A Rustic Sunroom Christmas Vignette

Should I call my vignette rustic or maybe woodland . . .

~ ~ a bit of both. A vignette filled with memories and treasures from friends.

Of a Christmas tree in a galvanized bucket with a vintage scale with a galvanized tray.

These things gathered together in one area just makes me smile.


Back in the day, when I was a stay-at-home mom (we were called a housewife then) . . .

~ ~ most of my friends were also home with the little kids and all of us on a budget.

We would gather and collect ideas for our homemade Christmas.

This tree on the scale is so very special.


Ruth and I along with other friends would scour the craft fairs and quilt shops . . .

~ ~ looking for the perfect Christmas crafts. We came upon a tree pattern.

You know what happens sometimes . . we make things for others as gifts . . .

~ ~ and never having time to make one for ourself.


I so loved the stuffed fabric trees . . . and Ruth knew that I did not make one for myself.

We usually exchanged our gifts to each other on Christmas Eve . . .

~ ~ and there was that beautiful fabric tree in the box. I cried.

As I knew that she took time out of her busy life with little boys to make me one.


For some reason on many occasions we would get each other the same gift . . .

~ ~ as we loved the same things.

Several years ago we gave each other the same Jim Shore Santa.

I usually placed this Santa in our kitchen in the media room . . .

~ ~ but this year it is in the sunroom where I can see it all through the day.

I miss my Christmas exchanges with her . . . but I have these precious memories.


And speaking of friends and memories . . the other day my friend Sherri came over . . .

~ ~ she handed me this box and said “Merry Christmas, thought you would like this now”

It was this beautiful framed print by the artist William Mangum.


The print is titled, “Jack and Frost” . . . just love it!!!

William Mangum is a North Carolina artist which makes it even more special.


Sherri knows I love birds . . .


And owls too . . .


Added this cute snowman that a “niece-in-law” made for me.



Love little trees in the out of the ordinary containers.


Vintage flower pots and a sugar pine cone.


Cardinals nestled with the McCoy flower pots…



Icy branches of holly and berries fill the tray of the vintage hanging scale.


I am almost done with the Christmas decorating in the sunroom.

Here are a few sneaky peekies of the room . . .



Stay tuned next week for the entire Christmas Sunroom!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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  1. Hi Shirley, what a charming little corner filled with darling Christmas treasures. I remember creating so many of the same for gifts and like you, none left for myself. Love your scale over head. Your tree is adorable and I love the Jim Shore Santa. Thank you for sharing and the inspiration. I begin my decorating the day after Thanksgiving but bringing it all down from the attic this weekend.
    Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.
    Hugs and Blessings

  2. Shirley, sentimental ornaments and decorations are the best to me too. I adore your tree! It’s so pretty and such special meanings! Your fabric tree is so cute on your scale! There are those we will never forget and know they are smiling down upon us! Your sunroom is lovely and I know Ruth knows you still love her tree!

  3. Everything is so darling. I really like the scale and the red berries. XX Jo

  4. LOVE the tree in a galvanized bucket — perfect rustic touch for all your creatures and crafts. Looks wonderful, Shirley! Happy Friday!
    xo Heidi

  5. What a pretty vignette! I love all the levels and the overall cheery vibe!

  6. How sweet to have those special gifts from your special friend and those memories to hold on to. Love your vignettes and looking forward to more.

  7. Shirley, I love the memories you share about Ruth. She spoke to me on many occasions about your Christmas gift exchanges. I know she’s smiling down at your beautiful home decorated for Christmas. She loved the Christmas Season!
    Love, Barb

  8. Jeanette Price says

    I love the tree in the galvanized bucket.. Everything looks so charming as always! Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Everything is sooooooo incredibly beautiful!! I love the scale with the berries and the frosted branches!!!! I can’t wait to see more of the room.
    Have a great weekend!!!

  10. Oh how sweet that you kept all your lovely gifts that you received over the years…..
    I love it all!
    Have a wonderful weekend Shirley….off to a Christmas show ….I’ll have to take many pictures with my phone….

  11. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at your home! I love everything. The vintage hanging scale is fabulous!

  12. Looks great, Shirley! You never sit still, do you?

  13. So pretty Shirly! I love all your little touches and attention to detail. Your sunroom is certainly ready for Christmas!
    XO Barbara

  14. It all looks wonderful, Shirley! I am loving your nature themed sunroom. That print is gorgeous.

  15. do i spot a pillow from PB ( that I want to order) ? oh Shirley , you have the most amazing friends and cherished memories. Enjoy them. Have a great weekend!

  16. I love that pillow form tree Shirley and the snowman and the angel … well … I love it all. Can you believe it’s this cold in Carolina! Have a great weekend.

  17. Such a cozy vignette in your lovely sunroom, Shirley! And it’s wonderful to have these sweet remembrances from dear friends.
    Mary Alice

  18. Such a sweet tree and with such good memories! Me too…love birds!

  19. Very cute!

  20. Shirley, I love all the Christmas décor and that is such a sweet story about the fabric tree. What a pretty print from your friend.

  21. Hi Shirley! Oh, what sweet little Christmas decorating in your sunroom! What nice friends and lots of sweet memories! I love your little tree and the sweet bird print is just so pretty! Have a happy Thanksgiving.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  22. What a beautiful corner of your sun room. Everything is perfect in there and looking forward to seeing the completed sunroom.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  23. Oh Shirley, you make the most beautiful vignettes!! I had a few of those fabric trees, back in the day. I gave them to my daughter and am betting they didn’t make her move:( I went to EVERY craft fair I could find for YEARS!!! I love anything hand made. You are so fortunate to have the gifts from your special friend and the memories are even better. I still have a pair of knitted snow people that I got as a gift from a fellow bowler, probably almost 40 years ago!!! LOVE your beautiful sunroom. Hope I get to see it in person one day. Have a great weekend!!! Tomorrow is C’s 2nd birthday party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Hi Shirley,
    I always love all your vignettes. Love the fabric tree that was gifted to you. Love all the wonderful memories attached so so much of your decor. Have a great week and wonderful Thanksgiving.

  25. LOVE it, friend! Rustic, charming, inspiring, festive and happy all in one! Thanks for putting me in the mood to finish decorating today! 🙂

  26. It looks so great, Shirley. We are heading to Beaufort for Thanksgiving and are so excited to get it decorated for Christmas!

  27. I’m a sucker for anything quilted…and that tree is precious! I guess it comes from the 80’s…when my kids were little, and there wasn’t any money…and quilted items seemed like such a luxury! And they were at many a craft fair…because ” country decor” was big then…remember? Love the sunroom! 😉

  28. Absolutely lovely! I love everything you’ve done…especially the owl!

  29. Your sunroom Christmas décor is so pretty. Perfect for a sunroom too. I liked the story of the Christmas tree that your friend gave you that she made. So sweet!

  30. So many things to look at here, and they all belong together. I had to chuckle at your comment about being a housewife and making so many crafty things. I used to do that as well and still have most of the things I made but for whatever reason they never come out of storage anymore. Guess that was another era.

  31. Ha! I STILL refer to myself as a housewife! I wear that moniker with pride!!! It’s a job like any other, except the pay really sucks! 🙂

    I LOVE the hanging scale decor!!! Oh, Shirley…that’s just beautiful! It is the hallmark of the room simply because it is hanging and because of the way the “icy” branches catch the light, and because of its uniqueness. Just gorgeous!

    You’ve done some AWESOME things in this room to catch it up for Christmas! Can’t wait to see what you’ve done throughout the rest of the house. I have no doubt I’ll be oohing and aahing like a goofball!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!!

  32. Lovely corner… All are such treasures… Much blessings throughout the holidays…

  33. Love your sweet and nesting birds in your Christmas decor Shirley! Happy decorating to you 🙂

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