How I Am Chasing Away the Winter Blues

As I sit in my Great Room, or doing things in the kitchen, I can see the beautiful outdoors and my

upper back porch, actually from just about every room on the main floor.

Being that it is winter, the porch was pretty bare and absent of any color. No plants or pretty

flowers to see and enjoy. I had to do something about that!

So off to Lowe’s I go to buy some flowers that can withstand the cold temperatures.

Upper Back Porch for Winter-Housepitality Designs

Can you see the reflection of the skies in the french doors? It was a beautiful day.

Upper Back Porch for Winter-Housepitality Designs

Upper Porch tea cart-Housepitality Designs

I started decorating the porch by first taking down an old print that had become faded and replaced

it with something that will not fade and would always have a beautiful scene to enjoy . . . a mirror!!!

Upper back porch for Winter-Housepitality Designs

A great plant for a winter porch is the Sky Pencil Japanese Holly…and for color, some pretty

pansies in a vintage flower pot. Notice the reflection in the mirror and the window too 🙂

Upper back porch for Winter-Housepitality Designs

This tea cart is usually filled with plants and flowers from Spring to Fall and this year I decided

to dress the cart minimally with evergreens and flowers.

Window Boxes Upper Porch-Housepitality Designs

Upper back porch view in Winter-Housepitality Designs

I filled the window boxes with pansies . . . one of my favorite winter flowers.

Upper Back Porch for Winter-Housepitality Designs

Another great plant/flower for the winter that flowers is Helleborus.

Helleborus "Cinnamon Stick" - Housepitality Designs

Helleborus "Cinnamon Snow" - Housepitality Designs

This Helleborus is called “Cinnamon Snow” . . . I thought it was the perfect one to bring home.

I placed it in my favorite flower pot that is a staple on this porch and I purchased new pillows

to coordinate with the aqua flower pot.

Plant Stand-Housepitality Designs

A plant stand in one of the corners of the porch.

I placed one of the wreaths on it that was originally on the front door for Christmas…

Evergreen wreath/pansies-Housepitality Designs

I cannot believe how great this wreath still is after being outdoors for 2 months.

It was originally on the front door for Christmas . . . the other remains on the front porch and

you will see where it landed soon.

Upper Front Porch for Winter-Housepitality Designs

I had enough pansies left from the 2 12-packs that I purchased to place in another flower pot.

Upper Porch in Winter-Housepitalty Designs

The view of the porch as seen from the french doors of the Master Bedroom.

Upper Porch for Winter-Housepitality Designs

The view of the porch as seen from the french doors of the dining room.

Upper Porch in Winter-Housepitality Designs

I wait for the day when the temperatures are a bit warmer . . . so I can sit and enjoy the view.

However; in the meantime, I will enjoy the view of the porch dressed for winter days from indoors!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish those who will be experiencing the terrible effects

of Winter Storm Juno a most safe week.

I am joining:

Between Naps on the Porch for Metamorphosis Monday

DIY by Design for Winter Blues Wednesday

From My Front Porch To Yours for Treasure Hunt Thursdays

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  1. Looks great, I love the new pillows…pansies are my favorite winter flowers, also.

  2. Your porch always looks nice and you have such a pretty view. I need to get some pansies and violas for my front porch.

  3. That’s a great look, Shirley. I love using mirrors any way possible. They add movement, reflection, and make a space seem brighter. Good job!!!

  4. I wish I could plant something pretty too! It just started snowing and it is coming down like crazy!!! Going to the neighbors for bloddy Mary’s (but I don’t like them so am bringing Mimosas:):) Your porch looks so pretty, but it always does. Love the new pillows and maybe soon we can have some pansies too! Your view is beautiful.

  5. I just love your porch and the wonderful views. Greens and pansies make a huge difference in brightening up the space. And I love that you added that mirror…pretty reflections are always a favorite of mine.
    Snowing here today…so no pansies for me!
    Mary Alice

  6. I’ll be coming up soon to where I will be feeling like I need to see some real living plants and flowers, Shirley. I think if I put anything live outside right now it would just freeze and die! I may just get a couple of things for inside the house so I can enjoy them while keeping warm. : )

  7. I can’t wait for spring….


  8. Oh my it’s all lovely. It’s hard to imagine flowers this time of year when we have snow.

  9. Your porch looks beautiful, Shirley. We’ve had a fairly mild Winter, I should see what I can find at Lowe’s. I love the mirror addition.

  10. Linda Kemp says

    That certainly perked up my spirits this morning. All my herbs are dead except sage which can live through anything. Last winter we were in Maui for two months and we had terrible snow and cold weather in Atlanta. I couldn’t believe it when I got home and my tarragon, parsley, thyme and oregano were still alive. But this year they are really dead. Perhaps I could get hubby to plant a few pansies in a pot on the porch. Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. Oh how lovely!
    It makes me believe that spring is not too far off.
    Its cold and the ground here is covered with snow and more coming.
    You have introduced a new plant to me. Japanese Holly.
    I wonder if it would grow here?
    Have a wonderful week!

  12. Your pansies and hollies are the perfect remedy for the winter blues. We have pansies and ornamental cabbage in urns by my front door. I just have to remember to water them!

  13. Shirley I love that pencil holly…that would look great indoors too! Your porch looks so pretty! Have a great week!

  14. Shirley, these are so pretty! I have several Sky Pencils and just love them! Your porch is one of my favorite areas in your home! I would never get anything done. I would sit and look at the gorgeous view! I also adore your planters!

  15. Your flowers are so pretty…..I love Pansies!!!!! I can’t believe your wreath is still so green…amazing! Nothing is green around here…..well except me! I’m green with envy that you are able to have flowers on your porch in the winter time! LOL
    Have a great week!!!

  16. Shirley it is all so lovely and cheering. I also love your cane chairs! Sturdy yet airy!

    New Feature Frederique Chemin

  17. Beautiful, no matter the season. I just love pansies…I will have to wait a few months for those in Wisconsin! Jane

  18. I love your pansies, and of course your porches! My pansies, I think there were a couple out there, are getting covered in snow in CT.

  19. Your porch looks so refreshing and colorful. I will never complain about our weather again after seeing what’s heading to the Eastern states. Hopefully you will not get any of the effects of that storm in your area.
    Have a super week Shirley and enjoy looking at your pretty porch.

  20. Hi Shirley, Love your porch and the way you have displayed your pretty flowers for a little winter color. Makes for a cozy spot on a sunny day. Your pansies are so pretty and I have them planted all around too. They love the cooler weather don’t they? Once it gets hot here in Texas, they are finished.
    Our back porch is also positioned where we can view it from all the rooms in the back of the house.
    Love your outdoor furniture too.
    Have a great week and yes, thoughts and prayers for all those on the east coast.

  21. Since you’re further north than me, you’re probably colder too. I don’t blame you for wanting to enjoy the winter from the indoors! Your porch is so nice. I would be anxious for Spring too if I were you.

  22. You make me want to move to the south 🙂

  23. Pansies are the perfect solution. So delicate looking but much hardier than they appear. You have a lovely view from your porch, and I’m sooooo jealous.

  24. I’m off to buy pansies! Thanks for brightening my day 🙂

  25. Like your changes Shirley. I love pansies for winter or in our case late winter, early spring. Snow is supposedly coming tonight. I am using fresh flowers and candles to chase our winter blues away.

  26. Everything looks fantastic and the flowers are a great addition…

  27. I need some flower or plant therapy for the winter blues Shirley. I know my violas planted by my Potting Shed will rally when we have warmer temps but right now they are looking sad.

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