One Way to Refresh a Room for Comfort

Refreshing a room does not have to be visible.

It could be something that you do to make a room feel more comfortable.

Whether it be a lovely calming scent from a candle . . .

or soft music playing while you do your day to day chores.

Winter Vignette-Housepitality Designs

When I am working around the house, there is nothing like a beautiful scent of a candle.

Winter Vignette-Housepitality Designs

One day, when I was granddog sitting . . . I noticed that this sweet pup had parked himself

in the great room . . . on the carpet for a good part of the day.

Giguere-Housepitality Designs

He usually is following me around the house.

Giguere-Housepitality Designs

But on this day, he chose to sleep on the carpet rather than his comfy dog bed.

Why was that, I wondered . . . .

Ah ha! . . . it just came to me!

Just before he came to stay with us for a while, we placed something new in the great room.

Prepping for the placement of a rug pad-Housepitality Designs

And my hubby, being my hubby, was precise in the preparations . . .

placing painter’s tape on the floor as a guide to prep for something to be laid on the floor.

Eco-friendly rug pad-Housepitality Designs

A new rug pad. . . .

With the rug pad folded in half he gently placed it on the floor lining it up with the tape lines.

Once in place, the pad was easily rolled on the floor and my Karastan rug that was rolled

at the other end was easily put in place.

Great Room Rug-Housepitality Designs

This rug pad is an Eco-Cushion rug pad that is constructed primarily of bio-based, renewable,

and eco-friendly materials – including 100% natural soybean oil and a non-slip organic polymer

coating. It does not contain potentially harmful fillers (such as phthalates) found in many

imported padding.

I try to use environmentally friendly and organic products as much as I can and this rug pad

gives me a great sense of comfort in two ways . . . comfort under our feet and the comfort of

knowing that there are no harmful chemicals to be concerned about.

And that is a very good thing!!!

Have a great weekend and for most of you out there . . . stay warm hopefully sitting by a

cozy fire or sipping hot chocolate with a great book! . . . as for me, I will be keeping warm

by staying indoors and putting the last of the Christmas decorations away!

Disclosure: Rug Pad USA products have been provided free of charge in exchange for

promotional consideration. All great opinions of this product are entirely my own.

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  1. Your grand dog is so cute and found his comfy spot.

  2. These really are fabulous pads and your granddog looks so comfy.

  3. Ahh your grand dog is adorable. My dog loves to sleep on the rugs all around the house. Have a great weekend.

  4. A daughter gave us an electric diffuser for Christmas, and I love it’s sweet scent filling the house. It’s snowing hard as I wait in Portland for my plane back to Houston. Hope I get there today.

  5. Great rug pad and rug if I do say so myself! and it has the dog seal of approval….can’t get any better then that….Stay warm my friend!

  6. Yes, it is very often the hidden things, that can make the biggest difference in our quality of life. Adorable grand-dog…he can tell the difference! Stay warm! 😉

  7. Your grand dog is such a cutie pie and has great taste….your rug is gorgeous too!!!
    Have a great weekend!!!

  8. I got a wonderful new candle before Christmas that I have been burning all season and I still burn it as I put my Christmas away too! Your Grand I never knew about the rug pads. I will look for them for the living and dining rooms. Thanks!!!

  9. Your room is not only comfy on a cold day…but one is surrounded by so much loveliness at the same time.
    Mary Alice

  10. Dogs seem to know where to find the coziest spots don’t they! He looks quite natural in your home!

  11. Jeanette Price says

    Your grand doggie reminds me of my Maddie. They love to be comfy. My little girl always goes upstairs and lays on our bed. I was never a fan of having her up there but, she’s not destructive at all and just lays up there. I wash my comforter more often now. I love the smell of a great candle in the house too. Just makes it seem cozy. Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Little doggy new the most comfortable spot in the house 🙂

  13. Thanx for the info Shirley it makes a lot of since. I will for sure remember this. Jo

  14. I think I have a long wait, for a grand dog…let alone grand kids! Have a great weekend, Shirley!

  15. Yes. The pup needs a cozy spot to lay. Is the rug pad cushy?

  16. Your grand dog know’s where it is comforie. Your rug is very lovely and looks so good in the room.
    Stay in and keep warm.

  17. Your granddog is handsome. You are so right. Just the smallest touch can make all the difference in your home! Keep warm!

  18. Rattlebridge farm says

    Such a sweet granddog! Your home looks so elegant and inviting. I always skip rug pads, and you’ve convinced me to change my tune at the ranchburger.

  19. Dogs are so smart, they know where the comfort is! We used to have a shih tzu that insisted on eating his treats on our most expensive oriental rug and my hubs said, “naturally!” 🙂
    Lucky you to have a guy that is so particular about your rug placement, I would be tackling that alone!

  20. I’ll keep that in mind Shirley. We have a pup too and never thought to use a dog friendly rug pad! My doggie always head for the rug!!! You are a fabulous grand”pup” mom! xo

  21. What a sweet dog, Shirley! I had my candles burning yesterday, as I finally got the Christmas decorations down. Hope to have it all put away by the end of today! I usually have some sort of candle burning all the time. They just create such a cozy atmosphere.

  22. What a sweet post Shirley. Love your granddog and how he found his spot to nap. Too cute. Have a wonderful week end. Stay warm.

  23. I just love that crystal snowflake on the top of the first picture. The crystal and ironware blend so well together. I also love that fluffy white owl tree, very unique. Happy Birthday, I hope your day was great. Your friends are wonderful to give you a surprise party! Stay warm, Shirley.

  24. I love that rug. It looks beautiful with your furniture. My last comment was for yesterday’s blog. I don’t know how I did that trick. Kind of nice to have a good ole dog around, isn’t it? He looks good on your rug!

  25. Shirley your grand dog is such a cutie!! I only buy my rug pads from them now…love them!

  26. What a cutie!!! Giguere looks so comfy on your gorgeous rug! Thanks for sourcing the eco friendly pad – a great investment for a healthy home! Cheers

  27. Jann Olson says

    Shirley, I too received a rug pad from rug pad USA and I love it! It made the rug in our basement so soft. Looks like the dog knows (or feels) a good thing when he sees one!

  28. Sweet and smart pup Shirley to know where to lay his head in comfort! Gorgeous rug, thanks for the review of the pad too 🙂

  29. If only we were a dog to lay on a beautiful comfy rug all day! It is gorgeous Shirley..and of course so is the fur baby. Have a great day. XO

  30. This is a terrific post. Your hubby is like mine ( wink), he would measure and tape for accuracy also. Lovely rug. Hugs!

  31. It must be very comfi to get the seal of approval from your dog…

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