has just confirmed that!

  2. Just beautiful, Shirley! That stained glass window and glass bottles/demijohns gets me every time!

  3. Can’t imagine decorating for Fall. it is steamy out, and we will be at the beach, not dragging out bins, lol! Yours is lovely! I will wait till it is really Fall!

  4. Aaaahhhh. Shirley, you touched on my sentiments exactly. I am in the mood for Fall, but the temperatures outside are searingly hot. I have been holding back… trying to wait. But after seeing your foyer… I am jumping in. 🙂
    Slowly at first… bringing the ‘smell’ of Fall with candles, and then easing in the rest.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Happy birthday to your hubby! Gorgeous vignette, making me nervous. I’m just getting the house finished. I know I will be posting it and decorating for fall at the same time, LOL.


  6. Shirley, I love this vignette! I have been decorating for Fall in the house because it has been so hot outside. Your demijohns are so pretty with your chest! I also love the pops of Fall colors in your florals! You have a lovely Fall foyer!

  7. So beautiful….I love the little acorns!!! Fall is my favorite season but it won’t feel like it for several more weeks. I can’t wait to open the windows and enjoy the fresh breeze wafting thru the house :o)

  8. Linda miller says

    Very pretty. Although it’s cool here, I can’t think of fall decorating yet. Because after fall comes Old Man Winter and I’m just not ready to think of that! Maybe I’ll start next week. I used my demijohns last year and you’re right…the textures go so nicely with fall vignettes. Glad Tom had a happy birthday.

  9. Sounds like you had quite a weekend! I covet that buffet piece you got from France! You have superb taste. Your first entry into fall decorating is wonderful. Love the demi-john- it does add a nice feature to the fall mood. I’m thinking about fall decorating but I guess dragging my feet. I hope it cools off soon for you. I actually have seen aome trees up here changing color, but just a few. The masses are still green, but it will change all too quickly!

  10. Your fall decorating is off to a great start. I love that piece of furniture.

  11. I love, LOVE this vignette, Shirley! I think I have the EXACT same sunflower picks! I, started decorating yesterday, worked on it all day! I am missing some bins and can’t imagine where the heck they went???? It is 88 here with the heat index at 96 so I feel your pain too. BUT, I am decorating anyway!!! Now I need to take some pics and POST!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your hubby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Shirley, your Fall vignette is just beautiful! Love all of the demijohns and fall accents. I got mine started over the weekend. I just wish that the temps would match my mood! It’s still in the upper 90’s. It may still be Summer outside; but, it’s Fall inside. Your foyer looks great!

  13. Looking good. I haven’t started yet except for buying some sunflowers and apples.

  14. that is gorgeous! And Happy Birthday to Tommy. Mel’s on his way home from KY. Miami lost big time.:(

  15. Beautiful Shirley. Looking like fall at your home for sure. I am just not ready yet to let go of summer. Soon I hope I get the bug to do the fall decor. Yours is looking beautiful. Love that stain glass window how gorgeous.
    Have a great week.

  16. Thanks Shirley for the taste of fall. I’m itching to get started.

  17. Your fall vignettes look so pretty, Shirley! I have to get up to the attic (maybe this weekend) to get my fall stuff down. Meanwhile, I have been thinking about how I want to decorate this year. I like to change it up a little bit from last year, but there are always a couple of things I like to do the same way.

  18. Where do you get your energy? And your creativity!!! LOVE this beautiful fall decor. YOu really know how to layer elements to tell a story with your vignettes! I love that you decorated from floor up!!! Happy birthday to your hubby! xo

  19. That was a great post. I’ve got to get my stuff together but must unpack first. We had a great time with the Auburn Alumni Club in Raleigh. Of course, it helps that we won 🙂 Have a great week.

  20. You are way ahead of me. I’m going to hold on to summer as long as possible and that may not be very long!

  21. Looks like you’re off to a great start. Great arrangement on your entry chest. Love the demi johns and your boot trees and walking sticks. Thanks for the inspiration. I need to get busy. 🙂

  22. Beautiful Fall vignette Shirley. I am off to a slow start. Did a little vignette on the porch fireplace and put a pumpkin in the cabinet and that is it so far.

  23. Beautiful, Shirley!! The gorgeous window is the perfect backdrop. Love your demijohns!
    Mary Alice

  24. That looks beautiful. You do great work even in the wee hours of the morning! Ha.
    This time of year we pretend it’s fall outside even though it will be hot for a long time yet. Christmas is the hardest to fool yourself. Since I lived most of my life in Kentucky I can’t get the in the Christmas sprit shopping, decorating and sweating in Florida.

  25. That is such a pretty vignette on your French chest. I love the mix of demijohns with the sunflowers.

  26. Really beautiful! Totally inspires me for my fall styling!

  27. OMG, Shirley! Your fall vignette is just gorgeous on top of your French buffet with that stained glass piece behind it! Stunningly beautiful! I have been thinking about using the same decorations in different places, too! 🙂

  28. Happy b-day to your hubs – and from the look of this it was worth getting out those bins at 5:30 in the morning!

  29. Hi Shirley, Your fall decorating is beautiful. Love this vignette on your French buffet and all the details. You are very talented!! I started yesterday after my hubby brought the tubs of decor down from the attic over the weekend. We are near 100 degrees too here in Texas. I am waiting to decorate the porch till next week. My neighbors will think I have my seasons mixed up. LOL

    Thank you for stopping by my spotlight at Kris’s and your kind comment. So nice to meet you and I have enjoyed my visit here on your blog.
    Have fun decorating and Happy September!

  30. looking at your beautiful fall decor makes me hear the fall leaves outside falling. Happy birthday to your hubby. i hope he had a great day and with your as his wife…I am sure it was the best!

  31. So pretty, Shirley! I love your teases of Fall … your vignettes are inspiring and full of autumn goodness! Thanks for sharing and encouraging me to continue to “get my Fall on,” too!

  32. Jeanette Price says

    Ok firstly the only thing I want to see at 3:45 am is the back of my eyeballs!! Where do you get the energy? You must go to bed so early, at least that’s what would happen to me. Your fall décor looks so lovely but, everything you do looks lovely. I haven’t taken anything fall out yet. It’s to hot here right now and I drag my feet to get every minute of summer till there is none left. Belated Birthday wishes for your Hubby!! xoxox

  33. I love, love the arched window you have! Impressive that you have so much done already. Everything looks lovely and know your family and guest will feel very welcomed.

  34. The entry looks gorgeous. So many interesting and tactile elements, that blend so well. I thought I felt a breeze just looking at your decor! Great job. Now why did you have to do this at 3:45 in the morning again?!? You are amazing!

  35. It all looks beautiful Shirley! I need to get the show on the road this weekend and drag out my bins.

  36. Coming to your home this time of year is my favorite. I wish I really could..however I settle for the virtual tour. So beautiful Shirley. I have the Fall bug BAD!~

  37. For sure I’m ready for some cooler temps and to get my fall decorating on! Adding some fall touches into my booth this weekend, so maybe that will jump start the decorating at home, too. 🙂
    xo Heidi

  38. Ahh, that is where I have put out a pumpkin too! Still warm here and it wasn’t in August so I am hanging onto the warmth but I have to have a pumpkin there and a cluster in the dining room.
    Your vignette turned out beautifully!

  39. Love the fall springs in the bottle on the book stack! I finally am motivated to start decorating! Thanks Shirley!

  40. Your French Buffet is such handsome piece Shirley, I swoon whenever I see it and it’s perfect topped with your stained glass window, demijohns and pale green plates!

  41. Everything looks so lovely… I particularly like the stained glass window behind it all…

  42. As always, beautiful fall vignette. You have such a good eye for decorating – everything is perfect and I am sure your guests were so impressed with everything. Happy Birthday to your husband.
    Have a relaxing week after your busy weekend.

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