French Laundry Home and A Blogger Friend Visit

French Laundry Home . . . a wonderful collection of linens, pillows, bedding,

drapes, furniture, antiques, accessories  and more is located in High Point, NC.

You will see them at many of the Country Living Shows

presenting their gorgeous linens and more.

Today, they were having a warehouse sale (25% off)

I took Kris (Junk Chic Cottage) to the sale.

When I mentioned French Laundry, she said, “let’s go!!”

I shall take you on a tour of the French Laundry shop/showroom.

Hold on to your seats as you are in for some real eye candy:

Warning: iPhone pics ahead!

And for all of you grain sack and all things French lovers . . .

French Laundry Home-Housepitality Designs

Grab your favorite beverage as you will need a bit of time

to savor every picture of magnificent items.

French Laundry Home-Housepitality Designs

When you enter the showroom/sale area this was the first thing I saw:

An adorable wagon with a French Laundry sign made by the owner.


French Laundry Home-Housepitality Designs

A child’s chair from Ireland upholstered in vintage fabrics.

French Laundry Home-Housepitality Designs

Oh, there is Kris in the background admiring the beautiful bedding.

She bought some great items and I am sure you will see those on a future post of hers.

French Laundry Home Grain Sack Bedding-Housepitality Designs

All of their bedding is gorgeous…..and they also do custom work.

They have many beautiful fabrics to choose from.

French Laundry Home-Housepitality Designs

I love the fact that they make window treatments too . . . .love this valance.

They sell wonderful furniture too both new and vintage.

French Laundry Home-Housepitality Designs

French Laundry Home-Housepitality Designs

This room makes me want to empty my media room and start over!!!..

French Laundry Home-Housepitality Designs

Sigh…..I so could imagine this in my media room.

French Laundry Home-Housepitality Designs

Pretty French Script bedding with a cute wagon filled with vintage silver trays.

French Laundry Home Bedding-Housepitality Designs

French Laundry Home-Housepitality Designs

Love this vintage cottage look.

French Laundry Home-Housepitality Designs

French Laundry Home-Housepitality Designs

These chair covers are truly beautiful.

You can have the print facing on either side of the chair.

French Laundry Home-Housepitality Designs

French Laundry Home-Housepitality Designs

There were so many wonderful home accessories and vintage items

to enhance any decor or collection.

French Laundry Home-Housepitality Designs

Here is the vintage planter, less the pillow….

French Laundry Home-Housepitality Designs

French Laundry Home-Housepitality Designs

I fell in love with this adorable lamb . . .

however, it was a prop, that actually belonged to the owner’s mother.

French Laundry Home-Housepitalty Designs

Now I have never seen this kind of trophy before….

what a great trophy and love the pink!

Wicker base hurricane-Housepitality Designs

This wicker base hurricane is perfect for summer decor . . .

French Laundry Home-Housepitality Designs

This was my first visit to French Laundry Home in High Point, NC

and it certainly will not be the last . . . an amazing place.

I had such a wonderful time these past couple of days with Kris.

We toured the town, experienced some great shopping, and ate at some great local restaurants.

It was as if we have known each other forever . . . Kris is so fun to be with and sweetheart of a lady!!

And it was great to also meet and spend time with Mr. JCC, the other half of the creative team!

Housepitality Designs and Junk Chic Cottage

We certainly made our own kind of music and singing our own special songs!

Have a great day!

Stay tuned to the great Summer Home Tour starting next week!

bhome summer open house graphic

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  1. DANG, I must go there next time. Of course they probably won’t have a sale going. What fun!

  2. What a beautiful collection of pretties all under one roof!

  3. Aw, you’re all adorable together. So glad you had a good time shopping 🙂

  4. Omigosh! Why didn’t I know you two when I lived in Ontario???! I so would have joined in. Gorgeous place!

  5. French Laundry looks amazing! I saw so many pieces that I loved. And that little lamb……yes, he definitely called my name, even though he wasn’t for sale. Love all the fabulous bedding! It looked like y’all had a wonderful time!

  6. I am definitely putting French Laundry on my list of must-visit places. Looks like a fun trip for everyone. Did you shop any of the furniture outlets in High Point?

  7. What a wonderful place to shop. Looking at the vintage silver trays I’m thinking the trays I got as wedding gifts 51 years ago must be vintage now. I think I’m vintage too. LOL . It was so sweet of you to show her around your area. Sometimes when you’re forced to move because of a job it’s scary to go where you don’t know anyone. Take it from one whose husband was transferred 16 times before retirement!

  8. French Laundry is WONDERFUL!! The prices at their showroom are MUCH LESS than Horchow, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus! The staff there is SO FRIENDLY and helpful!! They have such unique things and their bedding is beautiful! It is one of my favorite places!!

  9. What a great shop! So glad you all had a great time!!!

  10. Hi Shirley, what a fabulous place to visit. Each pic has something special. So glad you and Kris had a great time. I know you made her visit a memorable one. Love seeing you all together.

  11. Donnamae says

    Quite the place! Lots of eye candy! 😉

  12. Gosh, everything there looks wonderful! I bet you and Kris had a great time 🙂

  13. Oh how I would love to shop there, so many great things! I am also still thinking about those chair covers, those are just wonderful.

  14. What a GREAT place!! I saw several things I fell in love with too!!! So, what did you buy??? I have a wicker based hurricane like the one you showed. I guess it is time to start “summerizing” around here:)

  15. Wowzer! I would love that place. So glad you had such a great time with Kris.

  16. Shirley,
    What an amazing shop! Thanks for sharing…I must try and stop in next time I am in the High Point, NC area. I just love that red grain sack chair!

  17. Oh my word, this place is totally amazing. wow, I am sure Kris had a ball, you were definitely a fabulous host and tour guide.

  18. My goodness, I saw so many things I loved! Definitely would like to shop there. What a good looking foursome!

  19. Oh my goodness! What eye candy! I spy several things I’d love to have. Like you, it makes me want to start all over! Hope you are doing well.

  20. How terrific! So glad you guys had a good time, and I can’t wait to see what Kris brings home. I love that cabana pillow in the entry of French Laundry, among many, many other things. And will there be a post of what you purchased, Miss Shirley?? 🙂

  21. Sue Young says

    I so enjoyed this post….beautiful shop,beautiful ideas. In one of your photos (with the Lamb), I was pleasantly surprised to see products from 1818 Farms in Mooresville, AL. As I live very near by I know the quality and standards set by this company….if you are ever in Huntsville, AL (The Rocket City), we would love to take you to tour the charming community of Mooresville which will take you back in time….incorporated in 1818 you can experience the beauty of a simpler time.

  22. How fun, Shirley! It looks like a wonderful shop and I see many things I would love to own. I’ve never met Kris but I knew she would be a sweetheart.

  23. Shirley it was so good to see you with Kris, I’m sure this really lifted her spirits. Blogging friends are so precious. I was trying to decide which items I liked the best but they are all so great. The equestrian room is one of my favorites, it reminds me of my childhood. Have a beautiful day. Give Kris a hug for me. Jo

  24. LOVE those chair covers. Can you get them online? I’d like them for my kitchen chairs. You live near such great shopping. That trophy was a keeper.


  25. Looks like a fabulous place to shop!! What fun you all must have had! I saw lots of things that would have been hard to resist.
    Mary Alice

  26. Holy cow! Lol! That was gorgeous. Yep, that would’ve been a dangerous place for me for sure!

  27. I am so glad that you and Kris got to meet each other. I have never met her, but I feel like I’ve know you and Kris forever. OMG, how wonderful that French Linen Warehouse is. I would have gone broke shopping in there LOL
    Thanks so much for this wonderful tour of your trip with Kris.
    have a great weekend.

  28. Shirley,
    You are the hostess with the mostess and I had such a great time meeting up and going to the French Laundry sale.
    Miss you already.

  29. Great finds! Looks wonderful!

  30. What a wonderful store, so many pretty things, my favorite are those chair covers!

  31. What a great store, full of treasures. One could spend hours in there. Happy weekend.

  32. Oh My Gosh! What a great place! I would have a field day there, Shirley. I would also have to save up for a year to cover everything I would want to buy there! : ) And that’s just from what I could see in your pictures.

  33. Gorgeous linen… I like them all…

  34. When I saw the title of this post, I immediately thought it was about French Laundry restaurant in California. I guess that just goes to show you where my head (or stomach) is at ;). Having said that, I honestly can’t recall ever seeing so many beautiful things in one place. No wonder you had so much fun! You’d have to be comatose not to!

  35. So much eye candy Shirley! I see lots of things that would tempt my wallet 🙂

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