Thinking of Spring Past and Present

As soon as the temperatures started to climb,

I started thinking about what I wanted to plant . . . of the garden centers I want to visit.

With all of this crazy weather of snow one day and warm temperatures a couple days later,

one cannot think of the days of Spring to come.

The very first thing I do when there are no more threats of frost,

I head to the garden center and buy 12 hanging ferns, eight for the back veranda and

two for the front porch and two for the upper back porch. Its says, Spring has come to the South!!

Veranda-Housepitality Designs

I cannot wait to sit in one of these rockers with the ferns swaying in the breeze.

Veranda-Housepitality Designs

To see the flowers popping up from the ground and the new ones that we will plant.

Back yard garden-Housepitality Designs

This photo was taken in the Spring of 2013 . . . as in 2014, my hydrangeas did not bloom!

So I am crossing my fingers and hope that they bloom this year!

Veranda/Back Yard-Housepitality Designs

Veranda-Housepitality Designs

I cannot wait to bring the back yard and the veranda back to this look of Spring.

To see more photos of the back yard and veranda you can see it, here.

This was a harsh winter for this area and knowing that I lost some of my plants and trees,

it will be fun to plan the garden again and look forward to lots of color.

I will be making over my potting bench as I do every year.

Potting Bench-Housepitality Designs

Gathering pots . . . and making a new skirt for the bench.

Potting Bench-Housepitality Designs

I change out the skirt each year for a new fresh look. The chair may get a facelift too!

Spring Front Porch-Housepitality Designs

Touches of Spring on the front porch last year.

Front Porch for Spring-Housepitality Designs

Spring Porch-Housepitality Designs

I am planning on how I am going to decorate my porch for Spring. So stay tuned for that!

Upper Back Porch for Spring-Housepitality Designs

I have three porches and this is the one that I change out the most . . .

as it is visible from all rooms of the main living area.

I wish you all a fast approaching Spring . . .

Great Room Table Vignette-Housepitality Designs

So that we can see these beauties pop up to say hello!!!

I am joining:

From My Front Porch to Yours for Treasure Hunt Thursday

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  1. Yes bring on spring and bring on the green and color!
    Kim’s recent post…Wow Us WednesdaysMy Profile

  2. all of your outdoor spaces are so beautiful. everytime I look at them I can sense the time and attention that you put into creating such an amazing space for you to enjoy.
    laura@top this top that’s recent post…Monday MusingsMy Profile

  3. Hi Shirley! Oh, my goodness! I just love your beautiful porches and you have them decorated so lovely. I know you can’t wait to get out there. I would love to be rocking in one of those pretty rockers. If or when it finally warms up, we’re headed to Cracker Barrel to get a couple of those white rockers! 🙂 Can’t wait for some spring green.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉
    shelia’s recent post…Playing With Little RichardMy Profile

  4. You have the most gorgeous porches, Shirley! The ferns, flowers, rockers, potting table, and beautiful landscaping all make you want to spend the day!! I think that’s where you’d find me most of the time if I lived there.
    Mary Alice
    Mary Alice Patterson’s recent post…Easy Way to Welcome SpringMy Profile

  5. You have the most gorgeous porch! Sorry about your weather. It seems we have your weather and you have ours… I am officially enjoying it on your behalf 😉

    Anne@designdreams’s recent post…The Chronicles of Max Chapter I – Max AppearsMy Profile

  6. I love your deep porches Shirley, so much more space to enjoy! Nothing says warm weather better than a hanging fern [or 12!] Your potting bench is so sweet, I too love to change things up with fresh fabric~ Southern springs can be fickle, I’ve learned the hard way not to plant here until mid April. I can’t wait to see more of your porch decor!
    Jenna’s recent post…Creations, Crazy Daisy WreathMy Profile

  7. What a beautiful place to relax with a glass of sweet tea or wine in the evening. In your busy, busy life do you get that chance? I hope so.

  8. I love your porches, Shirley! Ferns are definitely a must! I think we’re all tired of old Man Winter this year; he’s hung around too long and come too far south. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you do.
    Cecilia’s recent post…A Barn Door For The ClosetMy Profile

  9. YES!!!! I so agree. In that last picture, I am sure those are REAL tulips, what is the white flower? BEAUTIFUL!!! I want to sit on one of those rockers with you!!! Today is going up to 63 they say so I am changing up the front “stoop”, as I call it. It is too small to be a real porch, sadly. I am on a mission to change that thoough:):)
    Pinky at Designs by Pinky’s recent post…Spring in the Living Room!My Profile

  10. Linda miller says

    I will be out and about today searching for new cushions for our front courtyard furniture. The early bird catches the worm. It is way too early here to think spring although we are currently blessed with spring temps. March is our snowiest month,

  11. The weather has been crazy. Today 60 and then a cool down. You have such amazing porches and I look forward to them every year

    Cindy’s recent post…Candleholders Redo!My Profile

  12. Your porches look beautiful. I really like the wagon with the crock inside. Gives me an idea!

  13. Shirley, your porches are just beautiful. I too live in the south (NC) and my Hydrangeas didn’t bloom last year either. Do you think it was because it was so cold? If that is the case mine my not bloom this either. Because it has been very cold this year.

  14. Beautiful! So inviting and curb appeal.

  15. You have a very beautiful home Shirley! Absolutely gorgeous:) I can honestly say that the only thing I like about spring is knowing that summer is right around the corner. At this house, spring = muddy paws x’s 3! So I spend lots of time trying to keep the hardwood floors nice and clean! Lol! READY FOR SUMMER:)
    Cindy’s recent post…Coffee Talk TimeMy Profile

  16. Shirley I have not seen the front of your home before, it is so inviting and gorgeous. Three porches, holy smokes, you are one lucky lady!! Love the yellow, a girl after my own heart. Nothing more inviting than a yellow house! Happy Spring to you.
    kathysue’s recent post…What I Have Been Up To Lately!My Profile

  17. Shirley, you have provided us with so much Spring inspiration; thank you! Your Spring porches are lovely; each porch is so unique. I love your potting bench and can only imagine what you will do to it this year! My Hydrangeas had a few blooms last year due to the late blast of cold weahter. I have high hope this year that ee will have some blooms. Happy Spring!
    Betsy@coastal-colors’s recent post…The “A” Side Is Complete!My Profile

  18. Shirley,
    Your “Spring Past” was so beautiful and I know your “Spring Present” will be even more beautiful it that’s possible. My hydrangeas didn’t bloom last year either because of a late freeze so I hope this years blooms make up for it! I am still waiting for my forsythias to bloom. I do see a little peak of yellow starting to appear.

    Happy Spring!!

  19. Your porches are so beautiful….I can’t wait for the threat of frost to pass so I can buy my ferns and plant my potted flowers. How fun that you change the skirt on your potting bench every year….can’t wait to see what you choose this year!
    Des’s recent post…A little chair re-do……My Profile

  20. I know just what you mean, Shirley. I am anticipating Spring, too. It is turning out to be a nice day today. I can hear the birds singing a I leave you this message. They have been about to eat us out of birdseed.

    We lost a few azaleas which we will have to replace. And, Witherspoon’s has suggested I replace five of m rose bushes. My husband told me it looks like the squirrels have done a job on our iris bed. I guess we will just have to wait and see what comes.
    Beverly’s recent post…Blog Shop #114My Profile

  21. Shirley, you have such beautiful pictures of Spring. Your back yard is so beautiful, I’ll bet you all really enjoy it a lot in the warmer months. It won’t be to far off. Jo
    Joanne Boulter’s recent post…Paper Garlands from Old BooksMy Profile

  22. Shirley we are thinking alike!! The last two days hit 60 degrees here:-)
    martina’s recent post…Share Your Style #4My Profile

  23. Love the porch with the rocking chairs and ferns – so peaceful. You are so lucky to have so many lovely porches. Our Spring has passed and summer is here – 92 on Saturday and Sunday. Everything is going crazy.
    Looking forward to seeing all the pretties you plant and how your going to decorate.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    My cousin couldn’t get over the weather here, they had such a horrible one in VA.
    Have a great weekend.
    Mary W. Ferguson’s recent post…LOOKING & SHOPPING ALL OVER ORANGE COUNTYMy Profile

  24. I can’t wait for Spring either! Everything is so brown and ugly but I do have some daffodils coming out! Your porch is so pretty. I need to work on mine! I think it needs a little TLC!

  25. I’m so ready for Spring too Shirley. Your porches are beautiful and it looks like you enjoy each of them. Good luck with your hydrangeas this year.
    Kristi @ Chatfield Court’s recent post…Kitchen Reno: Raising a Window SillMy Profile

  26. I think one of your porches has more square footage than our whole courtyard. It is all so beautiful, and I understand why you are excited to get to it!!!
    Janette @ The 2 Seasons’s recent post…Five Side Trips from Cancun, MexicoMy Profile

  27. Shirley, I can’t wait to see your Spring porch. We are still completely buried in a few feet of snow, so no outside decor for a month at least. Our hydrangeas did not bloom last year either, and all the gardeners said it was because of the harsh winter. Well, this winter was even colder so I’m waiting to see what happens this summer. Keeping my fingers crossed and I’m sure you are too! Linda

  28. Hi Shirley, your porch views are gorgeous. Love the landscaping around and the design you created. The potting bench with skirt is special. I can’t wait to start planting and planning for spring blooms too. We usually have it done by now here in Texas, but this unusual year of cold has us behind and they are saying another cold front for us the end of March. I hope my hydrangeas bloom better this year then last. A friend told me yesterday to place used coffee grounds around then. Maybe I’ll try that! Thanks for sharing your beautiful home!!
    Hugs, CM
    Celestina Marie’s recent post…Good FencesMy Profile

  29. Awe….spring inspiration! I am not sure where I will be when the flowers start blooming but I can’t wait!
    penny @ the comforts of home’s recent post…Spring InspirationMy Profile

  30. Just simply gorgeous!!

    I can’t wait to get started on our blank canvas. Closing is one week from tomorrow!:-) We have clay in the front and clay in the back and a few builder plants under the front window. Builder is sodding and seeding for us. We have a plan for a couple of easy gardens.:-)
    Pat@back porch musings’s recent post…Tuesday SupperMy Profile

  31. Shirley, you have just intensified my itch for Spring! I just told my husband the other day that some of the stores had their ferns out already! We just had ice and snow last week! I can’t wait to get out and spruce up the outdoor areas. Whenever I see pictures of yours, I get so inspired! Everything looks so pretty!
    Shenita’s recent post…~Dreaming of a Courtyard~My Profile

  32. Denise Davis says

    My hydrangeas did not bloom in 2014 either! I was told that they need the old wood from the prior season to re-flower.. I had cut them back in the fall of 2103

  33. I think Denise is correct, but that means we have to sacrifice a year of not having good hydrangeas for the greater good. They do need to be cut back every once in a while I believe. I have a feeling your hydrangeas will do well this year. You heard it here first ;).

    Three porches Shirley?! Lucky lady!
    Doreen@househoneys’s recent post…A Tale of Two Fridges…(and some good news!)My Profile

  34. Yes, hurry up, Spring! I adore your porches and know you must love spending time out there!
    Christy @ 11 Magnolia Lane’s recent post…How To Turn a Closet into a MudroomMy Profile

  35. Love seeing your porch in bloom Shirley! My hydrangeas got a very late start last year and didn’t bloom like they had the previous year either.
    Mary’s recent post…For the Love of The Irish: St. Patrick’s Day Recipes & InspirationMy Profile

  36. Wow, Shirley! Your porches are gorgeous! Everything is so beautiful and I am anxious to get working outside, too. Hopefully it won’t be too long!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Julie {Lilacs & Longhorns}’s recent post…Simple Spring Mantle with Blue and WhiteMy Profile

  37. Hopefully, they’ll bloom this year… So much fun decorating for spring…
    LorB’s recent post…Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Catching People Unaware #2My Profile

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