A Bar Cart or a Tea Cart?

When I placed the vintage drop leaf table that I painted in a corner of the guest room . . .

I had to re-locate the piece of furniture that was in that spot. Which was the Ethan Allen tea cart

that I found last year at an estate sale.

The Ethan Allen tea cart that I so very much wanted in our early years of marriage

but just could not afford it. Practicality always got in the way.

Dining Room Bay Window Area-Housepitality Designs

The antique bench was previously in the bay window area of the dining room and moved to the great room.

The tea cart shuffled over to this space . . . Shuffling to the tune of “Tea for Two”

I began to decorate the tea cart with the most obvious items.

Vintage German Tea Set-Housepitality Designs

I placed one of my favorite tea sets that I purchased in France that is actually German,

on the tea cart. Yes, the expected items for a tea cart.

Silver Trophy Tray-Housepitality Designs

The silver tray is actually a trophy tray that I purchased at an estate sale in Northwest Georgia.

There were many trophies in the sale . . . trophies for prize winning dogs. I saw this tray in a corner

of the room and grabbed it faster than you can say Best in Show!

I guess you can possibly call it NQV . . . Not Quite Vintage, or would it be, being 52 years old?

Vintage German Porcelain Tea Set-Housepitality Designs

German Porcelain Tea Set-Housepitality Designs

Actually, my friend Merry who was also on the France trip with us spotted this beautiful porcelain

tea set in a corner cabinet in the most quaintest of shops. She knew I would love it!

Vintage German Tea Set - Housepitality Designs

Dining Room Tea Cart-Housepitality Designs

So here you have Option One – A tea set for a tea cart.

Then we move to Option Two – A Bar Set Up for a tea cart a.k.a. bar cart.

Martini Bar Set-Housepitality Designs

Martini anyone? . . . I love this shaker that my niece gifted to me on one of my birthdays. I was in my

Cosmo phase . . . or any martini for that matter . . . a great shaker with drink recipes right on it!

Martini Glass with Peabody Hotel Stirrer-Housepitality Designs

I know . . . I collect some weird things like drink stirrers from hotels that we have stayed in.

Love the Peabody! . . . and their duck parade!

Martini Glasses and Shaker-Housepitality Designs

The martini glasses were also a gift, from my friend Linda who said that they were the Martini

glasses that were one of Oprah’s Favorite Things! Do you think that everyone was contributing to my

my Martini obsession at the time?

Dining Room Tea Cart-Housepitality Designs

My birthday orchid that I received from my sister Carol over a month ago is still going strong.

I believe it is in a happy place in front of the window glad to be inside out of the chilly winds.

So, do you have a preference? Is it Option One with the Vintage German Tea set?

Or would it be Option Two with the Martini Bar? Or maybe both? Tea in the morning . . .

and a Martini at 5 o’clock. I think I should get another tray and move them from top to bottom,

bottom to top, depending on the time of day!!!

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bHome-Housepitality Designs

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  1. just love those martini glasses and that they are all different. my vote is B… or A….or B . 🙂 have a wonderful day, however you use that beautiful cart. can’t wait to see you in a few months.
    laura@top this top that’s recent post…Cottage Makeover on a Budget….The PlanMy Profile

  2. Please share where to got your window treatments. I love them !

  3. Um, yes both. I adore the tea set…it’s downright beautiful! But cocktails for dinner are good. 🙂 I can’t say the tray is vintage because it would mean I’m vintage (ahem). Lol. I like the tea cart too; I can see why you always wanted it! Hope you are well. Take care!
    Cecilia’s recent post…Master Bedroom Makeover PlanningMy Profile

  4. Hi Shirley, Your tea cart is gorgeous and I love both ways you have decorated the top. Your tea set is a beautiful treasure from France and those martini glasses are awesome too. Yes, I love it all!!
    Beautiful orchid too!! and, gotta love your olive bucket off to the side.
    Happy Decorating!
    Hugs, CM
    Celestina Marie’s recent post…Mid Winter Mantel and Balance~My Profile

  5. I vote for A…love the tea set, it makes you think of “Spring”.

  6. I love your tea cart. I’ve been looking for one myself – wood not metal. I love both ways you styled it. I really enjoy reading your blog. I just found you recently. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  7. Vintage or not quite vintage – it looks amazing!
    Anne@designdreams’s recent post…Ikea Hack – Wardrobe to Vintage Linen CupboardMy Profile

  8. The tea cart is just lovely! Ethan Allen furniture really holds its value especially the older pieces and still very much in demand. If you see a Ethan Allen piece in a consignment or yard sale it wont be there long.

    I kind of like the bar set-up but that might be because I also collect drink stirrers from my travels!

  9. Love it set up both ways! I have a old tea cart with a removable glass tray, that sits in my den as a side table.
    Penny @ The comforts of home’s recent post…Open ConceptMy Profile

  10. Amy Kaminski says

    Love the tea cart and so glad you were able to find something you had always wanted. It’s a warm fuzzy when that happens. I like to tea set for Spring/Summer and the Martini set for Fall/Winter – when you need a little warm up 🙂 Either way it’s a winner.

  11. Jeanette Price says

    I am hard pressed here. As a lover and collector of tea cups and tea pots, I love the idea of this beautiful set being displayed. However, I also love a good martini on occasion too. I really love both displays.

  12. I love the cart for both purposes, but the tea cup pattern is the true prize. How beautiful it is 🙂
    Dawn’s recent post…Weight Loss Blueberry Peanut Butter SmoothieMy Profile

  13. Since my maiden name is Martini I should pick that option but I LOOOOOVE that tea set and it just looks like YOU! You have beautiful pieces and the flowers and the orchid, oh it is just all so pretty. BTW, we have those same Martini glasses and I never knew they were an Oprah favorite:) XO, Pinky
    Pinky at Designs by Pinky’s recent post…Changes on the Coffee TableMy Profile

  14. Beautifully done Shirley, I love the martini for two with the orchid styling. I would be making Cosmopolitans!

    The Arts by Karena

  15. LOVE the tea cart….your tea set is simply gorgeous!!! I like both options, I say switch them up whenever the mood stikes!
    Des’s recent post…Dreaming of spring…..My Profile

  16. Shirley,
    I love both of them, however I love the tea set up better. I love the Peabody as well. We went there on our honeymoon! Gary Collins was there. (He is famous, but I can not remember why.) 🙂
    There was a group of children from kindergarten there sitting on the floor, along both sides of the red carpet. When the elevator door opened, the ducks walked onto the red carpet in between the children. It was so sweet to see the children’s faces, as they were an arms length from the ducks! I always wondered how they kept the duck poo poo out of the fountain! 😉
    Thank you for bringing me that memory today!

  17. I love option #2…#1 is pretty too. They both look great with that orchid! I collect swizzle sticks too! I have several from Pan Am…remember that airline? 😉

  18. Both are nice, but I do love the tea set and it is so you!!
    Kim’s recent post…Wow Us Wednesdays #208My Profile

  19. Love your tea cart and tea set, such a pretty spot!
    Cindy’s recent post…Guest Bath ~ Birds and Pink GrapefruitMy Profile

  20. Shirley, your cart looks beautiful both ways! Either way…you can’t go wrong. I am so crushing on those martini glasses right now! They are so chic!
    Shenita’s recent post…~An Unconventional Valentine’s Tablescape~My Profile

  21. The tea cart with the beautiful tea set is my favorite for Spring, which we hope arrives before too long!

  22. Shirley, I like both of them. I guess it depends on if you drink more tea or more martini’s. Put one on each shelf and then change them around. Hard decision to make, but I am sure you will make the right one. The tea cart is to die for.

  23. Shirley, my sis has that exact same cart and it is gorgeous! I love the tea set with birds. Not being a drinker, I would definitely chose the teacart look.

  24. Your beautiful tea cart is perfect for tea and martinis, Shirley! Your tea set is exquisite!!
    Mary Alice
    Mary Alice Patterson’s recent post…My Obsession With MirrorsMy Profile

  25. Both choices are great! I Love the martini cart idea, and would you believe, my mom had a cart very similar to yours, but she would only serve tea on it. 🙂 Your tea set is gorgeous. Love the birds on it. Hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day. xo
    Babs’s recent post…Black and White and Red, and ReadMy Profile

  26. I have teaset envy Shirley, love the bird and fruit motif on your beautiful set on your cart! I have a birthday coming up in April, I’m glad to know I’ll be NQV 🙂
    Mary’s recent post…Red Velvet Oreo Truffles for Valentine’s Day ♥My Profile

  27. Jan DeHaven says

    I share your quandary. Except for me it’s tea or wine cart. My tea cart usually is set up for wine for the Holidays and tea in the spring and summer. Your tea set is beautiful. Always fun to move things around.

  28. Beautiful tea cart and lovely tea set… Great job as always…
    LorB’s recent post…Bench series #7My Profile

  29. I like it styled both ways, but you know that we are martini girls, so I think that’s my favorite!
    Christy @ 11 Magnolia Lane’s recent post…Simply on Sunday: Psalm 51:7 Printable Bible VerseMy Profile

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