We Should Call It The Ivy House

It’s no secret, I love English Ivy.

I have always admired the beautiful cottages in the English countryside

that have many ivy covered walls.

So if I cannot have that ivy covered wall, I am settling for English Ivy in the house.

My hubby looked around the other day, and stated,

“with all the ivy plants you have around the house, we should call it The Ivy House” . . . funny guy!

Great Room Table Vignette-Housepitality Designs

You may remember the Summer vignette that I created on my coffee table in the great room.

And this cache pot of ivy in the master bedroom:

Master Bedroom Mirror-Housepitality  Designs

And I added  ivy to the dining room plant stands

Dining Room Antique Shutters-Housepitality Designs

Dining Room Antique Shutters-Housepitality Designs

The white ceramic containers used to have my bird’s nest ferns in them

however, now they have been relocated to the porch.

Another English Ivy on a plant stand near the kitchen.

Plant stand/ivy-vintage ironstone-Housepitality Designs

I have been taking my recently purchased vintage wood brackets from room to room

thinking that there was a better place to showcase them.

I loved where they were previously;  the more, I saw them, the more they looked like

wings coming off the hutch.

Then I had an epiphany . . . love epiphanies!

Vintage wood brackets-Housepitality Designs

Now I just did not cover them in ivy!

Vintage wood brackets-Housepitality Designs

The ivy is from the vintage ironstone bowl duo.

Vintage wood brackets-Housepitality Designs

While carrying the brackets around, I set them on my very large sofa table

and that is when I had the epiphany.

Vintage wood brackets-Housepitality Designs

The brackets seemed to define the space and allow a backdrop

for a special piece . . . my ironstone pieces that are a family.

Vintage Wood Brackets-Housepitality Designs

Vintage wood brackets/Ironstone Bowls-Housepitality Designs

I may not always have the ivy in this bowl,

as you know things are always evolving here.

Vintage wood brackets/Ironstone bowls-Housepitality Designs

Having all the ivy in the house for the summer reminds of  a song

that my dad taught us when we were little

on our weekly Sunday Drives.

Vintage wood brackets/Ironstone Bowls-Housepitality Designs

So I leave you today with a verse of that song. I can still hear my dad singing that song

and we kids singing at the top of our lungs in the car.

“Mares eat oats and does eat oats

and litte lambs eat ivy

a kid will eat ivy too, wouldn’t you?”

But you sang it this way:

“Maresie dotes and dosie dotes and little lambsie divy

a kittle-dee divey do, wouldn’t you?”

Did you go on Sunday drives as a child? . . . I still enjoy a great Sunday drive on the road less traveled.

Hope you had a great day yesterday spending it with a special dad(s) in your life.

I am joining:

Between Naps on the Porch for Met Monday

Savvy Southern Style for Wow Us Wednesday

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  1. Your ivy is so pretty! I agree that the wood piece makes a perfect backdrop there on the table.

    I think when I was a kid I sang the song like you did. 🙂

    We planted ivy in some pots outside this year. It’s going crazy but it’s contained. Sure enjoying it.
    Stacey’s recent post…Summer MantelMy Profile

  2. Oh my, this brings back memories! Yep, we all looked forward to those Sunday afternoon drives out in the country. How sweet!

  3. We shall have to nickname you Ivy! Ivy does make a nice accent and since it can grow with low lighting it’s perfect for interiors. I can’t remember taking Sunday drives all that often except for a family affair but I do like them nowadays. The song sounds cute!
    Liz @ Infuse With Liz’s recent post…Flower Power LuncheonMy Profile

  4. I have several ivy plants around the house, too. One of the only plants that I don’t kill. I love the corbels framing the ivy. Good epiphany.
    Kim’s recent post…All American Summer Guest RoomMy Profile

  5. Your ivy is all so pretty and I love that song. I sang it to all my kids and they sing it to theirs. Fun memories.
    Marty@A Stroll Thru Life’s recent post…Summer Wardrobe Updates & A FeatureMy Profile

  6. Amy Kaminski says

    That table looks lovely with the corbels framing the ivy. Good idea! We always sang that song as kids and I sing it to my grandkids now. Sunday drives to nowhere are the best and usually end in ice-cream!

  7. I have one of those cottages covered in ivy, and you should thank your lucky stars that your ivy is inside, in pots! It is so invasive and so destructive! We have spent a month every fall for 10 years getting the stuff under control, and we’re not done yet. As always, everything in your house looks GORGEOUS!!
    Kirby carespodi’s recent post…SUMMER!!My Profile

  8. I’d say you found the perfect spot for displaying those pretty brackets Shirley!! Have a great week!
    martina’s recent post…New pillows for the Master BedroomMy Profile

  9. The ivy looks so pretty! I got a chuckle out of your version of the song; we didn’t go on Sunday drives though I do like to hop in the car now and take a drive down country roads.
    Cecilia’s recent post…My Happy PlaceMy Profile

  10. Yeppers, I love me some ivy too! I remember that song, and of course the second way is the only way to sing it! LOL~~oh, love the way you used sea glass in the candle thingie. I’m gonna try that in mine, I have a similar one. *copycat*

  11. Shirley I love English Ivy as well and the way you have it displayed round the house for some nice greenery! Part of the fun is changing things up isn’t it!?

    The Arts by Karena
    Closer: Michael Clinton

  12. “if the words sound queer and funny to your ear, just sing the song like this….” My mom taught me that song and we did sing it in the car!

    Loving all of your ivy and the brackets look great there!

  13. love those brackets and they are perfect with your Ivy. I love Ivy and your plants are beautiful! Happy Monday!

  14. Donnamae says

    You really do have a lot of ivy…perfect! I have none…I can’t seem to grow ivy. I do have a green thumb…but that’s the one plant, I can’t seem to grow! I used to love Sunday drives with my parents. Now, that hubby is retired…I’d rather take a Wednesday drive…same scenery…less traffic! 😉

  15. Linda miller says

    I definitely like the new location for the brackets. Have a great first day of summer.

  16. I love ivy as well.I have it in a pot on my covered porch and it is doing great. However, everytime I try to bring it inside,I get spider mites…any suggestions???

  17. Your Ivy looks really beautiful… I have tried several times growing it inside… :(.. Just can’t seem to keep it alive. Outside no problems. Please share your secret.❤️

  18. I am the biggest fan of ivy and seem to use it as my plant of choice. Must admit, I have to buy it more often than I want…no green thumb here! Thanks for the reminder of Mares eat oats…Will and I will be singing on the way to the beach!
    Design Chic’s recent post…Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!My Profile

  19. Your ivy is one of the things I love the most in your home!
    And now I am going to have that song going in my head all day….funny how that happens.

  20. I love the ivy! I don’t have good luck with it, but I give it a try every chance I get.
    Pat@back porch musings’s recent post…SummertimeMy Profile

  21. Love the corbels with the ivy….so beautiful!!!! For some reason the ivy loves to grow on the outside of my house which is a bad thing but doesn’t like the inside….go figure?!?! LOL
    Have a great week!!!!
    Des’s recent post…Peaceful Sunday…….My Profile

  22. I love ivy too….love the corbels on the sofa table with ivy. I remember those Sunday rides and I love riding those back country roads now. Such a pleasure to see the cows grazing in a large pasture….

  23. Hi Shirley,
    Love all the ivy and the corbels on the table with the ivy in the middle is so pretty. I love a Sunday drive too. You certainly have a lot of pretty roads less traveled by you for those trips. Have a great start to the new week.
    Kris’s recent post…New Change Ups ComingMy Profile

  24. The new vignette on your sofa table is fabulous…love the mixture of textures!! Your ivy looks so beautiful and healthy. The one I bought to try again has already bitten the dust…oh well.
    Mary Alice
    Mary Alice Patterson’s recent post…Five Reasons I Grow LavenderMy Profile

  25. What a clever and unique use of your brackets, Shirley. Love it! We also sang in the car…such fond memories! But, that is one song I have never heard. Thanks for sharing .

  26. Shirley, I love how you have used ivy! And those brackets are amazing!! I do remember special Sunday afternoon drives as a child, and in recent years until we sold my convertible!. Blessings!
    Pam Richardson’s recent post…Island HoppingMy Profile

  27. Very lovely Shirley! Now I’ll be singing that song all day! lol!

  28. Hi Shirley, love the brackets as a backdrop. Ivy throughout looks gorgeous and brings a garden touch and so charming. We love taking drives around the back roads here in Texas. As a child we took drives too and always sang going down the road.
    Blessings, cm
    Southern DayDreams from Celestina Marie Design’s recent post…Been on a Box RollMy Profile

  29. You have a green thumb my friend! LOVE the sofa table ivy vignette! I learn something new every time I visit you!!! Can’t wait to see you soon!
    Yvonne @ StoneGable’s recent post…THE SCOOP #176My Profile

  30. Mairsy Dotes! We sang it too!! Love this post, Shirley. Sometime soon I’d like to come see your Ivy House and have you come see my. . . hmmm. . . Doggy House. I guess that’s what I’d have to call it. But seriously, I bet we’re not more than 20 minutes away from each other. We really should at least get together for lunch!
    Richella Parham’s recent post…The best marriage advice ever (or what I wish I’d known 30 years ago)My Profile

  31. You must have a really green thumb. I have never been able to keep ivy alive. Your plants look wonderful.
    Janette @ The 2 Seasons’s recent post…Basking in NothingnessMy Profile

  32. Barbara Anne says

    Love your ivy! My parents pulled so much ivy off of their chimney (dad said ivy ruins mortar) that mom declared “The only good ivy is potted ivy!” so it cannot spread.

    We sang Maresie Dotes, too!

    I’m downhill – globally speaking – from you in The Humble House.

  33. Maybe you could redesign the blog with an ivy theme????
    Dawn’s recent post…Cabin HappeningsMy Profile

  34. I think the brackets look great. I have been in search of a similar pair for myself. I love plants in the house, but unfortunately my cat does too! I have never heard of the song, but it is adorable. My husband and I have been going on Sunday drives….so relaxing.

  35. I love those brackets Shirley, they would look great in a certain potting shed I know 🙂 I never have luck with ivy indoors, it seems to suffer from spider mites.
    Mary’s recent post…Patriotic and Party Treats for Your Star-Spangled Celebration!My Profile

  36. It’s a pretty way to decorate. I just don’t do well with plants. Not even the cactus which doesn’t take too much care…
    LorB’s recent post…Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2015 Week 25My Profile

  37. Beautiful vignette, you have GREAT ephanies! Yes, we sang that song as children, and the same way you did! Didn’t go for Sunday drives cause we grew up in our Grandmother’s house and our cousins came over every Sunday, to play and we all then had dinner.
    Pinky at designs by pinky’s recent post…Summer on the Coffee TableMy Profile

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