Mirror, Mirror On The Wall {Mini Master Bedroom Makeover}

In the old days, way back when . . .

you know, the age of the dinosaurs . . .

you matched everything.

The rooms were of one type of wood, and the same style.

That held true for bedroom dressers . . . the mirrors had to match.

It would not be right if they didn’t.

However, now, with the evolution of design, we want things not to be so uniform,

so “matchy matchy” . . . It just makes the room more interesting.

Master Bedroom Dresser/Lamp-Housepitality Designs

I purchased a great mirror at an estate sale a few weeks ago.

I pretty much knew what I wanted do to with it . . . where to put it.

Master Bedroom Mirror/candlestick-Housepitality Designs

However, I knew my hubby is a “matchy matchy” kind of guy

and it would take some convincing as to what I wanted to do.

But, to my surprise he went for it . . . he is such a good sport.

Master Bedroom Mirror-Housepitality Designs

The very large, heavy mirror with the pediment that matched the headboard of our four poster bed

was detached from the dresser and wrapped and stored in the attic.

Master Bedroom Mirror-Housepitality Designs

It is not a large mirror . . . I loved the gold and black frame with the shell detail.

Master Bedroom Mirror-Housepitality Designs

Once the mirror was hung, then the shuffling of accessories began.

I experimented a bit, but I finally completed the dresser vignette

just before the song ended.

Master Bedroom Mirror-Housepitality  Designs

I shopped the house and the attic for the accessories

to create the vignette.

Master Bedroom Dresser Vignette-Housepitality Designs

The cache pot came out of retirement from the attic and a great ivy filled the pot.

Gold candlesticks also came out of retirement and given a new contract.

Master Bedroom Dresser-Housepitality Designs

The lamps that were on the bedside tables were relocated to the dresser.

Master Bedroom Dresser-Housepitality Designs

Master Bedroom Dresser-Housepitality Designs

I find that the lamps were a perfect fit.

Other lamps came out of retirement and placed on the bedside chests. (Stay tuned)

I love the new look.

Here is what it looked like before:

Master Bedroom Dresser-Housepitality Designs

And love the after:

Master Bedroom Dresser-Housepitality Designs

To keep things fresh and light in our interiors

we must keep an open mind to let in change and keep things interesting.

And this also means that it is good to let things come out of retirement

to negotiate a new deal of keeping things fresh and the good thing was

that I stayed within the salary caps!!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

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  1. That looks wonderful Shirley! Love how you dressed out the dresser- beautiful furniture by the way! I agree with your thinking about the ways to approach decorating. I grew up with the matchy matchy way of doing things and have had to work to break out of that mind set.

  2. Wow,what a difference a change makes.Beautiful before but light and more interesting after.I am in the process of decorating our new and small patio home.Im gonna use some of your ideas but I’ve got to have remodeling done before the fun stuff starts.lol

  3. I love it, so pretty and the lamps are also perfect for the dresser. This is a great change.

  4. Nice mirror! Love the black & gold I’m wanna those “matchy matchy” peeps too and it drives me nuts! Lol! Old habits die hard, oh but I’m trying:D

  5. Beautiful, Shirley. Love the new mirror and those lamps are a perfect complement!

  6. I’m deep in the middle of completely redoing my bedrooom. Old dusty carpet ripped up, we’ll be putting down laminate. I’m putting up beadboard (terrible, terrible old walls uneven sheet rock and not enough spackle in the world to cover up all the ills). I’m also painting the horrible job of ‘antiquing’ my Mom did back in the 70s to the bedroom furniture, using ‘chalky paint’ and wax. I needed the courage to use a different mirror and YOU JUST GAVE IT TO ME! Thank you so much! Now I just need to decide between the wicker framed mirror or the hobnail milk glass one…..

  7. I love the new look. The touches of black and gold are perfect.

  8. Linda miller says

    The switcheroo was a great success. I like the new mirror replacing the coordinated one, the dresser without the birdcage and so many small accessories. Love the lamps….curious to see what you replaced them with on your night stands.

  9. jeannette says

    Beautiful mirror – such a nice to addition to your bedroom. I agree with you change is good! Great looking lamps.

  10. Yes, this looks much better. I have steered away from the matchy matchy too. Makes a room so much more interesting.

  11. I love the new look. It looks so much more modern. Now if your husband can convince mine not to be matchy matchy I would be all set!

  12. What a pretty mirror, Shirley! I am glad hubby was on board with you using it there.

  13. Absolutely beautiful!

  14. Love the new look, it’s just perfect where you have it. So glad that your hubby went for it, you have the eye for design girl!

  15. Love the new mirror Shirley! Adds so much interest to the room and is just the right contrast. 🙂

  16. Such a pretty new look for you! I have almost the same style and matching going on, so am searching for the perfect mirror and trying to figure out the speech to get hubby on board. LOL Your ivy/greenery is what always makes each look a winner for me. LOVE IT!

  17. I absolutely LOVE the new mirror over your dresser! The lamps are gorgeous too and look so pretty paired with the mirror. Have a great week!!!!

  18. Shirley, Love it! I have a wood frame with gilded detail (needs some touching up ) I have had forever . This week I am going to check some pricing of having a beveled mirror inserted!

    The Arts by Karena
    Coco Chanel


  20. Your dresser looks so nice. I really like the new mirror versus the one that matched the dresser. Great job!

  21. Hi Shirley – I think that you have an absolutely beautiful bedroom and the mirror looks super with the vignette you have on it., Well done girl. I am busy rehanging pictures n my bedroom that has given it a newer look and I love it. The wonderful world of decorating – don’t you just love it when a change really comes together. Have a great Sunday – Betty from Ontario,Canada.

  22. Your mirror is beautiful, Shirley! Love the lamps on either side. The whole new vignette looks updated and gorgeous!!
    Mary Alice

  23. Beautiful! It certainly adds a lot more interest, and your vignette it fresh and lovely. Jo

  24. penny @ the comforts of home says

    I love the mirror and the vignette you created. I LOVE those lamps!

  25. Rebecca McCabe says

    I love the new look so ugh better! Great job! Fresh and new!

  26. Rebecca McCabe says

    Somehow ugh made its way in there! Supposed to say so much better! Lol

  27. Love the updated look. Beautiful mirror and gold candlesticks. And the lamps balance everything without being heavy.

  28. I love the new mirror, lamps and how you decorated the dresser. Wish I could shop in your attic!

  29. The design of the lamps really caught my eye. I’m. Not sure I’ve ever seen lamps with that type of base before, but they’re very interesting and unique. The new look is beautiful! The mirror is fabulous, and I think the overall look is more open and elegant.

  30. I love the addition of your new mirror and the switcheroo with your lamps Shirley! Things are always changing in your home 🙂

  31. I LOVE the new look!! The lamps are perfect on the dresser, I love those lamps anywhere you put them! I love that you have so many pineapple accessories in your home to WELCOME people. The fater is gorgeous!!! Sorry I missed this yesterday!

  32. Oh my, that mirror is gorgeous! I love your pieces and style. At first I didn’t think my gold mirrors and buffet lamps would work in the cabin on the farm but mixing them with farmhouse accents actually look quite well.

  33. Your new vignette is lovely and so elegant! I love the golden accents; they are a favorite of mine. They just make this area pop! The black in the mirror anchors your beautiful bedroom!

  34. It’s the perfect change, Shirley! Love, love the lamps!!

  35. Looks really good – like it better.

  36. Love your new bedroom look, Shirley! Your bedroom ceiling is amazing!!

  37. It’s so true Shirley.I am a dinosaur too lol..and remember those decorating days. I do love your new mirror, and those lamps look gorgeous on the dresser.

  38. Shirley, I absolutely love the new look for your dresser. The black and gold mirror was a great find! I have always loved gold and never stopped using it, I knew it would come back!! Blessings, Pam

  39. judianni says

    Hi, Shirley! You have a wonderful eye for decorating!! I love the new mirror and chest decor. So very pleasant. Change gives me such a lift, and so often it costs nothing. What could be better. Isn’t an attic an enchanting wonderland of discovery!!!

  40. Love the change you made Shirley and I love those lamps! I remember when every furniture piece had to match and I’m so glad that those days are gone.

  41. The before was beautiful, but I love the after. Just gorgeous! So glad all your beauties came out of retirement!!

  42. I like the makeover… Gives the dresser a new look…

  43. The boarder of your new mirror looks really pretty. Putting a mirror in your bedroom seems like a nice idea too. This way you can really see your before and after getting clothes on and such.

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