Easily Transitioning from Christmas to a Winter Mantel

When I created my Christmas Mantel, I kept in mind that I want to be able to easily transition

it to Winter by making a few adjustments.

By doing this, this certainly created less work and a great segue into Winter.

Winter Mantel 2015-Housepitality Designs

I purposely chose a flocked garland embellished with pine cones so that I could continue to use

this garland on the mantel.

Winter Mantel 2015-Housepitality Designs

Winter 2015-Housepitalty Designs

Two snowy winter birds were added to the mantel to accompany the owls.

Winter Mantel 2015 - Housepitality Designs

Along with crystal snowflakes that hang from the mantel . . .

Winter Mantel 2015-Housepitality Designs

And my most favorite snowflakes . . . the crocheted snowflakes that my mom made for me.

Years ago I had asked her if she would make me a few crocheted snowflakes . . .

She then proceeded to make many, giving each of her children a fair amount of them for their trees.

Winter Mantel 2015-Housepitality Designs

Winter Mantel 2015-Housepitality Designs

I guess nothing says Winter more than snowflakes! . . .

Well, to many of us that is.

Winter Mantel 2015-Housepitality Designs

Winter Mantel 2015-Housepitality Designs

Winter Mantel 2015-Housepitality Designs

The lanterns and owls remained on the mantel.

I removed the trees that I created from some evergreen faux sprays and stems and they landed

on the hearth.

Winter Mantel 2015-Housepitality Designs

Transferware urn-Housepitality Designs

So love these faux evergreen stems as they look so very real.

Tranferware Urn-Housepitality Designs

I am not sure if I have ever featured this green transferware urn before.

You may have seen it in the background somewhere.

Winter Hearth 2015-Housepitalty Designs

I purchased the transferware urn at my favorite antique shop in Florida that is unfortunately

no longer in business.

Winter Hearth & Tablescape-Housepitality Designs

The shop owner was unpacking the items from a buying trip that they had just come back from.

I visited this shop at least once a week . . . and she would call me when there was a new shipment.

I spied the green transferware urn right away . . . she said it wasn’t in the best of condition.

It had a little chip on the rim . . so she said because of that I can have it for $12.00.

Sold! . . . I miss that shop and the adorable couple that owned it and the beautiful Victorian home

that the shop was in.

Winter Mantel 2015-Housepitality Designs

Years ago, I saw so many wonderful small antique shops go out of business due to the popularity of

eBay and other internet resources. However, I am seeing more and more coming back.

For me, it is the thrill of the hunt . . . the ability to actually see and touch each treasure.

Etsy shops are such a great resource for those things you cannot find (or make) in your area and I

have purchased many an item through these shops. However, are you like me? . . .

Do you love the thrill of the hunt too?

Wishing you a most wonderful day “making your own kind of music and singing your own special song!”

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  1. Hunt? You know I love to hunt. The cute owls steal the show in your winter mantel.

  2. I love your winter mantel. Especially the sweet crocheted snowflakes your mom made. Yes, I love the thrill of the hunt and antiquing. I haven’t been in a while, I need to get back out there!

  3. Your winter mantel is so beautiful….I love the hanging snowflakes! Most of the antique shops closed in our area about 10 years ago. Thankfully there are still a few left and my favorite one is the one I consign furniture at.

  4. I’m with you Shirley…I like to go and find my treasures it’s more fun!! Your winter mantel looks beautiful…LOVE LOVE those concrete finials you have flanking the hearth!!

  5. Shirley your mantel looks fabulous and how nice to leave the “snow” effect out for winter. Perfect.

  6. Love that you use your Moms snowflakes!!

  7. I love your wintery mantel! And, yes, I too LOVE the hunt!

  8. Seeing your crocheted snowflakes made me think of my mother-in-law from whom I received many of those. They are still among my favorite things and I love the fact that she made them because I liked them. He will be disappointed to learn that I am not much of a shopper.

  9. It is all about the thrill of the hunt!

  10. Your mantel is lovely and so perfect for winter! Love the little birds and snowflakes.
    Mary Alice

  11. Your winter mantel is sheer perfection! Just enough, but not too much. The snowflakes are so pretty, and they’re definitely not something you see every day. Great way to transition Shirley.

  12. The mantle looks very good and a get way to have it look like winter. I used to have the hand made snow flakes also. But, I sure don’t know what happened to them. I will have to ask my cousin for some more. They look great.
    Hope things have warmed up there – we actually had rain over the weekend and it wss wonderful.
    Have a great week Shirley.

  13. Oh Shirley your home looks so beautiful, it’s like bringing a bit of out doors in doors. Love it. Jo

  14. Jeanette Price says

    I love the wintery mantel.. I love to hunt for things and I especially like to hunt for things when they are on sale. There is a thrill to that! Your room looks so warm and inviting!

  15. Beautiful mantle and I do love those fluffy white owls!

  16. I posted my winter mantle today too! And, due to inspiration from YOU, I have some owls on there:):) Your mantle looks great and very wintery!! I also did a vignette on my credenza that will post tomorrow and my Joe actually said, “I really like what you did on the credenza”!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost fell over! He never says stuff like that! Amazing that after 47 1/2 years he can still surprise me:):)

  17. Your mantel looks perfect for winter now, Shirley. I just put a few things on mine to give it a Valentine look. It gives me another month to decide if I want to put everything back as it was pre-Christmas decorating or do something new and different. I love your owls. I was not able to find any on clearance so I guess I am waiting until next season to buy them. Maybe I will buy one a week so it doesn’t get out of hand! : )

  18. I love your wintry mantel, Shirley. The crochet snowflakes your mom made are such a special touch.

  19. Hi Shirley, Love your winter mantel and the crochet snowflakes your mother made are very special. The whole setting is so cozy and so inviting. I love your style.
    Have a great week.

  20. Your mantel looks like a winter wonderland now! I like the flocked garland and the owls. So cute. I bet your granddaughter likes it too.

  21. Those are lovely crocheted snowflakes your mom made…great keepsake! I have no winter decor left inside…the real stuff is outside, and that seems enough for me! Funny how our climates can determine what and how we decorate. Yours is lovely! 😉

  22. Beautiful, Shirley! The snowflakes, the owls, the flocking–it’s hard to pick a favorite part!

  23. It’s a winter wonderland and great deal on the transferware! I am struggling with my mantel – I think I need a breather from all the Christmas!!

  24. I

  25. Completely ignore the last accidental slip of fingers! So sorry about that! Anyways, (totally disregarding my typing blunder!~ I pressed ‘enter’ when I meant to press ‘shift.’) I just have to say I love the ideas in this blog post. I feel like transitioning Christmas mantels to Winter mantels is something that is generally un-addressed… until NOW! (Thanks to you of course.) My favorite parts of this mantel are the owls and the wreath. The mantel is simply beautiful!

  26. Love your winter mantel Shirley, complete with your sweet birds! ♥

  27. Denise Davis says

    Love your winter mantle – the flocked garland, owls and the wonderful crocheted snowflakes. The evergreen in the urn looks so real! Do you remember where you purchased this life like evergreen? I’ve been looking for some for awhile. Thanks!

  28. Lovely winter mantle… Almost feels like Christmas making it easier to see it go…

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