Is it Christmas Decor? . . . Or is it Winter Decor?

Many of you have already started taking down the Christmas decorations and thinking about

the next phase of decor. As for me, I am enjoying my Christmas decorations

until January 6th. A tradition . . .

In the meantime, I am planning the next phase . . . Winter Decor.

Vintage Hanging Scale-Housepitality Designs

The winter berry sprays were placed in the vintage hanging scale . . .

Sunroom Christmas 2014-Housepitality Designs

As I go through the house, I can see that there are many vignettes that can pass for

Winter decor . . . would you say this is something that you would consider Winter decor?

Christmas? . . . or Winter? or both?

Demijohn Christmas decor-Housepitality Designs

And what about this demijohn filled with icy branches and a wintery owl?

Cedar tree in vintage ironstone tureen-Housepitality Designs

Pine and cedar trees are used in many ways for Christmas decor . . . however, they are

beautiful green trees of Winter . . . so I think my cedar and pine will stay for a while.

And speaking of cedar and pine . . .

Pottery Barn Pine Tree-Housepitality Designs

I am sure I can use this pine tree purchased on clearance from Pottery Barn

for a Winter Vignette.

I use a lot of cedar and pine garland and sprays.

Sunroom Chandelier-Housepitality Designs

The chandeliers do not escape these pine garlands.

Again, Christmas or Winter or both.

Birch tree-Housepitalty Designs

This faux birch and pinecone tree will definitely be in my Winter decor . . .

place to be determined.

Silver Trees-Housepitality Designs

The trio of shimmery silver trees are in my bathroom . . .

~ ~ now, maybe shimmery and silver do not say “Winter”

However, do these say Christmas or Winter?

White bottle brush trees-Housepitality Designs

A trio of white bottle brush trees . . . I guess it would be if I use them in the right

way . . . in the appropriate vignette styled for Winter.

Winter Birds Pillow-Housepitality Designs

This Winter Birds pillow was a great find as I definitely can use it throughout the

Winter months.

But what do you think about this: . . . the pillow and throw that are this

season’s all-time favorite of mine.

Pottery Barn Pillow and Fur Throw-Housepitality Designs

Would this look be more “Christmasy” or can it be left the way it is throughout

the winter months. This looks makes me happy, so I think it will stay

for a little while longer.

Have a wonderful day!!…I am sure many of you are making great plans for New Year’s Eve!

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  1. I think your decorations are perfect for Winter too. You chose them wisely! I use my frosted garland, from Christmas, on the porch, but take out the Christmas looking items. I love Snowy owls for winter decor and your’s are perfect! You have a lovely home that is so inviting whether it’s Christmas or Winter!
    Betsy@coastal-colors’s recent post…I Can See The Light! A Tale Of Updating A 1940’s DuplexMy Profile

  2. This whole post made me so happy! I agree with you 100%! Christmas comes only once a year and ususally flies by so quickly, I can’t understand why people want to take their decorations down almost the day after! I have to actaully force myself to take them down after Little Christmas. Love all your decorations, and the only thing to me that doesn’t really say “winter” are the White cone trees, to me they say Christmas. I say leave everything else and keep that wonderful feeling of Christmas still going without actually looking like it’s Christmas. And I don’t think I’d ever put away that red pillow and blanket until the spring thaw came. They would be my end of the day reward, with a good book and a cup of tea, I’d be in heaven!

  3. Some of the greenery just automatically makes me think Christmas probably because it is embedded in my brain as that. The pillows and that wonderful thick throw are definitely winter.
    Kim’s recent post…Top Five Most Viewed Posts of 2014My Profile

  4. I usually don’t get in a hurry to take my Christmas decorations down. Mainly, because I’m so tired after Christmas! I never have decorated for winter, but you gave me some good ideas. We actually miss winter a little living in Florida even though we have been here a long time. Or I should say I miss it. My husband loves that he can play golf all year! Leaving winter scenes around will be a nice change.

  5. It all looks so beautiful, Shirley.
    I have some icy branches I am leaving out and will leave the olive bucket with logs and branches by the fireplace. Plus the cabin and birch bark trees and perhaps the deer on the breakfast room table. We want to put the trees away and get the house back in showing mode as soon as possible…just in case. I like to hang onto the Winter look for awhile though.
    Pat@back porch musings’s recent post…Projects 2014My Profile

  6. Linda miller says

    I am already taking down my “Christmas” decorations and tomorrow, the tree. I like to have things back in order. However, I love my neutral furnishings which give me the opportunity to decorate for the seasons. I think the pillow and throw in your great room are perfect for winter. I think winter decor is more about texture…plaids, knits, and faux fur. These things make us feel warm and cozy. I do keep some of my woodland wildlife decor up through winter but I put away the glitter! I certainly don’t need my house to feel cold when today’s high is expected to reach ZERO!

  7. Love your decorations!!They certainly look like winter decorations to me. Love the owl in the branches. Myfavorite is the hanging scales with the winter berries! I am using a winter berry wreath on my front door, after the Christmas wreath was taken down.

  8. We leave our decorations out until Epiphany also and my husband wants to leave them until the 15th! But I don’t. We haven’t actually had our big Christmas yet as our daughter and her family arrive this afternoon. So while everyone else is celebrating New Years we will still be on Christmas 🙂 I agree with the comment from a FL gal since we also reside there. Pinecones and winter branches make me think cheerfully of cooler climes. One Feb we hosted a Let it Snow Party so I left out all the deer, cabins, pinecones and put faux snowflakes in the front windows.

  9. Shirley, what’s so great about most of your Christmas décor is that it can transition right into winter especially the icy branches and the snowy owl. BTW… do you remember where you got your green clear demijohn? I believe I saw some a time back at the Pottery barn outlet but can remember.

    We will be in the Lancaster, PA area this coming weekend so I am definitely stopping in the PB outlet there. I need to stock up on some linens and hopefully will find some other goodies as well.

  10. I think a lot of your displays could pass for winter Shirley! I am trying to decide myself what would pass and what would not. I think this year will be the first year I actually create a winter front porch after finding some beautiful garland on clearance at Michaels. I just need to find my snowy white owl.
    Pamela’s recent post…French Farmhouse Christmas KitchenMy Profile

  11. I was just thinking about creating a winter mantel vignette this morning! I will be taking down my Christmas decorations in the next day or two. I think owls, pine, cypress etc all say winter!
    Penny @ the comforts of home’s recent post…Projects Checked Off The List in 2014 and Upcoming 2015My Profile

  12. Definitely a fabulous winter look Shirley!! I have a small cedar tree like the one in your ironstone bowl in my silver champagne bucket that I’m going to hold on to as long as it lasts! I won’t start taking our Christmas stuff down until this coming weekend:-(
    martina’s recent post…Projects of 2014My Profile

  13. I think winter decor should be whatever makes you happy and says “winter” to YOU! I have already taken my Christmas decor down….I am ready to move on. Sometimes I can’t wait to get it all down and other times I like to let it linger a little longer.
    Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year!!!
    Des’s recent post…My favorite project of the year….the guest bedroom!My Profile

  14. I think everything you showed looks wintery. If anyone can do the perfect winter vingette, it’s you!! I am enjoying my Christmas decor as well and trying to fight the urge to “deconstruct”! Our son is home from college til the 8th, trying to hold off til then. If I make it, it will be an all time record. I have been known to take it down on the 26th in the past! Happy New Year!

  15. I’m sure it will be gorgeous, Shirley! You’ve got lots of winter decor so you probably won’t have to change much! I did very little decorating this year, so I won’t have much to revamp. Good thing! Enjoy!
    xo Heidi
    Heidi @decor & more’s recent post…It Was an Insta-Christmas!My Profile

  16. I have had the same thoughts about keeping some of the winter items out for display. That means mostly pine cones and candles for me. Taking down “Christmas” leaves the house looking less festive…but after a point I want clean and straighten up everything. Ha! Happy New Year Shirley! Wishing you and yours a wonderful 2015!

  17. I love to leave up my Christmas decorations as long as possible–like you until until January 6th. Sometimes I leave them up longer because I just love the color and the feelings of the Holiday they give and I want that to last as long as possible. I think everything you showed is just beautiful winter decor and I would leave it up as long as you feel you want winter surrounding you in your home. I like to create vignettes in our home for all the seasons also, and though I do not like cold and snow winter vignettes are one of my favorites. Your winter decor is stunning, as is all your decor throughout the year–thank you for sharing it with us…

  18. Take the shimmery trees away and you are totally good for winter, no changes required as then all is very natural. If I dontcheck backin, here’s wishing you a happy new year.
    Linda’s recent post…This DayMy Profile

  19. I think almost all of it can be WINTER decor! I have to take most of mine down as there are so many Santas. But I won’t take it down til after the 6th as well, we always leave it up a little while. But you have me thinking that I can use some pine etc and icy greens! I also have a snowy owl vignette planned for the coffee table!!! YOU were my inspiration! HAPPY New Year, Shirley. Can’t wait to see what you do next year. Oh BTW, I did get my duvet cover from Santa!!!!!
    Pinky at Designs by Pinky’s recent post…Hummel Nativity, The Reason for the SeasonMy Profile

  20. The pillow and throw are amazing and definitely winter!! I am in love with the winter birds pillow! The photo is so nice with the wintry look outside:-) I love cedar, etc., and always leave out some pine branches in bottles and cedar or cypress placed in floral foam to look like a small tree. I think too many skip over winter and go straight to spring about 4 months too early, and I like to embrace each season and enjoy it. I honestly wanted to make a snowflake banner with paper or felt because I thought it would brighten up winter days…especially when it’s snowing. Happy New Year Shirley!!
    Anita’s recent post…What I will remember about 2014My Profile

  21. Shirley, I was just thinking, when you started posting your Christmas decor, that this could definitely take you through Winter! Your icy decor and pine trees and branches are perfect!
    Shenita’s recent post…Our Christmas Tree 2014My Profile

  22. I have a few things that are “Christmas” ornaments that I am not putting away this year. I love them too much and they look so cute.

    Do what YOU want to do and who cares what anyone else thinks!!

    Anne@DesignDreams’s recent post…2014 In Review – The Furniture FilesMy Profile

  23. I definitely think you can continue to use some of your Christmas décor into the new year this winter! It would be different if it was Santa’s etc. You have some pretty decorations to enjoy.

  24. A lot of your decorations say winter and they will look great. I really hate to take down my Christmas decorations, as it takes me so long to put everything up since I am older now. I normally leave it up until after New Years. I have been taking down decorations in the bedrooms, kitchen and den. My goal this year is: I am getting rid of a lot of Christmas decorations, as I will not be decorating a much as I used to and I plan on downsizing and probably moving into a 2 bedroom apartment. Nothing is set in stone, but I am looking into all my options.
    Have a wonderful New Years, I am not planning on anything. After working so many years on New Years Eve, I am happy to keep it simple.

    Mary W. Ferguson’s recent post…LOOKING & SHOPPING ALL OVER ORANGE COUNTYMy Profile

  25. Love the winter birds pillow and it all looks like winter to me…enjoy!

  26. the thought of wrapping up in that throw makes me happy too!
    laura@top this top that’s recent post…New Years TreatsMy Profile

  27. I really like all your ideas,I love the winter pics!!! Gives me lovely ideas!!!

  28. Shirley,

    I think most of your items look like winter. I leave my winter things out until spring. This year my tree (small table top) was decorated in all white. I may just leave it up all winter!!! It does not have any “Christmas” looking ornaments on it, just angel wings, little ornaments with The Virgin Mary on them, crystals etc. I went for a very Scandinavian look this year. I just love your style Shirley; I think more so because you are an antique lover at heart. 🙂

    Blessings to you and yours for the new year!

  29. Shirley, I think that it all is beautiful for Winter décor! I keep out anything that doesn’t scream Christmas. I did redo my family room mantle although I thought it could have easily been left the same. I was just in the mood for something new. I loved my Glitter houses in my entry and almost left them, but decided to fill it with all whites. I keep out little trees. Anything that reminds me of what it looks like outdoors right now works. And here in UT that is lots of snow. I am leaving my basement decorated for Christmas for a little longer, but I was in the cleaning mood. Gotta go with it when it hits. lol! Happy New Year!

  30. Love your woodland touches carried over for winter Shirley! My house always looks so barren after Christmas and I prefer to take it down in stages. I need to pull out my PB winter bird pillow to feather my winter nest 🙂 Wishing you a Happy & Healthy New Year!
    Mary’s recent post…Happy New Year: Chocolate Tuxedo Cups with Strawberries and Grand Marnier Whipped Cream!My Profile

  31. I think it’s lovely Shirley. I took all the Christmas decor down the day after but all the color is still within the house 🙂
    Happy New Year Shirley!!
    Patty@thatssopretty’s recent post…Cozy ideas for the perfect Winter BedroomMy Profile

  32. Shirley I love Winter decor and I think that we should display it as long as the seasons let us. I have taken down Christmas but it’s been up right after Halloween (for blogging purposes). I really enjoyed it this year. I did leave up some little fairy lights up they add a sweet winter charm. Enjoy your New Year! ((WARM HUGS)) Jo

  33. I say winter – it all looks so pretty and festive. Happy New Year, Shirley!!
    Design Chic’s recent post…Things We Love: BambooMy Profile

  34. I love your sweet vignettes for Christmas and also for winter. Surround yourself with things that make you smile and happy and it is the perfect decor. Happy New Year sweet friend. Wishing you a new year filled with much love, happiness and great health. I look forward to seeing all the new ventures for your blog in the coming year. Happy New Year.
    Kris’s recent post…Happy New Year and Cabinet Re LoveMy Profile

  35. So much of your Christmas decor can be used right through the winter…especially if we have another cold one! That pillow and throw looks wonderfully cozy.
    Happy New Year!
    Mary Alice
    Mary Alice Patterson’s recent post…Small Decor Change for the New YearMy Profile

  36. Happy New Year, Shirley!! I say as long as you enjoy looking at it, leave it up! So many could go both ways! I loved having lights on the mantel so much I took the green cord ones down and put white cord ones right back on. Can’t wait to show off my winter mantel, but I have to figure out how to get pictures off my new camera to the computer first. lol My new toy I got for Christmas! Wishing you the best for the new year!
    Jayne’s recent post…No Resolutions For Me This YearMy Profile

  37. Can I say, both! I love your decorations.The only reason I don’t have red berries in our house right now is becasue the darn bushes are not producing this year! We leave our Chrsitmas up also until Jan 6. Happy New Year Shirley. Linda
    Linda’s recent post…Delightfully Delicious SandiesMy Profile

  38. I definitely think it should STAY … all of it !! Your Winter decor is perfect … love the “icy” branches. For the first time, i’ve done a little winter mantel before jumping into Valentine’s Day decor. Happy New Year!
    becca’s recent post…Our 2014 Dining and Sitting Rooms …My Profile

  39. Isn’t it funny how we have to actually plan for winter decor after we went through all the trouble to put up such elaborate Christmas decor?!???!! Every year I say I’m going to do the Christmas stuff so that most of it can travel right on through January. It never turns out that way. You, on the other hand, did a pretty darn good job of it! Winter means snow and ice (unfortunately!) on trees and branches, so to have that throughout your home makes perfect sense to me. DEFINITELY keep the owls!!! And DEFINITELY keep the chair adorned with that fabulous pillow and furry throw!!!

    I won’t have a choice this year. I have a sinking feeling our Christmas decor will be up until at least Valentine’s Day since I’m down and out. My husband has NO CLUE how to GENTLY take things down, properly pack them, and where/how to store them, so I told him to just leave it. I would rather be embarrassed by visitors seeing old Christmas decorations than pissed off at him for breaking my stuff up! Oh, what a tangled web I’ve woven!!!

    Happy 2015! Enjoy!!!
    Alycia Nichols’s recent post…Over the River & Through the Woods – A Transitional Table For Thanksgiving Into ChristmasMy Profile

  40. I love the pretty white pitcher with the ice red berries and holly leaves and the beautiful winter pillow with the red birds on it and berries, and the little white owl! so i am loving the winter theme and i that gave me an ideal about the theme i used for my Christmas decoration for my home this past Christmas. and i love everything you have shown me here thanks so much and keep these ideals coming!the Winter theme is perfect up until Spring.

  41. Everything looks adorable especially like the birdie pillow…

  42. Since you asked, I feel every wonderful thing you showed is wintery except for the trio of trees

  43. Yes, winter themed items can be left out till March. Anything with holly and Santa need to go! Owls are winters! A chance to enjoy all of our hard work a little longer!

  44. ackleykid says

    I love all of it, Winter or otherwise..You have a great eye for design. It is all fabulous. Thank You for the isnspiration. I can’t wait for Christmas now, sorry, I think the mini fir tree set me off, I love Christmas. But that said, your colour schemes ar are cool & crisp,which would work beautiful with @ a summers evenings garden party. I would use your design ideas for dinner parties anytime of the year. I look forward to seeing your other creative ensembles & receiving email updates…


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