A New Blog Post Delivery System

Hope everyone had a wonderful 3-day weekend!

We had some pretty days with slightly warmer temps to enjoy the outdoors.

Vintage Schwinn Bicycle

So thoughts of Spring flowers were dancing in my head.

Over the weekend, my go to “blog technician”, Dawn from Creative Cain Cabin, switched my

current email blog post delivery system over to Mad Mimi.

During the switchover, you may experience a double notification of my blog post in your email.

This should be a one time occurrence, if it so happens.

I have had some concerns from many that they were unable to subscribe via email with my previous

subscription service . . . and if you are one of those you can subscribe on my sidebar or below.

Thank you for your patience in any glitches that may occur in this switchover; however, hopefully the

double delivery should just occur for one day.

And one more thing . . . if you would not mind leaving me a comment to let me know if you received

my blog post in your email through the new delivery system of Mad Mimi I would so much appreciate it!

Thanks so much!!!

Have a wonderful day and see you tomorrow!!

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  1. Works fine!

  2. I just received the email. I expect it is from your new delivery system. I enjoy reading your blog and getting inspiration.

  3. Mine is here this morning. I’m looking forward to being able to continue receiving them!

  4. TRISH bOYKO says

    I received your email notification…looking forward to hearing more from you. Just wondering…why don’t my caps work in my ‘name’ field? Is it you…or me? My computer is behaving very badly these days so when things don’t go the way I ask them to go I tend to PANIC! Sorry ’bout that.

  5. Trish Boyko says

    I’m a mess….oh gawd.
    Whatever…you’re coming in loud and clear and that’s what matters.

  6. Gloria dotzler says

    Yes, it was A-OK

  7. Working fine; only one email notification

  8. Got it

  9. Mine arrived, but it looks like it was mailed by bounces.wp.com. Usually when I get them from mad mimi, it says so.

  10. Sandra white says

    Received email notifications. I always look forward to reading all your posts.. Have a great day.

  11. Amy Kaminski says

    All is well.

  12. Working just fine!

  13. Got my email notification today. No problem! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  14. Got it! I am curious to hear what you think about Mad Mimi.

  15. I follow on Bloglovin but I’m glad you’ve found a service that works for you!

  16. Merry Pierson says

    I got it!

  17. Got mine! I use Mad Mimi as a sign up option too. I need to find a blog technician! I sometimes struggle to get things done as I am not a technician! Ha!

  18. Linda miller says

    Received. All is well.

  19. Got it!

  20. Patty Soriano says

    Shirley, I did get an email, but there is nothing to say it’s from Mimi. So, maybe it’s the old system I received.

  21. Patty Soriano says

    Shirley, I just got the second email and I can see at the bottom that it is from mad mimi. This might explain why I’m receiving two emails from other blogs. They could be switching over as well. Problem is, I keep getting two copies.

  22. Got it and love it cause it tells me it is you!! I like the switch!!! And love your blog!!!

  23. All systems go here! It is coming in just fine! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Works fine for me.

  25. Always look forward to your blog! Fresh outlook looking great to me!!

  26. showed up just fine!

  27. Got it! Love it!! Have a wonderful rest of the week!

  28. Got it. Only one, THANK YOU for all you do.

  29. beautiful flowers in bicycle basket. we are enjoying beautiful weather here also. good luck with your switch.

  30. Diane walters says

    Got it…I so enjoy your blog and look forward to more. Thank you

  31. From wherever it came, I got it!

  32. Jeanette Price says

    Got Mine too!

  33. Got the newsletter just fine ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. I just received your email for the first time in a long time.

  35. Gotcha!! Thanks

  36. Okay, I think I got it right this time. It says it came from Mad Mimi.

  37. Just like clockwork! Enjoy your day! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  38. Shirley, I was not receiving your posts before, (though I was signed up for them) and had to go to your blog from others, but this post came through and only once. I’m happy you made the switch so I won’t miss anything!

  39. It looks like your transition went pretty smooth. It works just fine for me. Jo

  40. it looks great!

  41. Love the flowers! It looks like Spring has made a wee visit! Received your link with no problems-

  42. Lady Delores LeBoeuf says

    Yes, received.

  43. Yes.Thank you for your posts.

  44. No problem – got it.

  45. Linda Kemp says

    I think I got it.

  46. Yep! got it through both today… I’m anxious to hear what you think of Mad Mimi after it’s been in place for a bit. I’m ready to make a change, too!
    xo Heidi

  47. I got it.

  48. I received this blog post but don’t know if it’s Mad Mimi. I see BlogHer in several places. I just hope I continue to receive the posts because I love your blog!

  49. Got your email.

  50. Got it!! Thanks!!

  51. Everything worked fine for me.

  52. Sandra D in Joliet says

    got both

  53. Received email from mad mimi

  54. I received your email. It does say powered by Mad Mimi at the bottom the email. Thank you!

  55. I got it.

  56. Pat Francoforte says

    Got it! My favorite!

  57. Denise Davis says

    Got it!!

  58. Got it.

  59. I have to admit, I haven’t been checking my emails for the past few days. I didn’t get double. I got it!

  60. got it too

  61. Got it! Sorry I’m so late to reply!

  62. Got it… Nice flowers… Hope your not getting too much snow today…


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