How I Added A Little Bling To My Chandelier

My chandeliers are 10 years old

the age of the house.

I say it may be time to change some things out

to refresh and renew.

However, when you are thinking of some day downsizing . . .

do you spend the money?

So what is the solution?

Master Bedroom-Housepitality Designs

The chandelier . . . the trend of the oil rubbed bronze 10 years ago.

Crystals-Housepitality Designs

I had some leftover replacement parts from a chandelier in the guest room

so I came up with a random design of crystals and hooked them to the arms of the chandelier.

Master Bedroom-Housepitality Designs

Ta Da!

We have a little bling!

Master Bedroom Chandelier-Housepitality Designs

Maybe this may lead to a chandy with more crystals . . .

as in a true crystal chandelier.

But for now, I accomplished adding a little bit of bling for no money.

Just used what I had on hand. A good thing!

And if you want to do something similar to this 

see what Anne from Design Dreams by Anne did

with prisms from D. Lawless Hardware.

Have a wonderful weekend! I will be at the ballfields.

It’s Spring and the start of a new season of looking through a fence

cheering my hubby and his team on to victory!

I can hear the cracking of the bats and the smell of the red clay now!

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  1. I did the same thing to my bathroom chandy years ago. Always good to have a little bling!

  2. I know I probably sound like a broken record, but your bedroom ceiling is a true thing of beauty!

    Great solution to brighten up the chandelier! When we moved, I took our bedroom and bathroom chandeliers with us, but we have no where to put them. 🙁 They’re sitting in a closet. Such a waste.

  3. What a wonderful way to upscale your exsisting chandy… which is gorgeous just the same!!! Have fun at the ballpark! WE are having tons of family here this weekend for a big birthday bash!

  4. Thank you so much for the shout-out Shirley! Your chandelier looks so pretty – I love the touch of bling!! I love that chandelier too!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my broom closet makeover, too 🙂


  5. Love your bling solution! Enjoy your weekend, Shirley.

  6. The bling looks beautiful! Have fun at the ball park!

  7. I actually noticed and admired the simple beauty of those crystals. I like it just as you have it, and would leave it so. Enjoy your stay away. Hope you have plenty of Advil & Ben-gay on hand for the Mr. 😉

  8. Bling is good! I like it!
    Funny how trends change – oil rubbed bronze was the way to go and now brass is coming back. Our old brass chandy is in the attic. I won’t put it back up but maybe I’ll offer it when we sell. Lol.

  9. How pretty, that sure did the trick. I say if you’re thinking of making a move I wouldn’t make any huge expensive changes until your home had a walkthrough and got some feedback about what people like and dislike about the home first. Then make changes based on what will make it sell.

  10. Linda miller says

    Very pretty. Hard to imagine a ball player sleeping under all that bling HaHa!! Jeff had his first baseball game yesterday. It was in the 30s when he arrived at the field. Needless to say, I was not watching through the fence while cheering him on!

  11. Crystals look good on all types of chandeliers. Another great idea!
    Mary Alice

  12. So cute..and current! I am decorating a church renovation and in my lighting shopping oil rubbed bronze is still big in high end stores. What updates them is the addition of crystal drops or strings or both and the candle sleeves are mostly now burnished gold metal. As to downsizing, we are and have just listed our home. And we ask ourselves the same question. Our truly special lighting is contracted to go with us when we move and the rest is affordable lighting from big box stores. Trust me, being a blogger your home is very up to date. Most buyers have no idea that 10 yrs have passed since some design choices started and since they are just realizing their dream for, say, oil rubbed bronze fixtures they will be thrilled by all your’s homes appointments!

  13. Beautifil. I love the chady anyway and the added bling is fabulous! Have fun at the ballfield! BUSY day today for me. Lunch with friends, then a social at the clubhouse then a birthday party after that. That is just today:):)

  14. Jeanette Price says

    Your bedroom is so beautiful Shirley. It always looks so pristine and in perfect order. I love what you did to your chandelier just gave her some jewelry. Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Love the “jewels” you added to your chandy to dress it up a little!
    Have a great weekend!!

  16. Perfect addition to the chandelier. I am a fan of bling. Have a great weekend


  17. It looks great Shirley:) Easy updates, LOVE IT!

  18. The chandelier looks good with or without the bling because your bedroom decor makes
    the statement. Beautiful bedroom. Have fun at the ballpark. The Mudcats here had their
    first game last night.

  19. Thanks for linking over to our prisms! We should actually be getting some different sizes and cuts in soon.

  20. Hi Shirley, Love how your left over parts added so much to your chandy. It is gorgeous with a little bling. I did the same in my dining room and one over my kitchen island. What a difference it makes.
    Have you seen the crystals with the attached magnets that allow you to design your droplets anywhere on the chandelier? I did not use those for mine as the ones I found online came with wire. They magnet styles are a bit pricey but still cheaper then replacing a whole light fixture.
    I used crystal garland on mine too.
    Your room is stunning.
    Have a great weekend.

  21. Shirley, the bling is perfect. I’ll bet when the sun shines on them it is so beautiful. Jo

  22. Your chanty looks really good with your crystals on it. Amazing what a little bling can do.
    Have fun at the game and don’t eat to many hot dogs and pop corn.

  23. A little bling is always a good thing, and it looks great. I always love your gorgeous bedroom ceiling.

  24. I saw packs of crystals at a lighting place once that had magnets for attaching to bling factor. Lovely cchandy you have Shirley! Have a great weekend! Sheila

  25. Looks great Shirley and love your beautiful tray ceiling. Have a great weekend!

  26. That’s the perfect solution.

  27. Very pretty Shirley…love a little bling!

  28. Every chandy needs a little bling and yours looks fabulous. Have fun at the ball field.

  29. Like the bling… Changes it up a bit…

  30. Bling is always a good thing, Shirley! Looks great, and I love that you didn’t spend a dime. 🙂

  31. Love your touch of bling on your chandy with your left over crystals Shirley! Hope your travels were safe 🙂

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