I’m All About That Brass . . . I’m All About that Brass

I’m all about that brass . . . not the bass . . . not the bass.

I have always loved brass . . . however, it fell out of favor for a while.

But, now it is back.


I have previously either sold some brass items such as lamps at a yard sale

or my booth. Thinking, hmmmm . . . brass has pretty much gone by the wayside.

So, I downsized by collection of brass decor.

Brass Decor-Housepitality Designs

The other day, I received my new Pottery Barn catalog.

While browsing through the catalog I noticed a section on some brass decor . . .

Brass decor-Housepitality Designs

I have been noticing brass making a bit of a comeback here and there . . .

~ ~ and if Pottery Barn states it’s back . . . well then, it’s back!!

I went up to the attic to see what brass I had left!

I knew I had a pair of brass bookends, and many brass candlesticks.

Brass Bookends-Housepitality Designs

I found them . . . I did not toss them out or sell them!

Brass Bookends-Housepitality Designs

Not only did I find my bookends, but also the crystal door knob with a brass rod.

Master Bedroom Side Table-Housepitality Designs

Finding the brass bookends resulted in creating a new vignette on the beside table.

Isn’t that always the way it happens . . . and the domino effect reigns supreme again.

Brass Lamp-Housepitality Designs

Many years ago, I bought a pair of brass candlestick lamps with metal shades

from The Bombay Company . . . oh I miss that company!

I love these lamps.

French Commode Table Vignette-Housepitalty Designs

The metal shades were originally a hunter green and I painted this shade a year or so ago

with a high gloss black paint. The other lamp still has its original color.

It is on the stairwell table awaiting a new vignette.

So what do you think? . . . Have you ever abandoned the brass as I somewhat did?

I wonder how many brass chandeliers we will see in the future?

I like brass and glad its back! Are you?

Hope you all had a most wonderful New Year’s and my wishes to you all for a most happy,

healthy, and prosperous year filled with the many blessings we all hold dear!

Happy New Year!!

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  1. I also like brass, I think it’s very wam! My bathroom is brass, maybe if it’s making a come back it’ll be a little less expensive!

  2. Truthfully….I never got rid of my brass…I still used it….I love brass. But, I also use brushed nickel, copper…I mix it all together. Your brass candlestick lamps are gorgeous…I’m glad you kept those! And I do remember the Bombay company….they had great stuff! 😉

  3. Linda miller says

    I got rid of ALL my brass including that identical lamp flanking your bird plate except for some bookends. I just haven’t found the perfect replacement for them yet. You know me…I do not hang on to things I am not using. But I must say, these brass accents look very pretty in you master bedroom.

  4. Glad brass is back, I still love it. HappyNew Year!!

  5. It’s true that everything old is new again, isn’t it? 🙂 My very first house in the late 80s had lots of brass accents and I loved it. I kept a few pieces and I’m so excited to dig them out of hiding. Thanks for sharing the good news, Shirley! I love all your brass pieces–I think they have a very “rich” look about them. Have a wonderful weekend!
    Mimi’s recent post…Happy New Year!My Profile

  6. I have always loved brass. My chandelier is brass and I could not bring myself to paint it or replace it. I told a friend that I happen to like brass. I knew that it would make a comeback. Design trends seem to come full circle. I am not a trend follower- I decorate with what I like.Love your lamps! I also miss the Bombay Company. I have a lot of blue & white pieces from them.

  7. Well, I am all about that bass and brass. I have been adding more and more brass for the past two years. I liked The Bombay Company, too especially the outlet store.
    Kim’s recent post…Paint Projects of 2014My Profile

  8. You have some beautiful brass pieces…..love the lamp! I have never really had any brass pieces with the exception of my crystal chandys.It will be fun to see what pops up at the stores. Happy New Year!!!
    Des’s recent post…TGIF!!!!My Profile

  9. I still have a few pieces and my doorknobs are all still brass. In fact, my neighbor changed all her doorknobs to oil rubbed bronze and has made comments to me that I “need” to update mine too…I think I will just keep them the way they are! Love your pieces – and I miss Bombay Co too!
    Shelley @ Calypso in the Country’s recent post…My Top 10 Most Viewed Posts of 2014My Profile

  10. I’m with you- I’ve always liked brass. I kept my better items in brass and have them in storage too! My home has brass accents like door knobs, bath fixtures and my fireplace. Too expensive to abandon so I never changed them. Good to see it being revived again!
    Liz @ Infuse With Liz’s recent post…HAPPY NEW YEAR!My Profile

  11. Yes yes yes….I had so much brass, and like you thought it was passée. Fortunately, I am slow to follow trends so I still have several pieces. Yeah for me! Ha! I have a few lamps, candlesticks, etc. When we bought our downsize I went to the local lighting supply to look at a for a chandelier as I did not like the builder one. Hubby said, please, no more Williamsburg brass. Well, I found one in Brass! Nor Williamsburg, but another style. So, maybe I was ahead of the curve this one time! Ha!
    I hate to be a copycat…but doing a post about all of my old brass could be something I do in the future. What’s old is new again! Yea!

  12. I’ve too have noticed brass making a sneaky comeback in the past year. I think it might also be a regional thing as well. I am friends with the owner of a consignment shop near Williamsburg, VA and she told me that brass has never gone out there and she sells quite a bit. That was the reason I took most of my brass to sell in her shop when I replaced it with brushed nickel.

  13. Call me crazy but I kept my brass. I think that good quality heavy brass is classic regardless of what the trendsetters say! Your brass treasures are definitely classic!
    Pat @ Life At lydias House’s recent post…2014 Project ReviewMy Profile

  14. so nice to see brass! I thought I was the only one with brass left in my house. I have been feeling the pressure to change. I think it looks very traditional. I live in New England, if you visit the beautiful Newport, RI mansions you see tons of brass. I prefer to think of it as classic versus outdated.

  15. Fonda Rush says

    I can’t…won’t…let Pottery Barn or anything/any one else dictate what I like and use. I’ve never followed fashion. I use what I like. And, THAT is what might change.

  16. Linda Kemp says

    I love brass and have two brass chandeliers. I love the brass pineapple lamp. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  17. Hi, Shirley! I’ve always kind of liked brass, so I have held onto it over the years for the most part. I was reluctant to paint over it except a few instances when the brass was beyond repair anyway. As far as I’m concerned, a brass pineapple NEVER goes out of style! I really love your lamp!!!

    I can remember my maternal grandparents’ home filled with those crystal doorknobs. I loved to just touch them! I thought they were just about the fanciest thing ever!!! With our Colonial-style house, they would be right at home here!

    Glad to see brass making a comeback!

  18. I’m glad to see brass making a comeback so now my brass chandelier in the foyer won’t look so dated anymore! LOL! I’m still not embracing the comeback for my own home though since I’ve gone in a different direction that doesn’t include brass. However, I do like it in other peoples homes. I love the vignette you created using items you had on hand.

  19. Oh, one more thing. Now I can’t get that song out of my head. Thanks a lot!
    kelly’s recent post…New Lamps in the Dining RoomMy Profile

  20. I loved brass, but when it went out of style – sold it in garage sales. But I did keep a beautiful brass deer. I couldn’t part with him, so I will polish him up and use him. I had him in a Christmas vignette on the table.
    Love how you used yours in a vignette. I have decided that I will use what I love and if it’s in style that’s great and if it goes out of style, well I’m keeping it anyway.
    Now it’s time to take down the decorations. Had a great Christmas and loved having Kelly and Shaun here.
    Here’s to a wonderful 2015 year.
    Mary W. Ferguson’s recent post…LOOKING & SHOPPING ALL OVER ORANGE COUNTYMy Profile

  21. I guess I’m one of those who kept using brass even when it was out of vogue…most of my vintage chandeliers are brass with crystals. I guess no matter what it is that has gone out, eventually it’ll come back. You have some beautiful brass pieces, Shirley, and they fit your lovely decor nicely!
    Mary Alice
    Mary Alice Patterson’s recent post…Small Decor Change for the New YearMy Profile

  22. Brass is classic, and I’ve never tired of it. I love the vignette with the pineapple lamp, plate and votive with lavender buds!
    Rita C. (Panoply)’s recent post…Panoply 2014: It’s a Wrap!My Profile

  23. I also got rid of almost all my brass. I remember one of my daughters saying “Mom your brass looks a little dated”. I think I’ll get out some old pictures and jog my memory to see what I had and see if I stored it somewhere. Sad, but the memory isn’t what it use to be!

    Nancy’s recent post…I’m All About That Brass . . . I’m All About that BrassMy Profile

  24. Oh, yes, I’m thrilled brass is back! I never got rid of mine though because I loved it. I have a Georgian home, so I didn’t feel pressured to get rid of it. Your pieces are lovely and add such a touch of elegance to your home! I think brass will always be classic.

  25. I love old brass, not the shiny stuff that was so hot in the 80s. I still have some old stuff that I picked up in England – horse brasses and bells and things. My fave is pewter…

    And I cannot get that song out of my head!!!

    Anne@DesignDreams’s recent post…Upcoming in 2015My Profile

  26. Love your pineapple lamp and bookends! I have one brass chandelier and one brass and Lenox chandelier but got rid of most of my other brass pieces. Once I’m not using something (unless it’s extra special) it tends to get sold or donated. A couple of pieces I probably should have kept, but I guess I’m an obsessive anti-hoarder!!

  27. Yes, I love brass. I have some brass pheasants and some brass quail. Your brass is lovely.
    Penny @ the comforts of home’s recent post…Happy New Year!My Profile

  28. Peggy Thal says

    I love brass too. It looks warm and rich. I think many people have become lazy and wanted easy items for their home. Everything comes back in fashion again.

  29. Great post, Shirley! I’ve noticed all of the brass in the magazines lately. I was looking through some of Ralph Lauren’s home decor, before the holidays, and noticed that he uses it quite a bit, as well. Many of the homes we toured in Charleston had beautiful brass pieces, too. I pulled out a few old pieces for the holidays. I may have to incorporate a few more this year!

  30. I don’t think that brass will ever go out of style. I still have pieces that I had since my children were small, I have even painted some. They look so beautiful in your home. Jo

  31. Happy New Year Shirley, I wish for you and Tommy a blessed year filled with joy and hope. Every time I look at your posts I am inspired to decorate something. Since we moved last month and we have about six more month before our house is completed, I look forward to seeing what you’ve done in your lovely home. I do like a mixture of metals, brass is one of them. I’ve got a few brass pieces in storage, can’t wait to get them out and place them in one or two of my rooms. Thanks for sharing.

  32. I guess I better rethink the brass thing. I got rid of whatever brass I had years ago. HMM, now I may have to get some. WHATEVER you do always looks fabulous! I went up to Lancaster county today and got some things for “winter decor”!!! Things to use when all the Christmad is put away….whenever THAT happens:):)
    Pinky at Designs by Pinky’s recent post…Hummel Nativity, The Reason for the SeasonMy Profile

  33. In the last year I’ve been picking up more brass pieces to add around too. Love your pineapple bookends and that pretty crystal door knob! Enjoy your weekend Shirley!!
    martina’s recent post…My Favorite finds of 2014My Profile

  34. Love your title and the bookends. I like seeing brass in other peoples decorating , but not for me.
    darrielle tennenbaum’s recent post…Pretty Green DresserMy Profile

  35. Happy New Year, Shirley! I love the name of this post…so cute! 🙂
    must love junk’s recent post…Happy 2015!My Profile

  36. So pretty Shirley. Your “all about the brass” is gorgeous. Happy New Year.
    Kris’s recent post…Saturday Spotlight Feature: Life Behind the BloggerMy Profile

  37. All your Brass pieces look fantastic in your home. All things make a comeback with time.

  38. Shirley! I use Silver, Gun Metal, Gold, and all others! Depends on the season’s as to which I choose to use! I too love to decorate! Yours looks Great! Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year 2015 to you and your Family!

  39. Always been a fan of brass and have kept it. There have been a few light fixtures that I’ve changed out, but mainly due to the style. Such a great idea to paint the green shade, your lamp looks great!
    Cindy’s recent post…Changes and New BeginningsMy Profile

  40. Love brass and never did abandon it. I think it is so classic. Love to mix it with silver too. Your lamps are fabulous.
    Marty@A Stroll Thru Life’s recent post…My Desk Is Ready for 2015My Profile

  41. Happy New Year Shirley! I love brass too. I just think it is timeless and something that never goes out of style in decor. You certainly have some lovely pieces that all tie in nicely.

  42. Hi Shirley, Unfortunately I got rid of all my brass years ago. You have some wonderful pieces and I especially love the lamps.
    Sherry @ No Minimalist here’s recent post…2014 Favorite PostMy Profile

  43. I never really thought about brass.
    But after reading your post and watching your pictures I really have to go to my mother’s and try to find something brassy:-)
    And answering Shirley: I think that it’s not good to get rid of all the things that are out of fashion for some time because sometimes the trends come back and then we regret that we threw away something nice. But on the other hand you would need a really big storage room to keep all the not trendy things.
    Great blog:-)

  44. Pretty Shirley! I have to confess I’ve never been a brass fan. It’s always been a bit too shiny and bright for my taste, give me crusty, rusty and faded 🙂
    Mary’s recent post…How the Tables Turned: 2014 Year in ReviewMy Profile

  45. I’ve always loved the mellow glow that brass adds to a room and perhaps it’s making a comeback because it looks so good with neutral color schemes. I love the use of brass that Marty makes over at “A Stroll Thru Life blog”. Check her out.

  46. Well, this is just the best news ever because lately I’ve been feeling that my dining room, with it’s brass chandy, is hopelessly out of style, and now it’s at the fore front of a new trend! Thank you Shirley, you have made my week 🙂
    Jenna’s recent post…Creations, Painting Hearts and Valentine Card IdeasMy Profile

  47. Lovely… I have some put away… Yours is looking very appealing…

  48. I had a pretty large Brass candle stick collection about oh, 25 years ago! I sold them all. Every one. I like some of the deep, rich Brass that I’m seeing now. I’ve picked up some great stuff out junking 😉 I adore those book ends. Definitely something I would snag if I saw them! Very pretty!!
    Shannon @ Fox Hollow Cottage’s recent post…Why I’ll Never Check Out Another Library Book As Long As I LiveMy Profile

  49. I LOVE your brass and the vignettes.
    I have always used brass because I like the richness of it. I even have collected a number of pieces of goldy mercury glass for the same reason.
    Does that make me avant garde???
    I ALWAYS love to visit your beautiful home! Thank you so much for your “housepitality”.

  50. What goes around comes around. I’m a true believer.
    Love those lamps.
    I’ve kept my brass lamps in the living room and only updated the shades for the last 30 or so years.
    I also have some brass candle holders somewhere…..now let me see ……

  51. Yes, I missed brass and the Bombay Company. Thanks for sharing the trend back to brass

  52. bobbi duncan says

    Perhaps it’s where I’ve lived in the latter half of my life–Williamsburg and, now, the Brandywine Valley, SW of Philadelphia–but brass has never gone out of style, especially for those with colonial homes. I’m so glad because I love it–particularly brass that has an old world color is what is most appealing to me. The polished bright brass is so reflective that I find you can’t have too much of it in one space because that’s all the eye then sees. Love your pineapple buffet lamp!!!

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