If You Create It, It Will Come

One of my favorite movies is Field of Dreams.

“If you build it, they will come.” So I am taking that philosophy with Spring.

If you create a spring environment, it will come!

Do you hear that Mother Nature?!!

I have been sequestered in the house this week . . . I should sell tickets . . .

for people who want to skate in my driveway.

While dealing with cabin fever, I thought it was time to create Spring indoors even though my views

outdoors are of rolling hills of snow and ice.

Sunroom-Housepitality Designs

I grabbed my Pottery Barn lantern that was on sale and placed a vase of water in it rather than a candle

and added the tulips that were on sale at the grocery store after Valentine’s Day.

So happy that they had red tulips left!

Pottery Barn Candlesticks/Lantern-Housepitality Designs

Sunroom/Pottery Barn Candlesticks/Lantern-Housepitality Designs

A bit of the unexpected of tulips in a lantern . . . this may be the standard for this item!

Sunroom flowers-Housepitality Designs

Taking advantage of the flower sale, more flowers added to the sunroom and placed on the potting bench

in the background.

Sunroom-Housepitality Designs

Sunroom-Housepitality Designs

The sunroom is next to the kitchen in which I spend lots of my time as many people do . . .

so it is great to be a able to see beautiful spring flowers to lift your spirits on a cold winter’s day.

So what say you Mother Nature? . . . if we project lots of Spring in our homes, will it come?

Well, the Farmer’s Almanac is saying “No!” . . . and then The Ground Hog chimed in too.

Have a great weekend . . . I wish you happy thoughts of Spring to come!

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  1. That’s funny we both did coffee table styling today. My store was out of tulips! Yes, we need spring. Freezing here on Tybee Island!
    Kim’s recent post…Simple Ways to Refresh Your Coffee TableMy Profile

  2. Beautiful Shirley! I always check the grocery store after Valentine’s Day for bargain blooms! Flower therapy is definitely in order with these frigid winter temperatures 🙂
    Mary’s recent post…Heritage Collection Ball Jars, Flower Therapy, and WinnersMy Profile

  3. I LOVE tulips this time of year… think I’ll grab some at the grocery store today. Stay warm, Shirley!
    xo Heidi
    Heidi @ Decor & More’s recent post…Declutter and Donate: My 2015 Lenten DisciplineMy Profile

  4. Well Shirley, it may be winter outside for you, but it definitely looks like spring inside! I love the pop of red tulips. One of my favorites. I too love that movie. I hate to tell you my friend, but we are having absolutely gorgeous weather here lately. Record breaking for the entire month. As much as I love it, I’m afraid we will be in trouble come summer. Your sun room looks so inviting and I love your little vintage red watering can in the background of one photo. I have a similar one that is blue/green.

  5. Oh it looks so gorgeous!!! I miss having fresh flowers in the house. Tulips are so beautiful at this time of year.

    Anne@designdreams’s recent post…Ikea Hack – Wardrobe to Vintage Linen CupboardMy Profile

  6. I agree with Jan that you would never know that your outside is ice by looking at how sunny and beautiful your sunroom looks. The red really pops so much color…hopefully Spring will come soon.

    We are suppose to have warm weather with rain this weekend in Louisiana….I will take that any day over freezing ice and snow.

  7. I love your red tulips…and your spring style! A breath of fresh air! Like you, I have been in the house for days! Spring please come early! Sheila

  8. I love your tulips! They’re so pretty and definitely remind me of Spring! Your sunroom looks wonderful with the arrangements of fresh flowers. This is such a light filled space. You have certainly made me dream of Spring with your vignettes! I hope you get a break from the ice and snow! Have a warm and safe weekend! Be careful on your driveway!
    Betsy@coastal-colors’s recent post…The “A” Side Is Complete!My Profile

  9. Love the red tulips and they look perfect in the lantern! We finally had some one break the ice and scrape it off our steep driveway and the salt and plow trucks have our subdivision roads pretty clear, so we are adventuring out this afternoon to go to the store. I am bringing back flowers for sure! Come on SPRING!
    Penny @ the comforts of home’s recent post…Iced InMy Profile

  10. Well, you’ve certainly listed my spirits this morning 🙂

  11. It’s so pretty Shirley. I’ve barely packed away my winter stuff…just too much to do to even think about decorating! Glad I can live vicariously through others. 🙂
    Cecilia’s recent post…Master Bedroom and Headboard Painted!My Profile

  12. Linda miller says

    The sunroom looks so pretty and cheery. I (along with many) am trying to ” build it”. It came for a brief visit yesterday…60 degrees and we sat outside on our deck and watched the golfers. But winter will tear it down this weekend as we may get up to 14 inches of snow! I have purple tulips in my dining room, a new spring pillow in the foyer…it worked for a day. Does that count?!

  13. Gorgeous. This looks so happy and “Springy”. Hope your weather gets warmer soon.
    Marty@A Stroll Thru Life’s recent post…Wardrobe Updates-Is It Vacation Time?My Profile

  14. Shirley using the white lantern as a vase holder or flowers is brilliant! So fresh and lovely ! Your coffee table is styled perfectly for a fresh springtime look!

    The Arts by Karena
    The Centre Cannot Hold

  15. Your tulips have me singing the “Happy” song! I need that boost of happiness, we have record breaking COLD here right now, it is BRUTAL! I bought some tulips several days ago and they are fading so not blog worthy. But they have lifted my spirits in the kitchen. Hope your ice melts and you stay warm! Have a great weekend.
    Pinky at Designs by Pinky’s recent post…I Changed the Mantle!My Profile

  16. Your sunroom looks so fresh and springy…..love the tulips!!!!!!!!
    Have a great weekend!!!!
    Des’s recent post…TGIF!!!!!My Profile

  17. Shirley, those little touches are really beautiful, and certainly lifted my mood this morning. BUT….ya gotta lose that ‘Winter” Cottage Journal to make it really happen, lol. Oh dear, it’s awful, this weather, isn’t it? We were awakened to flickering lights and a power outage at 5am today (coldest temps in over 20 yrs at something like -11 without wind chill factored). Luckily it came back on at 9am, but with claims that the grid is stressed, and more snow/ice coming our way, I am the one stressed! It’s amazing how just getting out of the house for just a short time can also better one’s mood. I think I need to go buy some flowers! Have a great weekend, stay safe.
    Rita C at Panoply’s recent post…Jadeite Collection – Part 2 of 2: TablewareMy Profile

  18. Oh Shirley it feels like Spring. Love your spring vignette. So pretty. Stay warm and have a great week end.
    Kris’s recent post…Happy Thursday, Thank You’s and Stay Tuned!My Profile

  19. What a lovely picture of spring! That room gives us hope even here in Florida. To us these temperatures in the 20’s and only going to 40’s is like the ice age. But I know for you all to the north those temps sound warm. Do you think we’ll remember wishing for warmer weather in July and August? LOL

  20. Those tulips are so beautiful! Spring cannot get here soon enough as I am just about to scream!!
    Pat @ Life At lydias House’s recent post…Making the Most of Travel Reward PointsMy Profile

  21. Oh, those red tulips are stunning!

    Never trust a yankee groundhog! General Lee in Atlanta says it’s an early spring. Let’s hope he got it right.

  22. That sunroom is gorgeous! That very first picture is just perfect, should be on the cover of a magazine! The red, green and white colors just look like spring. Those tulips are such a beautiful deep red. Made my day! Also, I love the idea of putting a vase in a lantern is brilliant. I’m going to try that idea.

  23. Hi Shirley, I love your Spring touches, I haven’t put anything Springy in my home yet I was afraid that I would jinx it. LOL But maybe I should. FYI I have not received your blog in my in box for about 6 weeks. I hate it when that happens. I don’t like to miss any of your posts. I checked on my side and it says that I am still a follower. Crazy, right! Have a great weekend. Jo
    Joanne Boulter’s recent post…Junk n FindsMy Profile

  24. Your spring touches made me smile.
    kathysue’s recent post…Mixing Patterns Has A Method!!My Profile

  25. The perfect spring touches. Love the pops of red, my favorite color and it sure adds life to the room!
    Cindy’s recent post…Bluebirds in the HouseMy Profile

  26. Well, it looks like Spring in your sunroom, Shirley, so I will just come back to your pictures. Like tomorrow, when we are hit with another snow storm! The tulips look so pretty. Our local grocery had some little daffodils in pots, but they were a bit on the expensive side. I will wait until I go to the more reasonable grocery store and see what they have in bouquets. I also plopped some of my faux greenery balls on top of candlesticks. I had no real plan to do it, but I like the way they look, so I think they will stay that way. I should look for some Spring things to decorate with around here this weekend. Maybe it will take my mind off the snow!
    Kathy @ Creative home expressions’s recent post…First Batch of Needle BooksMy Profile

  27. Your sunroom warms my heart, Shirley! I love the red tulips in the white lantern and all that you have done. Besides wanting to be warm, you have now inspired me to assist that feeling by bringing spring to my decor! Thanks, Shirley!

  28. Tulips are my favorite flower…yours look beautiful in that pretty lantern Shirley! Have a super weekend!

  29. Oh how I love the pops of red!
    Makes the snow and the cold disappear….
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Have a fantastic weekend!
    Linda’s recent post…Orchids DIYMy Profile

  30. So pretty and the best time to grab flowers is always after a holiday, they mark them down, way down. Hope you see some signs of spring soon. We are still hip high in snow here and below zero temps.
    Dawn’s recent post…$20 Bathroom UpdateMy Profile

  31. Tulips always “help” me at this time of year. Horrendous winter this year and oh yes another snow storm on the way tomorrow! Can’t wait… Trying very hard to think spring. It can’t arrive quick enough for me.

  32. Your sun room looks sooo pretty. Wish I had gotten in the mood to decorate during the ice storm, but all I could do was call the cable company and try to get our service going again sooner than a week. Sounds like you had a good bit of ice, too. I’m taking your inspiration and thinking Spring. I’m ready for it. Have a great week.
    Babs’s recent post…Ice Storm 2015My Profile

  33. Hang tough–it will be warm again before you know it! Or at least, I hope it will!
    Christy @ 11 Magnolia Lane’s recent post…Our Favorite Decorating Trends in Tile, Stone & WoodMy Profile

  34. Just gorgeous… Flowers always add a beautiful touch…

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