How to Upcycle A Dried Miniature Cypress

When decorating for Christmas, I love to use many natural elements including small norfolk trees,

rosemary topiaries, and small cypress trees.

While I can later plant some items like rosemary, some of my plants just didn’t make it,

partially due to it just not being a typical houseplant.

I had one that just did not make it. It dried and however, kept its color.

Cypress Topiary Vignette-Housepitality Designs

Ironstone tureen-Housepitality Designs

I originally placed it in an ironstone tureen during the Holidays.

Cedar Tree-Housepitality  Designs

This is how it looked after 2 months of being indoors.

Cedar Tree-Housepitality Designs

It was dry and stiff keeping its shape.

Dried Cedar Tree-Housepitality Designs

I had an epiphany, that light bulb moment.

I could try trimming it and create a topiary. Why not? I had nothing to lose.

Dried Cedar Tree/Topiary-Housepitality Designs

I trimmed the tree until I felt it resembled a topiary.

This little cedar tree upcyled to a topiary is truly preserved

and it has retained its color.

I am so happy that I upcycled it rather than putting it in the recycle bin!

Hope you all had a nice weekend . . . I was busy cooking and hosting a dinner party.

A party that I thought may not come about because we lost power a couple of days prior,

due to the snow and ice.

But all’s well that ends well and we had a wonderful time.

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  1. Cute idea. Mine usually turn brown and drop all the needles. Strange that yours stayed green.

  2. Great idea/lovely outcome.

  3. Donnamae says

    Oh, now I’d wish I’d kept my dried up cypress…but, he was so prickly! That’s cute! 😉

  4. Brilliant idea Shirley, it looks great as a topiary 🙂

  5. I have one of those and was going to toss it! Now I am going to try this topiary thing! Great idea! Glad you dinner party was a success.

  6. Giving new meaning to the word “EVERgreen”! So cute as a topiary. 🙂

  7. What a great idea…very cute!

  8. So glad that everything turned out good for you, It’s great that you can re-use different plants, even when they don’t make it.
    Have a great week and hopefully your weather turns out nice and warm.

  9. Wow, you surely have a green thumb! Great idea to trim it into a topisry! So glad you had a nice dinner party. I am at a loss as to what to blog about right now, nothings happening:):)

  10. Wonderful idea! Love it. Jo

  11. Your little tree turned out so cute!
    Mary Alice

  12. What a great idea Shirley…wish I kept mine!!

  13. Hi Shirley, sorry I haven’t been here but it dawned on me that for some reason I am not getting your posts. I miss them and was wondering what was going on and am happy you are ok, I got worried. Everything is gorgeous as always and I’m loving that scale!!!


  14. What a great idea! I love this vignette with your vintage scale- it’s great!

  15. Hi Shirley! Oh,what a cute idea! I love the way it looks!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  16. It’s tall and green and looks good in your vignette! The weather is going to start warming up this Saturday! Yay!

  17. What a great idea – love it!!

  18. Fun Shirley! I love your vintage scale too. ♥

  19. Natural elements always add such a charm… Love plants and flowers around the house…

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