Dancing the “furniture shuffle” in the Sunroom

I have been doing my special dance lately . . . “the furniture shuffle” . . .

~ ~ and that includes accessories too.

I purchased some new lamps for my bedroom . . .

~ ~ so where did the previous lamps go? . . .

Well, I thought the booth . . . until hubby said he liked those (better than the ones I bought!)

So with one in hand, I began to “walk the house” . . . I am sure many of you have done the same!


Can you spy something new in the room ?. . .

~ ~ or should I say something that has been “shuffled”.


Fall Sunroom-Housepitality Designs

The lamps that were in the master bedroom are now in the sunroom.

The lamp that was previously there, got shuffled to another room.

Fall Sunroom-Housepitality Designs

I thought about adding another color to the room with the lamps . . .

~ ~ however, leaving this lamp neutral will allow me to change it out with many colors. . .

~ ~ ~ ~ using pillows and accessories.

Fall Sunroom-Housepitality Designs

I had a pair of these lamps . . .

Fall Sunroom-Housepitality Designs

Fall Sunroom-Housepitality Designs


The other lamp landed on the “potting bench”

There is another change that happened in the room . . . tapping to the beat . . .

~ ~ of the “furniture shuffle”

Fall Sunroom-Housepitality Designs

Fall Sunroom-Housepitality Designs


My pie safe was originally in this space . . . that piece “did a dance” . . .

~ ~ and another piece landed here from the main guest room.

I was able to add another tole tray as this table was “shorter” than the pie safe.


This table was originally in the guest room . . .

~ ~ there is a large armoire in there now (stay tuned) . . . so this piece had to find a home.

It will house garden decor and supplies as the pie safe did . . .

~ ~ not to mention the color is perfect for the room.


Fall Sunroom-Housepitality Designs

Another item taken off my “dance card”!!!

Also, remember that you can still link up your Fall Porch, past or present . . .

~ ~ to the Falling into Autumn Porch Party!!!

2014 Fall Porch Party-Housepitality Designs

We are “partying” until October 31st!!!

Have a wonderful “Fall Day” !!!

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  1. My goodness, Shirley … you’ve been shuffling the night away! I love where everything landed … the lamps looks perfect in your beautiful sunroom! I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before you do the furniture/accessories shuffle again, I’m sure, with other pieces! I’m right there with you. 🙂
    becca’s recent post…Our New SunroomMy Profile

  2. So, where’d the pie safe end up? 🙂
    Love the lamps and shorter table in your sunroom! Can’t wait to see where the rest of the furniture got shuffled to.
    Cecilia’s recent post…It’s Time To Decorate For Fall, Y’all!My Profile

  3. Loving the changes and lucky me I will see it in person very soon!
    Kim’s recent post…Wow Us Wednesdays #188My Profile

  4. Shirley, your lamps are so pretty in this room. Your sunroom is one of my favorite rooms too! The shorter table really highlights your collection of toile trays! I think your furniture shuffle was a great idea!
    Betsy@coastal-colors’s recent post…Welcome To A Porch PartyMy Profile

  5. I never tire of looking at your beautiful home. Your lamps fit great in your sunroom. Moving things from here to there keeps things from getting stale and boring. I use to do that more. Maybe I’ll start again.

  6. I really like the pops of red you added to the sunroom. I’m sure that room is fun to change up with the seasons.

  7. It looks beautiful! Love all the wicker furniture.

    Happy hump day!!
    Anne@DesignDreams’s recent post…Sunflower & Chalkboard WreathMy Profile

  8. Your sunroom is so bright and cheery and welcoming! Love the changes you made…the lamps look so pretty in there. It’s great to be able to move furniture and accessories from room to room!
    Mary Alice
    Mary Alice Patterson’s recent post…Fall Front PorchMy Profile

  9. Your lamps look great in the sunroom. I love all of the furniture dance shuffle you have shown.
    penny @ the comforts of home’s recent post…Happy First Day of Fall!My Profile

  10. I love this kind of shuffle and am totally in that mode now, however, I need to do a little work to make it all come together. Your dance around the house gives a whole new look.
    Linda’s recent post…Fall Is……My Profile

  11. seeing your dance to the “furniture shuffle” is priceless. funny how the changes looked like they belong the whole time.
    laura@top this top that’s recent post…Oh…. How the years will fly with Capri SunsMy Profile

  12. The lamps are perfect in the sun room Shirley . Hmmm..Can’t wait to see the rest of the shuffle 🙂
    Gee’s recent post…Such a pretty day , a promise…My Profile

  13. My! You are busy! I like the changes! I like that you kept the lamps neutral. I would have done the same. I love the little pillow in your chair! The room looks great! Can’t wait to see the other changes.
    Jayne’s recent post…Taking a Break (but not a long one!)My Profile

  14. I love the tole trays! They are beautiful Were they all in good condition when you found them? I have a couple that need some artful help . . .

  15. I love looking at your sunroom. So pretty and fun. An cheap non-permanent solution to adding
    color to the lamps is with a tassel draped around top of base. Looks fab and looks like it suit your room. Another suggestion is to tie a big ribbon around shade. You could use a plaid and I think that would be wonderful

  16. Shirley, it all looks lovely. I felt like I was there shuffling with you! Tole trays are hard to resist!
    Helen’s recent post…Bunco And Fall Go Together WellMy Profile

  17. I love when things can “shuffle” around instead of getting rid of them, Shirley. I even have a couple of lamps stored up in my attic in case I feel like “reshuffling” them back into the mix. When it works with furniture that is even better. It makes you feel like you really got your monies worth when you can use a big piece in another room and it works.
    Kathy @ Creative home expressions’s recent post…More FallMy Profile

  18. Love your sunroom. Your plants look amazing.

  19. Well, Shirley, your shuffling is beautiful! I always love seeing your pretty sunroom! I’m tweaking a little now; and that’s going to be it until after the holidays…lol! You have been a busy bee!
    Shenita’s recent post…~Thanks, Charleston, I Had A Blast!~My Profile

  20. Love all your shuffling Shirley. It looks great. Don’t you love how it feels like a whole new room when you move and change things up in a room. Your shuffle was great.
    Kris’s recent post…Getting the B&B ReadyMy Profile

  21. Great Shuffle! Looks wonderful Shirley 🙂

  22. All the changes look great – you sure know how to shuffle.
    Have a great weekend.
    Mary Feguson’s recent post…JUST LIKE THE MODELSMy Profile

  23. For me the worst part of shuffling is when I get all done and think…hmmm…maybe I should just do this and something ends up back in the same spot it was before. lol

    I love what you have done there. It looks just great. Love the wicker. Is that a manicurist’s table out of wicker in the corner? That is just the cutest piece…and I LOVE that fabric I see just a bit of in the last photo- I think it is on an ottoman maybe. xo Diana
    Nana Diana’s recent post…A Little Tease Of Fall At My HouseMy Profile

  24. Such a beautiful space…you shuffle very well!

    Cindy’s recent post…The Truth is Ugly!My Profile

  25. Shirley you have the loveliest sunroom! Love all the details.
    Linda’s recent post…Fall Home Tour …mini….My Profile

  26. You’ve been shuffling right along my friend and the changes look wonderful!! I’ve always loved the tole trays you have hanging on the wall! Have a fun weekend with Kim:-)
    martina’s recent post…Fall Porch 2014My Profile

  27. Jeanette Price says

    You are busy busy! I shuffled things around the other day in my den only to put everything back in the exact same spot. Nothing seemed to look right. I love the smaller piece by the wall. It really makes the trays pop!

  28. You really have a knack, Shirley. In fact, you have THE knack. When I’m looking for inspiration for decorating around the house, I know exactly who to turn to. You rock! Seriously…down to the very last details.
    Alycia Nichols’s recent post…Chinese TakeoutMy Profile

  29. Exquisite… You have a natural knack for decorating…

  30. Shirley, I swoon every time I seen your collection of tole trays! I especially love the watering can 🙂
    Mary’s recent post…Witches’ Potion TableMy Profile

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