A Great Way To End The Week

Happy Saturday everyone!

It certainly has been a hectic and eventful week for me.

The usual busy routines of daily life . . .

The snow events . . . loss of power . . .

and getting ready to host a dinner party with the loss of one day of prep due to no power,

not to mention the panic of the loss of all of the “dinner food” when the power went out.

But all’s well, that ends well.

As not one, but two lovely blogs featured me this week.

Wow, I wish I had seen this recipe before my dinner party planning!


The beautiful mother and daughter team of The 2 Seasons included me in their fabulous

weekly roundup today. This round up includes everything from fabulous DIY, Events, Home Decor,

and recipes.

Kathy from A Delightsome Life did a surprise feature on me, my family, my home and some friends too!

Pop and Me

Kathy snagged this pic from a post I did a very long time ago.

I had forgotten about this picture of my granddaughter and her “Pop” making a birdhouse at a church

in the neighborhood. A birdhouse that she made and gifted to me for Mother’s Day.

A treasure to this day!

So hop on over to Kathy’s and see what other photos and surprises she had for me!

This has been a great ending to a somewhat crazy, eventful week; however, a good crazy, if that

makes sense!

Have a most wonderful weekend!

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  1. Shirley,
    So fun the two features. Love the picture of your hubby with your granddaughter. That is too sweet. Have a great week end.

  2. Love that pic of your hubby and granddaughter, how precious is that. Glad all is well now.

  3. So glad the food stayed safe in the snow! Have fun at your dinner party!

  4. Such sweet pictures. So glad that life has settled down for you this weekend. Have a wonderful dinner party! Jo

  5. I’ll go over and see wha she has. Have a WONDERFUL dinner party tonight!!!

  6. Sweet feature, Shirley!

    Happy Saturday!

  7. Have a great dinner party. My husband is out of town and so I’m having peanut butter. Too bad you live so far away!!!!

  8. What an adorable photo of your two Sweeties! I’m so happy you have power again and your hubby made it home! Congratulations on the features! I’ll be popping over to see them!

  9. I am so very glad you enjoyed the post – it was such a delight to stroll through your blog. This was one of my favorite photos that I shared – Dearest and I look so forward to being grandparents – I see the great affection for your granddaughter here – such a blessing – that dessert looks amazing. I hope you have a blessed weekend – I sure loved seeing the sun today!


  10. What a wonderful post about you. I really enjoyed learning all about you. Loved the picture of Pop and sweetie. I know she is the apple of your eye.
    The dessert looks wonderful and I am so glad that your dinner turned out well.
    Have a wonderful Sunday and hopefully next week the bad weather will be gone.

  11. Hope your dinner party went off without a hitch after your rocky start Shirley! Hopping over to see your features, love the sweet photo your granddaughter and her Pop 🙂

  12. Beautiful image of your hubby and sweet little granddaughter!

  13. Congrats and lovely gesture by granddaughter and hubby…

  14. Oh my goodness! You lost electricity and you had a dinner party coming up? I would have been in a state of panic, but I can see you being cool as a cucumber! Love seeing that precious picture of your hubby and your granddaughter.

  15. Wonderful–and that dessert does look great! Sounds like the party went off as planned, so glad to hear it.

  16. Wow, a terrible week turned terrific!! I loved reading about your blogging past over at Kathy’s~your granddaughter is a lucky little girl!

  17. The best pics are the ones that are candid, as this one proves. (I’ll be heading over to Kathy’s and am trying to catch up on what’s been going on.)

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