A Vintage Stool

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the Liberty Antiques Festival in Liberty, NC.

The same festival of which Kim and Mary Alice (along with their hubbies) attended too . . .

~ ~ and happy that they were my house guests.

While making the final rounds of the antique festival . . .

~ ~ Mary Alice asked what I was searching for.

I remarked that I would love a small chippy stool.

She then remembered one that was a few rows back . . .

~ ~ I did see that one, but it did not have a tag on it.

Mary Alice asked what my bottom price was for the stool . . . then she quickly marched off.


She came back with the stool !! . . .


I was a happy camper!!!…

When I get something new for the house . . .

~ ~ I tend to walk around with it. Trying to find the perfect spot.



Can you figure out where it landed? . . .

I am sure you already have a good guess.



Next to a 3-tiered glass table with “bath pretties” . . .

My favorite “pretty” being this candle/box that I purchased in Austin, Texas years ago . . .

~ ~ in Sandra Bullock’s cafe and gift shop . . it is her line of wonderful candles.


The stool found a place in a room that orchids thrive.


I am very sure you know where I placed the stool . . .


Thought it would look good in front of the tub in the master bathroom.

I love the juxtaposition of the chippy wooden stool . . .

~ ~ with the more contemporary 3-tiered glass stand.

I found a few things that were “on my list” some for me and some for my booth.

Today was the day I placed two of my finds in the house . . .

~ ~ so stay tuned to the other find that I added to my collection.

Have a great day . . . it has been a rainy couple of days here.

Good days to catch up on dancing “the furniture shuffle”

I am joining:

Savvy Southern Style for Wow Us Wednesday

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  1. It is perfect, Shirley! Love it and love the wonderful vignette on the stool and all the goodies on the tiered glass table.

  2. Oh I love the mix of textures, Shirley! Can’t have too many chippy little stools in my opinion. Hope you have a great day — we about drowned yesterday but hopefully will see some sunshine today.
    xo Heidi

  3. That Mary Alice gets the job done! I love it and love where you placed it.

  4. I’m laughing at Kim’s comment above…
    The stool does look so cute where you placed it, and I love how you dressed it up!
    Mary Alice

  5. It looks perfect in your beautiful bathroom next to that amazing tub! It’s been rainy here too. Boo. I’m ready for some sunshine!

    🙂 Linda

  6. Perfect chippy stool, Shirley! And it looks perfect in your bathroom. Can’t wait to see your other find!

  7. The perfect spot for that sweet stool!

  8. Shirley, this is so a treasure! I love the chippy stool with the contemporary table! It is a perfect addition to your bathroom!

  9. Serendipity I love!! Your friend was on the same wavelength and it is just the perfect little stool! I bet it was such a fun day!

    The Arts by Karena

  10. Omigosh, it’s PERFECT!

  11. Love your chippy stool, what a great find and it looks so perfect in your bathroom.

  12. I love it! It’s so cute and I like how you used it. Mary Alice is a great gal to go shopping with, apparently!

  13. You should have been with me on my journey to Augusta Friday. I saw small, chippy stools as well as a number of other things I think you would like. Funny how things start making you think of people.

  14. Jeanette Price says

    It looks as though it belonged there all along! It’s so perfect in there. Beautiful!

  15. Shirley,
    I do the same thing when I get a new piece! I walk around trying to find a place to put it. I ran out of space long ago, but have the “antique disease” so I keep finding pretties!

    Love your site,

  16. Cute stool, Shirley! It looks great next to the tub! Can’t wait to see the rest of your goodies!

  17. That stool looks perfectly at home right there! Did you distress it at all yourself, or did it come exactly like that? Either way, love it!

  18. I love it!! It is perfect there and I love the comparison between the 2 pieces too. LOVE the feet on your tub!!!!

  19. YAY to Mary Alice!! I love it and love where you placed it and the pretty display you created on it…perfection!!

  20. That is just darling! I don’t think I would have every thought to put it near the tub,but I love the look! This is why I love getting new ideas from all you clever ladies. You put together your vignettes perfectly too!

  21. Your new little stool looks perfect next to the bathtub, Shirley! That Mary Alice certainly knows how to strike a deal! : ) I’ll bet you want her with you when you are shopping all the time now.

  22. This is a great lesson in how seemingly disparate objects, some of which many people would not think of putting together, not only CAN work nicely together but look elegant and stylish.

    The chippiness of this stool couldn’t be any more perfect Shirley! Beautiful find!

  23. It’s perfect there, Shirley. Looks really good with the three tier table and all the pretty items.
    Wish we would get rain – send some this way. Temperatures are cooler, thank goodness.
    Have a great week.

  24. Jann Olson says

    Love the stool shirley! Looks right at home next to your pretty tub!

  25. Hi Shirley. love your darling little stool. It is perfect by the tub. Love the chippy style and distress. I do the same thing with new pieces, walking around finding the best spot. Love how you styled it too.

  26. I’m crazy about your chippy stool Shirley! It would be happy perched on my porch on my Potting Shed too 🙂

  27. So charming!! I need to go fleaing with you ladies. Please invite me 🙂

  28. So cozy and pretty… The colors are so serene…

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