A Beautiful Handcrafted Table

I have come to the conclusion that estate sales will be my go to place for searching

for quality pieces of furniture and home accessories.

I was lucky that I had a snipit of time to check out this past one

that yielded some great finds.

Like this table that came home with me and I gave it a new home.

Tea Table-Housepitality Designs

I was mesmerized by the quality of the piece and upon further inspection, I realized

that it was a handmade piece. Solid wood.

Tea Table-Housepitality Designs

To me, there is nothing that makes me happier, than being able to acquire beautiful,

quality pieces at an amazing price.

Tea Table Plaque-Housepitalty Designs

The plaque that is fixed to the inside of the table depicting the person who made the table.

Tea Table-Housepitality Designs

Tea Table-Housepitality Designs

The lines of this table are beautiful.

There are slide out trays on each end of the table.

Tea Table-Housepitality Designs

More room for stuff!

Tea Table-Housepitality Designs

Tea Table-Housepitality Designs

I wasn’t too sure about this space in which I placed the tea table.

However, after I remembered a page in the new book,

“Charles Faudree, Country French Legacy” . . . (Page 43)

Tea Table/Charles Faudree Country French Legacy-Housepitality Designs

It just reinforced my decision to place the tea table in that spot next to the sofa.

Where did the table that was originally in that space land?

In the dining room between the two chairs that were purchased at the estate sale.

Tea Table-Housepitality Designs

The other table had a shelf at the base that I was able to use to stack books.

I grabbed a basket and filled it with those books and set it under the table.

Tea Table-Housepitality Designs

Tea Table-Housepitality Designs

I am happy that I did not pass this table up, as I so love it.

Tea Table-Housepitality Designs

And I feel the table knows I love it too . . . as it truly spoke to me at the sale . . .

. . . take me home! . . .

Have a truly wonderful day, doing the things that make you happy and bring you joy.

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  1. I love estate sales and second hand! Your table is beautiful and so unique. It looks perfect in your beautiful home.
    love and blessings~
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  2. That’s a beauty! There is a nice estate sale starting tomorrow here, but the prices are usually steep.

  3. What a beautiful piece, you sure have an eye for finding just the right thing. I love that it’s handmade, I bet there’s a story behind that table if it could only talk.

  4. Oh Shirley, it really is stunning and so beautifully made. Perfect for that spot at the end of the sofa.

  5. Well, Shirley, I missed the purchase of the chairs post and had to go back to get caught up! Nice finds – especially that table. I love going to upscale estate sales, but you’re right, you have to go early to get in line to get the best deals. With my area being small (geographically), that’s hard to do, as we have some very scrappy dealers who just buy for resale. I still enjoy buying for end use, too. I’m off to look for your most recent DR arrangement.

  6. Lovely! Now don’t slather paint all over it! 🙂

  7. What a score!! I have a weakness for tea tables. Many of them, such as your beauty, have elegant proportions and gracious details like the lipped top and candle slides. I love it as an end table in your room. xoxo

  8. Oh how lovely!
    It fits right in like it has always belonged.

  9. It is indeed beautiful! I have a clock with a brass name lacquer that was given to some fellow on retirement. What always amazes me is that family does not want these gorgeous pieces. At least I wonder why, or what the back story is anyhow. It fits beautifully in your home and I know you will treasure the piece.

  10. What a great find, Shirley! I would have snatched it up too. It looks perfect next to the sofa.

  11. Linda miller says

    Very pretty table and it looks perfect in that spot. I have a night stand in our downstairs guest room that also has a pull out tray…perfect for a cup of coffee or tea. I don’t think it needs “more stuff”!

  12. That was a great find! I love the legs on it and the little slide out. That’s a great way to set a drink etc without having to use the top.

  13. jeannette says

    Oh Shirley what a gorgeous table! It fits perfectly in that room. I’ll have to be on the look out for an estate sale in my neck of the woods.

  14. I have never been to an estate sale! Can you believe that??? I need to start going. LOVE that table and it is now in the perfect spot. I don’t think I have ever seen the secretary that is in the background in one of the pictures!!!

  15. LOVE your new table! It is beautiful and I can see why it was speaking to you! It looks perfect in your home and I love the way you have styled it. Gorgeous, Shirley! 🙂

  16. What a beautiful table….it looks perfect next to your sofa too! You found all kinds of fabulous goodies at the estate sale!!!!!

  17. Shirley your table is beautifully hand-crafted. I love the pull out trays. Very versatile!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Twombly: Late Paintings

  18. Love this table! We have a couple of small makers of solid cherry, or other wood, furniture in Campbellsville Ky, near me. This table reminds me of what their furniture looks like. I am contemplating having a large cherry secretary made…from two that I have seen online. I want a trad /historic look, but to accommodate today’s technology. Anyway…love your finds! My kind of stuff! Sheila

  19. What a beautiful table Shirley and very well made. Its a shame so much of todays furniture doesn’t have the same quality. You scored big at the estate sale!

  20. I love this table and it looks so beautiful with the way you have lavishly surrounded it with glorious details of interest.

  21. Wow, what an amazing find! It looks like cherry? It fits right in with the fine quality , comfort and elegance your home exudes.

  22. Donnamae says

    That table is gorgeous…it was crafted with love. So glad it “spoke” to you…I’ll bet you’re glad you listened! 😉

  23. WOW what a great treasure to find. I love the table and they sure don’t make them like that anymore.
    I like where you placed it, it looks very good there. Your home is always so beautiful.
    Have a great day and rest of the week.

  24. Shirley, that estate sell proved to be a winner for you! You found such quality pieces and now have them in great places.

  25. I LOVE that table! I love the little shelves that slide out, the color of the wood, the shape! Perfection. And you are right, if Charles can do it, so can you!

  26. Oh what a beautiful table – I just love it. I am not a lover of chippy painted tables. This one shows the real beauty of wood. This just one more beautiful addition to your already gorgeous home. (Notice I said gorgeous home – I think I used beautiful enough lol)
    Have a lovely spring- Betty from Ontario, Canada.

  27. Shirley your table is a beautiful find and that you just love it makes it perfect. I really like it placed next to the sofa. Lovely. Jo

  28. Fantastic table. I’m happy it spoke to you.


  29. LOVE LOVE it! Nice little tables are such great pieces, and sooo hard to find. Way to shop!!

  30. I agree Shirley! They sure don’t make quality pieces like that anymore. Finding a great piece, for the right price, is like hitting the lottery- or close to it anyways:) I spotted the Charles Faudree book in the basket…sure hope the latest edition of Country French is on the coffee table somewhere:D

  31. What a great side table, Shirley! A wonderful find, for sure. I love the legs on it.

  32. That was a great find! It is absolutely beautiful! I’m with you, I’ll be checking the local estate sales for any furniture needs that I have since I have found some great pieces at great prices lately.

  33. That table was made for you and your home Shirley. It even looks like the same type of wood as some of your other pieces.

    Estate sales here in Massachusetts/NY are not great places for good deals, no matter what time you go. Everything is so expensive. It seems garage sales are the only places to get true bargains anymore.

  34. lenda davis says

    Beautiful, the wood furniture looks so nice in your home. Adds warmth and class

  35. What a beautiful piece and find you new tea table has Shirley! Love the little plaque and slide out trays!

  36. Shirley, you scooped up some great quality pieces at the estate sale. You have a good eye….Nothing like quality classic furniture!!! That table was made for you. Looks very good at the end of sofa. Your home is so classic and pretty.

  37. Absolutely perfection! What a gorgeous piece and it’s made even more special that it was handcrafted! Shirley the when I saw Charles’ new book I just knew who has influenced your beautiful decor!!!! He was and is one of my favorites… and so are you!

  38. What a great find, Shirley! The table is beautiful in that spot! I just picked up some new decor books at the library yesterday, looking for some new inspiration. Your home always looks picture perfect!

  39. What a lovely table! I am so happy you brought it home with you as it looks just perfect in your space. I also love the basket with the books underneath. I bet it makes you smile every time you see it!!

  40. Linda Kemp says

    It looks lovely. Your plants always look so healthy… mine are never that shiny and green. I’m going to a cooking retreat at Serenbe with Nathalie Dupree this weekend…so excited.

  41. What a great find, Shirley! I love estate sales, too–you never know what you’ll find!

  42. It sure is a wonderful piece of furniture…

  43. What a beauty Shirley!! You scored big time at that sale!!

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