Eloquence has to be one of my favorite showrooms at the High Point Market.

Their Fall showroom/collection is exquisite . . .

~ ~ the name of “Eloquence” says it all.


If I had my choice and I would empty my bedroom . . . and replace all the furnishings . . .

~ ~ with these exquisite pieces.

So follow along and you will see what I mean!!



Are you totally smitten yet? . . .



Mirror, mirror on the wall . . . may I take you home?


I would even ask for that gorgeous paneling they use as a back drop . . .

~ ~ it so reminds me of the beautiful paneling in the homes in France.


I think for “unpractical purposes” every mirror should have a great chandelier in front of it!!!


Do I love this bed? . . . . or the 4 poster?….Hmmm…I’ll take them both!…


Love a great chaise. . . . as you can see . . .

~ ~ the showroom lighting is playing tricks on the colors of the furniture.




I’ll take this exquisitely styled bookcase too!


. . . and this one!

The Eloquence Showroom at the Market was a dream . . .

~ ~ and I dream on one day having an exquisite room filled with “Eloquence”.

Planning a new adventure . . . stay tuned!

Have an “eloquent” day!!

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  1. Stunningly gorgeous!!
    Mary Alice

  2. Oh my goodness! So much gorgeousness, Shirley! Thanks for sharing… that mirror will haunt me I’m afraid! 😉
    xo Heidi

  3. That is a beautiful line and that mirror is so very similar to my find!

  4. Wow, I would trade bedrooms in a second. BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Now that is a reason to play the lottery so I can walk in and say I want two of everything! Beautiful pieces!!

  6. It is beautiful and very Fench! The curved panels on the one bed and the chaise say it all!

  7. Thoroughly enjoying all your pictures from the show…keep ’em coming!

  8. This is a stunning showroom! I’m with you, I would love to start over and change the style of our furniture. These are beautiful timeless pieces! Thanks for sharing them!

  9. I think that would be my favorite spot in the whole market. SUCH goodness and beauty! Love it, Shirley. Can’t wait to see your new “adventure”! xo Diana

  10. I love that line too. Of course, I’m attracted to the soft creams they used. It has a feminine soft look that is easy to live with.

  11. What a gorgeous showroom Shirley! Wow!Such beautiful furniture.

  12. This group is so very pretty! I have never heard of this design group before…and it appeals to my “French” side. Oh là là!

  13. So gorgeous. I put three chandeliers in my master and love the look of them. Gives such beauty and romance to the space. Very pretty booth.

  14. How beautiful it all is!

  15. Everything is just stunning…..I can see why you want an entire room full of their pieces, I do too!
    Happy Halloween!

  16. Lovely. Is the look a bit more French country than what I see in your house? I bet that’s what you and Kim saw lots of on your visit.

  17. Hi – I love that word Eloquence – and yes all those pictures and rooms are absolutely eloquent

  18. Jeanette Price says

    Wow! It’s really is gorgeous! So many beautiful things to look at!

  19. Oh, Shirley, this showroom is breathtaking!! I could move right in! 😉

  20. Shirley I can see why it’s one of your favorites. The chandeliers are amazing!

  21. OMG, it is gorgeous and I love EVERY piece of furniture. I think I will AS my bedroom set. It is from North Carolina and really good set and I have had it for 50 years, so I think it is time for a little change in bedroom furniture, don’t you think? Shirley I can hardly wait to see what you are up to. Your bedroom set is very beautiful also. We always love change don’t we?
    Have a terrific Fall rest of the week – it is gorgeous here, not to HOT and cool evening nights.

  22. Beautiful and so calming.

  23. WOW so much prettiness!! My kind of shop!

  24. Oh yes, very nice! Thanks for sharing. Hope you are having a good week!

  25. These are such gorgeous pieces, Shirley! You have been having way too much fun!!

  26. Yes, I see that this is just your style, Shirley. What a beautiful group of bedroom furniture. High Point Furniture Market has got to be quite exciting for you.

  27. Shirley, this line is SO YOU!!! I can see why you swoon over it all! Beautiful lines and that mirror is fabulous! LOVED spending the day with you!!!! XO

  28. Gorgeous, Shirley! LOVE LOVE LOVE the soft colors!

  29. Beautiful Shirley! Love that styled bookcase!

  30. On of each, please! I can see why this would be your favorite!!!

  31. Linda Kemp says

    Beautiful furniture. I loved the bookcase and the chaise.

  32. Lovely. I like white rooms, but then I would have to change all my furnishings…

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